Thursday, May 28, 2009


It has been sometimes ago since I create serious artwork. Have not been holding a brush for years. The feeling is still so good. :)

Mix media, ink, acrylic

Thursday, May 14, 2009

More Teru Teru Bozu

A whole new family of teru-terus and now they are happily living with Sharon.

nya nya nya

We will be giving you so many sunny days~~~

Ok, Malaysia is already a very sunny country and we don't need anymore teru teru? Wrong la. Teru teru will be there to bring you a brighter, happier, luckier day. ^___^

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How well do you know me?

I'm surprise so few ppl know about me. And my questions are fairly easy and giveaway questions. And no trick questions, Yokie! And some choose very disappointing answer....@_@ Even my ex-bf only got 1 answer correct (ok, now you know why he is my ex). But it's fun and addictive nonetheless.

1) Would I go bungee jumping?
a) Yes,it's in my to-do list before I die.
b) I will if my all my buddies go along.
c) Yes, if someone double dare me.
d) Maybe yes, maybe not, erm..dunno la.
e) Definitely not!!

Definitely not!!! I'm afraid of height. This is a spot on if you're a close friend that know me well enough.

2) What am I scared of?
a) Horror movie
b) Roller coaster ride
c) Haunted house
d) Being lonely
e) Being in the dark

I am a brave person but I'm afraid of dying. Among all those, roller coaster has the highest risk of accidents causing death. And again, I am afraid of height. I might consider going on a roller coaster ride but never ever bungee jumping.

3) What is my dream car?
a) BMW
b) Ferrari
c) I don't drive
d) Porche
e) car that no need petrol

Yes, that's my answer whenever any MLM ppl ask me what is my dream car.

4) How many long term boy/girlfiends have I had? (Including the current one)
a) 3
b) 2
c) 4
d) 1
e) 5

Would be 4 if include non-long term r/ship (that lasted for a month). haha.

5) Sports that I am good at
a) Swimming
b) Badminton
c) Ping Pong
d) Squash
e) None

I know a bit in each of those sports but not good at any of them. Yokie, it's not a trick question la, I'm better in swimming (compare to you all) but I'm not good at it AT ALL. hahahaha

6) How many times have I traveled out of the country?
a) Less than 5 times
b) More than 5 times but not more than 10 times
c) I never travel out from Malaysia :(
d) Lost count la, I always fly here and there.

Ok, the trickiest must have been this one. Actually was exactly 5 times but not less than 5 times, so the closest should be B. :P
But hey, I have one friend that chose 'C'. @_@ I've been out from Malaysia, please la.

7) What is my favorite type of music?
a) Rock and Jazz
b) Sappy love songs
c) R&B and Hip Hop
d) Sappy love songs and contemporary pop
e) Hard metal

Not many ppl know this, so even my closest friend will get this wrong. I'm not really a big fans of Jazz but recently I had a thing for Michael Buble and keep listening to this Ray Charles CD. Yea, a little influenced by my bf into feeling jazzy but hey, I also influenced him into memorizing/singing Jay Chow's song. XD
And most of the ppl chose D. I don't like sappy love songs ok. I am a rock girl. I dig My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park, Lighthouse, Oasis (in the 90s), Coldplay, Greenday and Creed!!!

May Giveaways - Cherry Pendants

Ok, ppl loves to give giveaways in their blog, so I might as well try this, once or twice every month.

Here's a little treat for you crafty people. 20 pieces of cherry acrylic pendants!
This month I'm giving away some of my supplies, I'll give them away to 2 lucky readers. Maybe next month I will give away my handmade items. :)

All you need to do is do either two of the following:
  • Comment here (with your name/your blog/your shop/your contact/email/etc and how you find my blog)
  • Link my blog to yours
  • Follow my blog
  • Blog about this giveaway post
  • Check out my Etsy shop ( and let me know which is your favourite item

Closing date : 30th/May (end of this month)

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Pipit Wonderful Market

The second craft fair that I went, was really really reallllllly fun!!!! I didn't really prepare much for this events, just made some extra plushies (shy bunny and onigiri) and I didn't even print out any name cards (I handmade them instead of sending to printing shop). I went with one intention, not really to sell stuff but to have fun and meet all the great artist/crafters. Looking at the number of vendors at this event, I know this would be a fun-filled event.

So here's our little booth (with no table...whyyy???)
I'm sharing with Huey from Nottypooch (she made really cool tees and recycled banner wallet)

The right crowd came (design students, designers, journalist, young people, art crafts lover, cool peoples)

The Negative Effect promo video screening

Huey, Juliana and me (Thanks Juliana for coming to support!!)

Shera!! who made really beautiful cards

And Tako of Evangelione's handmade. I'm your fans!!
Finally, I bought Audrey, one for myself and the rest for

This event was really fun, especially I could meet with all the fantastic people who shares the same interest. And also online friends/blogger that finally meet in real person. If I'm not one of the vendor, I think I will snap more pictures and perhaps will shop a lot too.

And if Pipit Market held another event next month, I will be there again and this time I will drag Debbie along.

And finally, we have Krispy Kreme. How is Krispy Kreme different from Big Apple and once very long queued J&Co? Krispy Kreme serves each and every customer that was queuing for our turn to make our purchase one fresh out from the oven original glazed donut. Now that's different!
And ho was really crispy!!

Ok, don't ask me to compare Krispy Kreme, J&Co and Big Apple. They all look and taste the same to me.
I'm not a big fans of sweet things.
But I loved the free donut. XD So extra point for Krispy Kreme.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

For the love of craft

Finally, we found Multifilla (after the second try). Balakong is not very near to PJ, even though the worker there insisted that it's very near. From the website, you can see that this warehouse is selling allllll sorts of craft material, machines, trinkets and such. I spent almost an hour exploring the whole warehouse and found a lot of stuff that I can not get in normal craft shop (and my bf sleeping at the counter -_-).

1. Polyester Resin (RM26)
2. Resin hardener catalyst (RM4)
3. Release agent (RM18)
4. Small eye screw, 20 pcs (Rm15)
5. Speedball cutter, for rubber carving (RM59)
6. Hand-drill (RM20)

Woo-hoo!!!!! Now I can start experimenting on resin accessories and rubber-stamp carving. The price is good (cheaper than craft shops) and I'm never ever going to visit craft shops again. XD

Next item on my list :
1. A cheap, less than RM100 oven (for curing polymer clay)
2. Sewing machine, around RM500

Thank you KLue

I never had this kind ff feeling before....nervous, happy, excited, proud, overwhelmed, excited, very happy, satisfaction, and excited again and very happy again. Sounds like going crazy, but that's the feeling when reading my own name, first time ever on a magazine.

A month ago, it was out of the blue when Maybritt, the editor contacted me through email and she conducted a brief interview through email and after a month of anticipation and wondering if it's for real. I have been hogging the newstand everywhere since last week...and finally this morning, I bought the magazine and so here it's for REAL!!!

Oh, KLue, thank you oh so much. I'm sleeping with you tonight.

You can read it online too : KLue

I am soooo sleeping with you tonight. (I mean the magazine lah...)

Grab a KLue now, it's really a fun-filled magazine but mostly about KL life. It features a lot of indie business owner, like blogger shops, bazaar vendors, indie artist/crafters (like me) and a lot of happening events in KL.