Monday, September 15, 2008

Cutie Pie


Ain't they cute?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lazy blogger tries to blog again

A blog a day keeps the misery away.

Seeing 3 comments on my last post after I went MIA for 2 months from blogasphere, really makes me very happy and touched. Thank you very much!!

KL life is fun. All my best friends are there (except poor Yokie in Penang). Work sometimes finishes quite late, there's one time I had to work until 10.30pm (and it's a Friday!!) and then went back into the plant the next day (it's Saturday lorrr!!!). No biggie because some other colleagues experienced working till 3-4am. But most of the time it will be 7pm and I will be at home, lappie switched on, preparing my dinner and then will finish my dinner over some drama or series. After that, will be Poupee time while chatting with my friends. And Etsying too. I never go out after work on any weekday. I can say, I'm a very indoor person. :D But the worst thing is, when you don't have anyone to go home to. It's a very horrible feeling when every single day I go home to an empty house (I have a housemate which I don't talk much to and we communicate through MSN). Well, at least I still have my hamsters to go home to. :)

Lately, I've not been crafting much. But trying my hands on a lots of other crafts and art. Will blog about this later.

Here's my next big plan :D

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Lazy Blogger is Back

Ok, you guys know it has been my bad habit to blog once in a month or maybe longer. But currently, I'm really not in the mood to blog or craft or do anything. July and August were not a good month for me and my friends. As we grow older and older, the path of life seems harder and harder to walk through.

Three of my best friends ended their relationship with their bfs. And I'm not doing so well with mine. Ai...sad things don't want to talk anymore.

I am keeping myself busy with crafting and going out with my friends. We keep each other company. We give each other support. I am really happy to have them. Just like the four women in Sex and The City.

I have made some changes.....