Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Orange Delight

Made these for Swap Bot's Orange theme handmade postcards.

F&N Orange Freecard. Boring

I pimped the postcard and I made these. I quite like them but I have to send them out to my partners. I hope they will keep them in nice place. :)

Not much description today. Am busy with my Etsy shop. No, it's still not ready for sales yet. Sigh....

Beautiful voice

How many times did someone's singing actually touched you and made you cry? As for me, three times. Audition, semifinal and Finale of Britain Got Talent.




Mr. Potts's voice touched me, not only me but the world. And with the story behind....this really is better than watching a movie.

The 'Got Talent' show is way more meaningful that any Idol show garbage. Salute to Mr. Potts.

And salute again.