Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Lazy Blogger is Back

Ok, you guys know it has been my bad habit to blog once in a month or maybe longer. But currently, I'm really not in the mood to blog or craft or do anything. July and August were not a good month for me and my friends. As we grow older and older, the path of life seems harder and harder to walk through.

Three of my best friends ended their relationship with their bfs. And I'm not doing so well with mine. Ai...sad things don't want to talk anymore.

I am keeping myself busy with crafting and going out with my friends. We keep each other company. We give each other support. I am really happy to have them. Just like the four women in Sex and The City.

I have made some changes.....




  1. finally u're back

  2. Last time pretty now PRETTIER!!!!

  3. Nice hair. Should change earlier. Now you look alot more ... "lighter" ... hahahahhaha ...

  4. You look stunning & fresh in short hair... That's really courageous of you actually =)

  5. WOW ..NICE! :) So courageous to cut off your long hair! It's a nice change :)

  6. hello u look slight darker leh what happen....too many moon bath ah

  7. anonymous : handphone's camera not good la :D

  8. OMG. You're finally back!!!

    Sorry havent been reading your blog. Been busy with the new job. Thinking of coming back for a holiday. Is it a good idea Kin Fai?

    Mr Anonymous