Friday, September 28, 2007

More Eyes of Malaysia

Just got those fresh from Yokie's photographer boyfriend, GT. You can awe yourself with his photography here.

GT took too long to adjust the best angle for this shot and Fai felt asleep already. -_-

Fai holding the Twin Tower.
This picture took even longer to shoot. Haha...

In the middle of The Eye.

Awkward posture and cocky smile because we're 160m above the ground.

Love this the most.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

Eaten your moon cake today? Not many people are fond of moon cakes because of the sweetness, me myself, don't really fancy the original lotus paste moon cakes but I really like the Shanghai type, with crunchier skin and also the jelly moon cake.

I can still remember my younger days where the dim streets were brighten up with lanterns of all shapes and thousands of candles but now.....society seems to have lost touch of such festive joy. Paper lanterns were replaced by electronic plastic lantern equipped with some really annoying music. I really miss my old paper lanterns (I got a rabbit and doggie shape lantern) that could burn so easily. Parents see it as dangerous but why don't handle with care? Why must kids nowadays play with stupid electronic lantern with irritating off-tune repetitive music. Anyway, I'm glad that I had my paper lantern days.

But how many of you know about the origin of this festival? Erm, I Wikied it up and found that the story has a lot of different version and all were very mystified and confusing. It was something like Chang'e and husband Houyi which was a great archer. The archer shot down 9 out of 10 suns and was granted the elixir of immortal life but was mistakenly drank by Chang'e and she flew to the moon. Because Houyi loved her wife too much, he did not shoot down the moon. At the moon, Chang'e saw a rabbit and as the rabbit to make the same elixir for her husband but failed to reproduce the same elixir. However, Houyi was granted to visit his wife every mid-autumn, that is why, that night (tonight) the moon is full and beautiful. How creative Chinese can be.

And today is the day the moon shines (ME) the brightest.
(Thanks Fei Lou Lam for sharing this beautiful moon with me)

And to those living in foreign country, not able to taste the sweetness of this warm festival, here's some moon cakes for you peeps (Loo Loo in the States, Yen in Germany and Mr. Anonymous in Australia). I'm sure Yen baked her own cake, did you. hehe....

Moon cake designer getting more and more creative nowadays.

Okok, here's the conventional (but boring) moon cake.

But I want to eat jelly moon cake. >_<

And Shanghai moon cake too.


Eyes Of Malaysia

Going to KL has been a routine for me. I'm beginning to get bored with all the shopping complex dates, so this time we must try out the oh-so-famous but actually-not-that-special ferries wheel of Malaysia. This weekend will be a jimui's date because I'm meeting up Yokie and Debbie and the limelight here was on Yokie's shining new boyfriend. We met up and had lunch at KLCC. I wanted to go visit Teddy Beh's aquarium or underwater thing but no one is interested. So we just had a chatty and gossipy lunch and then shop around KLCC.

But we no longer shop/walk in a group, each of us was with a date, so we walk our separate way and meet up again for The Eyes ride. Well, I guess it's a couple thing, couples don't shop in a group. Kinda miss the girls-only shopping frenzy we always had in the good old days.

The three of us.
Erm, but where's Yokie's new beau? He's the photographer behind this beautiful picture.

GT is a great amateur photographer. You guys should take a look at the mesmerizing pictures he took with his great DSLR camera and a RM**k lens(price deleted due to reader's complain..haha). Don't pray-pray.

KL's jam-packed traffic.

I couldn't help cam-whoring in the midst of traffic jam.

The Eyes of Malaysia. Definitely not the tallest eyes but good enough a thrill ride for me.

Sunset and The Eyes.

The Eyes at night.

The new couple seems to enjoy each other company more than the ride or scenery. And the old couple (me and Fai) were trying to keep our cool when the car stopped at the peak and swing in momentum. Ok, I was the one who tried not to freak out and I did not really freak out. And RM15 was a tad bit expensive for a less than 20 minutes ride. But at least I live through it to tell that I did get onto the Eyes of Malaysia (hey, some of my colleagues even tried The Eyes of London and said it was nothing special, hish...those lucky bastards).

P/S : Except the first picture of the three bombshells, the rest of the shots were taken by my lovely pink handphone. Cool eh. I bet you can't tell. A cam-princess (must not overuse word 'whore') doesn't need a RM**k lens (cannot publish price of lens....erm, for some reasons that I'm not really sure of) for a good shot. hehe.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Being 26

Being 26.....

We earn our own bucks.
We drive our own car. Some even have their own house.
We can drink and gamble legally. And if I'm lucky, I still get stopped by the Pak Guard Genting Casino, checking my IC (teehee). Being 26, we still can pass off as 20. Muahaha....
We don't have to worry about exams, thesis, homework, short test.
We can sleep late, party hard, splurge on ourself(worry bout the debt later) and don't have to worry about wrinkles (yet....).

We are at the peak of our quarter life cycle. There's so much more we can enjoy in yuppiedom. Unlike married couple, we don't have to worry about kids education fund, heavy insurance, house installment and living expenses times two. Taking care of parents are so much an easier task. So, talking about commitment, we don't have much heavy load actually. (By saying 'we', I'm referring to myself and whoever that's still single/not married.)

I'm not rich but I just want to enjoy my life to the fullest, spoil myself, see the world, eat good food, sometimes eat luxuriously, do something that I don't think I'm capable of doing (erm, I still don't think I dare to do bungee jump).

To my friends who's in the quarter age crisis feeling tire, aimless and depressed (sometimes I will too), don't be. Being 26, we are breathing the best of what life has to offer. We ain't too young, ain't too old. Being 26, we are at our utmost energy level. And we only have 4 more years to go before we see card number THREE. >_< Carpe diem, folks.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Why I don't have time to blog?

I wonder why? While Kin Fai not being here in Ipoh anymore, which means no more long hour romantic dates but why I don't have time to blog?

Here's why:
  1. I have been traveling a lot...almost every week, Chiang Mai, Ipoh-KL-Ipoh.
  2. Getting in touch with my good ol' hobby. Am pretty much addicted to Postcrossing. It's amazing that only in two months, I'd received more than 50 beautiful cards from all around the world. See my pretty cards and activity : Posfinity and Kiiss Multiply. Having a hobby make you whole. Have one or two or a lot.
  3. Getting hooked with TV series. I just finished two really good series. One was from Hong Kong TVB series, forgot the name but if I said it's about a big family selling abalone everyone should know already. And then Nip/Tuck. I just finish season 2 and I need to get my hand on season!!
  4. Trying to finish a novel. Erm, to no avail....yet. Because of the series laaaa....
  5. Playing PSP. Bought a PSP for Fai but I got to keep for a few weeks and got addicted too. Whyyyyy am I so easily got attracted and addicted to materials?
But no matter how, I will not let my blog out in the cold to collect dust. I'm not allow that to happen, SK. >_<
This week will be going down to KL again, getting kinda sick of all the travelling but it bring back some old memories from my uni years, where I used to travel home every week from Penang.

Recently there's someone reading and commenting my blog anonymously. Sometimes giving me advices too. I wonder who she/he is. Are you sure that's not you, SK??? Trying to play a prank on me, huh???

K, going to work now. Perhaps some solid entry tonight.

First Day in Chiang Mai

This took a whole month(ok, more than a month) to come out. Have been really busy traveling Ipoh-KL and settling down life without Fai in Ipoh.

Anyway, I'll talk about that's loaded with my Chiang Mai pictures.

Date : 30/July/2007 - 1/August/2007

Taking off. Total 3 hours flight.

Exhausted and hunger for Thai food.

Everyone was enjoying their first meal in Chiang Mai.

We checked in a small cozy 3 star hotel, just a walking distance from the world famous night bazaar. After cleaning up we still have plenty of time and the bazaar streets were still empty and so we went for some Thai massage. As a beginner, I tried a mild foot massage, which was more relaxing than pain, in fact, there's no pain at all. Shelley and the others (except Deb) had a long 1.5 hours massage. Shelley kept saying how good it was, tempting me(was tempted) to try but I couldn't care more, the night bazaar's stalls were setting up and the crowds was growing.

Subway sandwich in Chiang Mai for dinner.

Longest sandwich I'd seen.

How can you possibly finish that?

Mine is a humble regular size. Haha.
Fai once urged me to try Subway during one of our trip to KL, but it ended up that I had my first Subway in Chiang Mai.

The bazaar. Really really long streets and side streets and many more underground streets, all filled up with peddlers, stalls, handicrafts, people of all races.

On a tuk-tuk, heading to another Sunday night bazaar. Miraculously, the small tuk-tuk can hold all of 6 of us, but it was moving very slowly, though. Chan was actually sitting on the tuk-tuk's motor box.

Cam-whoring even in an over-packed tuk-tuk.

It seems like a never ending street. We did not reach the end but turned back halfway through because it started to drizzle.

Not much for the first night but we bought some little fans. :D

Second Day in ChiangMai

Second day was the most adventurous day. We booked a day trip that covers the Orchid Farm, Mae Tang Elephant Safari, Hill Tribe tour and at night was the splendid Simon's Show which turned out quite hilarious.

Orchid Farm

Me likey orchid <3

There's a small butterfly farm too but the foreign tourist told us that our Malaysia's Penang Butteryfly farm is much more beautiful. :)

Mae Tang Elephant Safari

One of the ellie was shitting while crossing the river.

Water rafting under hot glaring sun.
The ride was long...almost 30 minutes, cooking me under the sun and I got a real dark tan from this.....which I still has until now. Sheeshh...

Debbie, the rafter.
The bamboo raft was kinda rocky and not very secure, I don't even dare to move much once I sat on the small stool.

Fai kept scolding me not to move so much and not to drop my phone into the water full with ellie dung because he ain't going to buy me another one.

They even sell you drinks (even beers!) while you're rafting. Don't play play.

Ox-cart riding.

Pua busy with his camera, Deb with a confuse look, me with a stupid grin and Fai looking retard.

We rode on an ellie too but didn't capture any pictures because ellie ride is none better than roller coaster ride. After spending hours at Elephant Safari, we head off to one of the most popular hill tribe in Chiang Mai, the Karen long neck tribe. One really funny incident while one the way was we felt a sudden commotion from the van that we're boarding and we had to stop at once by the rocky roadside. At once I thought we had a flat tyre.

Apparently, it was not a flat tyre. The rocky road bump out the spare tyre from the van. LOL!!!

Long neck woman.

Long neck kid which look a bit annoyed with all the picture taking.

Long ear woman.
OMG! I am so tanned. All because of the stupid rafting. >_<

Lots of souvenirs from the tribe's handicraft but we didn't buy anything.

Simon's Show
Simon's Show was quite an eye opener for me. I get to see them a lot from forwarded emails, which I was skeptical of the email origin. But what I was about to see that night was......@_@

A real female.
who doesn't feel so inferior before watching the show.....

Did you see that? Look closely, below the sparkling necklace....

And Fai was molested by one of the lady.

The guys were a bit confused after the show. It's a bit difficult to see what is real and what is not anymore.