Monday, February 26, 2007

Chinese New Year (Part 2)

CNY week was filled with gathering and yum-cha with friends and coursemates, house visits to boss's house and also hang out at Kin Fai's friends' house till 3-4am. But it's the best and most fun filled CNY celebration.

On 17-Feb, after reunion night dinner, I went out for a movie with Kin Fai's friends and it was a shocking huge group of ppl. We bought a total of 30 movie tickets and we took the entire two full rows. I was being introduced to a bunch of strangers, some I really cant recall their name soon after they mumble it out. But after a few sleepless nights of hangouts and cardgames with them, I could digest some of his closer friends' names....erm, I think I could score 90% correctly with the names. Some are really nice bachelors, I'd even pick out some really nice candidates for my friend(s).

Gathering with USM coursemates
Greentown Kopitiam, 19-Feb

Choy Yee (the chatter), Kwai Leng, me, Pui Kuan and Pui Yee(also a wire bond engineer but is working at Carsem >_<).

Ming Hing, the guy in the blue checkered shirt.

Ming Hing is the only guy who always hang out with us girls. He always wanted a nice sweet gf. Went through a few failures in trying to get one during uni years. I used to gave him alot useful(and sometimes kinda lame) befriender advises before(which apparently didn't work out). But few years later, after his long quest, finally he is attached with some girl!!!! And much to the horror...I mean suprise, his gf is my schoolmate!!!!!!! who sat behind me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's a small world after's a small word after all......

Steamboat dinner with RPS old friends
Good Time Restaurant, 19-Feb

Instead of 'lou sang', we had steamboat instead. Which carries the same meaning(almost...coz we'd to mix everything together), only that we didnt lou it high high.

I always love having steamboat. So much food ^__^

Pek Mun, Lee Voon, Kit Yen (all the way from Germany), me and Yokie at the back.

The red babes. Hehe~~

Gathering with girlfriends
HALO cafe, 20-Feb

Me with best friend, Debbie. I likey the handphone talking pose. keke..

Cheng May, the pretty mom with handsome baby Max.

From left : Cheng May (with baby Max), me, Mangchew (he IS our girlfriend), Deb, Yokie and Lai Han. Look closely at May, she's using her fingers to force poor baby Max to smile.

And after the gathering, I went over to Deb's house. Really miss the sleep over at her place. We chatted till 4am. For consecutively 3 days, I slept at 4am. >__<

Gathering with the gals again
Ice Ice Baby, 23-Feb

From left : Nai Nai, Yokie, Yen, Lee Wah and me.

Me and sexy Nai. Finally, she came back to Ipoh and get to join the last gathering before everyone go back to their working state/country.

My dear Kin Fai don't like to smile in pictures. Thanks to Cheng May, now I'd got remedy to make him smile.....hehe.

One thing I missed the most was, I didnt get to see or hear any fire crackers or fire works. I could only hear some distant pops. Sigh....

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Chinese New Year (Part 1)

It's the long awaited Chinese Lunar New Year. I had been counting and cross out everyday on the calender before CNY. I'm so eager for the arrival of this festival, not because of the angpow collection but for the loooonnnnggg holidays and gathering with friends.

Many took half day leave on the reunion dinner night (16/Feb) but I had to work full day because of Kin Fai,he can't leave early. I was already too free and not wanting to do anything else. So I spring clean my messy desk.


Grandma's house.

Like every other year, the reunion dinner will be at my grandma's place. Big house indeed, with two garden. There's a ciku tree at the back garden. I remember eating a lot of cikus from that tree. But now dad seldom pick cikus from that tree anymore. I saw a few squirrels running about at the back garden.

Actually the reunion at my grandma's house was kinda boring. Uncle #2 likes to brag bout his rich life and always talk bout the dullest sport in the world, golf. Uncle #4 and #5 never has anything to say. I have two boy cousins and they always got too hooked with pc games. So every year when I go back for reunion dinner, I have to bring along a novel or some mags. I can't wait for the nights to come and I can go out for gathering with my friends. ^___________^

Back garden.

My grandma.

My Valentine

Valentine's Day : 14-Feb-2007

It was my first V-day date with him. Everyone was asking how was it and thought the first celebration would have been out-of-the-world kinda special. But the over-commercialize day was just the same as any other days. Only difference was on the day, the road was soooooooo congested and everywhere places were so crowded.

Anyhow, we had a nice steamboat dinner and exchange gifts just like any other couples. But to add some twist and fun, we made a rule to the gift selection, which is not more than RM50.

What I gave him?
Our happy memories.

An album with all our pictures and decorated into sort of like a scrapbook album, which I think is very creative and thoughtful of me. Hehe.
Worried that he might not like mushy stuff like that, I threw in an Arsenal victorious footage VCD. Altogether price of everything (photo album, VCD, pictures delopement, total 70 pics) = RM50.50
It's a wonder how much RM50 could do. Fun indeed!

What he gave me?
Picture frame and a picture of us and a pair of teddies. ^___^

See the similarities of our gifts? It's not the price that matters but the meaning behind the pressies. Other happy girls might get flowers, diamonds or expensive jewelleries but I definately wouldn't ask more than this. You know, it's wasn't easy choosing something under RM50 that he'll like. For every next celebration, we must double up the price of the gift. I guess, eventually I will get the diamond ring or necklace by the time we celebrate our 10 years anniversary. WAHAHAHAHA.................

My Valentine
by Martine MacBride

If there were no words
No way to speak
I would still hear you

If there were no tears
No way to feel inside
I'd still feel for you

And even if the sun refuse to shine
Even if romance ran out of rhyme
You would still have my heart
Until the end of time
You're all i need
My love, my valentine

All of my life
I have been waiting for
All you give to me
You've opened my eyes
And showed me how to love unselfishly

I've dreamed of this a thousand times before
In my dreams i couldnt love you more
I will give you my heart
Until the end of time
You're all i need
My love, my valentine

La da da
Da da da da

And even if the sun refuse to shine
Even if romance ran out of rhyme
You would still have my heart
Until the end of time
Cuz all i need
Is you, my valentine

You're all i need
My love, my valentine

Sunday, February 11, 2007

To cut down my expenses

Today I did a good job in getting control of my bad(and getting worse) spending habit. I saw Cellnique Pro-Sebum Gel selling in Watson for RM168. The Cellnique Pro-Series package includes this Pro-Sebum Gel, bottle of mask and cleansing gel. I thought this was a great deal because the Pro-Sebum Gel itself is selling at RM139 and now for RM168 I got three great items!!!!! I took the pack, read the description at the back of the box, put it back, took it and re-read it again and put in back again...and strolled to some other selves. And then came back to the same stack of this evil package that kept summoning me to buy it but with the strong will at heart, I put it back and rush to the counter and pay my other stuff and leave the evil thing. AAAArrrgggghhhh....I did overcome the urge to buy something. I think I'm marvellous and deserve to reward myself with buying something for myself.

And actually I wanted to go to salon today, to rebond my hair. But I tried to occupy myself with something else. Asked Kin Fai out for breakfast and then went for movie and by the time he sent me home it was already 5pm. Hahaha...another RM300 unspend.

Looks like, I'm doing good in cutting down my expenses. Lets see how can I save more moolah...
  1. Cut down the frequency of going to Coffee Bean and Starbucks.
    I'm not a coffee person and certainly not any blended drinks person but .....Sigh....I'll miss lazing my butt at those famous coffee bar. I really enjoy reading mags, observing ppl along the street, and chatting the day off. Usually Kin Fai and me will hang out there to kill the time if we bought midnight movie tickets. But we really has to cut down our visits. I know we're going too often when the barristers started to recognize us and getting friendly with us (and once we even got a free drink, the smoothie of the month). So, now we'll only go there once a month. We can hang out at someplace cheaper like Oldtown Cafe or the conventional kopitiam.

  2. Only going for two movies in the cinema every month
    We both are avid movie goers. Other than Malay or Indian movies, sappy Asian love storie and pathetic teen movies, we never fail to watch every single movie being screen in TGV Ipoh. Tickets are selling as high as RM9 during weekend. So to cut down on this, we must choose which movie that's worth the money and the 'umph' to watch in cinema. Watching DVD is a lot more cheaper and comfortable.
    (but failed this today, paid RM18 to watch Thai's new horror movie 'The Unseeable' which was kinda lame with too many deliberate twists)

  3. No more going to boutique!!!!
    Since I'd had enough of shopping at KL I'd made a solemn promise to myself not to step into anymore boutiques in Ipoh for the next 6 months. And then if I could possibly do this most difficult task of all, I will reward myself with some new clothes and then no more boutiques again for the next 6 months. By year end, I'll(perhaps with Yokie again..hehe) go shop like crazy in KL again. Yayyy!!!
    This definately is the most difficult task of all, I need a massive strong will to refrain myself from entering those shops. I windowshopped through a few boutiques today and my eyes couldnt keep off from the nicely dressed mannequins at the window display. But thanks to Fai who dragged me away from the boutiques danger zone.

  4. No more facial and spa at beauty center
    I pampered myself a lot last year. Signed up a RM500 facial course and tried the whole body massage and spa. I felt like being served like a princess. It's remarkably wonderful and revitalized. But also unnessecary and money was spent lightning fast. So from now on, all the facial and spa-like bath will be all at home. But it's good to reward my tire body and soul with some massage once a while. I'll try to find a good massage service but can't got too addited with this. Perhaps once every semi-annually?

  5. Cut down visits to salons
    I know I'm going to salon too often because I got close with the stylist and even has their phone numbers and even MSN chat with one of my hairdresser. Really need to cut down on this. So I'll only go to the salon once every 6 months, reasonable, right?
    (refraining myself from going to get a hair rebonding, until after CNY.)

  6. Don't buy magazine
    Another addiction that I need to cut off totally. I bought too many magazines, and most of it was unread or just flipped through a few pages. Not only fashion mags, sometimes it's computer mag, science mag, and Chinese/Japanese fashion mags that I can't even read but just look at the fashion trend they featured. So from now on, no more buying mag and finish all the old back-dated mags. I can live without them. I don't even follow the fashion trend in the mags.

  7. Don't buy anymore books until I finished off what I have on my shelf
    And yet another addiction that I can live without. I am soooo addicted to books. Not reading books but buying books. I bought so many and decorated them on my selves. What the ****? Spent few hundreds on those books and not reading them. >_<
  8. Cut down lunches and dinners at expensive restaurants
    Which means, no more expensive Japanese food and Western food. But sometimes after a hard weekdays at work, could grant myself some good food but if not, better stick to economy rice and home cook meal.

That's all that I could think off. Please give me more ideas on how to strive through my 2007 Budget Plan.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

My answers....

Haven't been doing any survey question entry. Answering survey questions are fun fun fun and always work best when you want something to kill your boredom or if you're running out of idea to blog (LOLed). Guys, you can copy and answer those in your bloggie.

1. My ex is still:
an immature dweeb.

2. I am listening to:
Yokie in MSN. Chatting with her seems to be everynight routine. It's a suprise how the online chatting has takeover the habitual hooking on the phone like how we use to 10 years ago.

3. Maybe I should:
change my life. I'd been staying in a comfort zone for too long.

4. I love:
a lot of things. A list too long.....

5. My best friend(s):
are the best ppl in the world. Only the best bird flock together.

6. I don’t understand:
how other mind's work. Why is there 853,682,185,468 different thoughts, weird attitude and character out there?

7. I lost:
a lot of precious time. My youth especially. Waste no more life now. >_<

8. People say:
alot but do very little.

9. The meaning of my screen name is:
There's no meaning. I use it because I like it.

10. Love is:
intangible. You can't eat it, you can't touch it, you can't use it, you can't see it. Sometime you can't even feel it but you just know it's there. If only there's this love-meter kinda gadget.

11. Somewhere, someone is:
reading this junk. Hahahahaha......

12. I will always:
believe in myself, always.

13. Forever seems:
Forever Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Forever Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

14. I never ever want to:
grow any older. I feel I'm best stay at 25. It's not too young and not too old. 25 is just the right age.

15. My cell phone :
is inseperable from me. I just can't live without my cellie. I play with it in the toilet, in the production line, while waiting impatiently for someones and before I go sleep. And also snap pictures all the time.

16. When I wake up in the morning:
I wish I haven't wake up and continue sleeping.

17. I get annoyed when:
idiotic guy who think they are so smart and funny talks to me.

18. Parties are:
a waste of time. I hate party. Music is always too loud and you can't talk properly without shouting to the person next to you.

19. My pet(s) is(are):
a turtle and it follows my father around. -_-

20. Kisses are the best when:
it's from someone you love.

21. Today I:
overeat during lunch and dinner and I gained a few pounds. I'm sure I'd gain some pounds today.....I just don't dare to step on the scale. >_<

22. Tomorrow I:
have to continue my monotonous life, go to work, answer customer complains, write reports, verify low yield...all those shitty work.

23. I really want:
to know how much he loves me. Maybe I'll wait for the invention of the precise love-meter, refer question #10.

24. I want to ask:
him question #23 since the love-meter stuff is all bull-shitty.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Pre-CNY shopping

I'm a lazy blogger. I know I am.
I havent been blogging for some time. Sigh....since I don't have much reader, so I don't think anyone will miss me. T_T
Anyway, I'd been MIA due to a few reason. First of all, I was drooling almost everyday over him......

Aint he handsome and cool???
I think he has the potential to become the next Gallen Lo of TVB. <3<3<3
I'd been watching this drama every hour that I have, after work, when I don't have dates, and I'm even watching the drama when I'm blogging this.
Nowaday, it's a trend for everyone to watch Korean drama religiously(after the sinking of Japan drama), all the young girls, young women and even aunties. Even two of my best friends are avid Korean drama worshipper. But I'm still a loyal Hong Kong drama fans.

And for pre-CNY preparation. Of course, shopping at KL. I'd started some pre-pre-CNY shopping at Ipoh but Yokie has been pestering me to go shopping at KL with her because she need to revamp her wardrobe. As for me, I keep telling myself not to overspend this time because I proclaimed 2007 to be my Budget Year and must must must watch out my own expenditure. But....I went to KL nonetheless and had a great time.

It was certainly a compact and quality shopping trip. We went to Ikea (lots of things to see and touch at Ikea, but I only bought 4 book stands and Yokie bought a tea tray for her mom). Then we had some nice teppanyaki lunch at Ikano. Ikano has more shops and stalls. Me and Yokie managed to get something from there.

Then we went over to One Utama....which is a wrong choice but just to stroll around and kill the time before dinner. We couldn't buy even a pair of cheap earring or any accessory there. Everything is too posh and even the cheap things are too expensive. But I insisted to go to One U all because of Chilis. Kin Fai never stop telling me how good the food was....die die also I must try although it's a bit expensive but nevermind lar, travel must eat good play good.

I wonder why they name the restaurant Chillis. None of their dishes has any chilli or spicy ingredient. But their food certainly was super delicious....definately worth the bucks.

The Curve.

After dinner we went over to The Curve. I really like the night market and those stalls selling cheap clothes and accessories at The Curve. But too bad that we went there a tad too late and most of the stall were closing down. Clothes were cheap but it's a drawback that we can't try the clothes. Funny thing is, if we insist to try on the clothes, we have try it in the toilet. But eventually, each of us got something from The Curve and Yokie got herself something very expensive but beautiful. I was suprised that Yokie could spend alot on something she really like. And all this time everyone misunderstood that she's a thrifty person. But of course, her spending habit is not to the extend like Debbie or me. LOLed.

Four of us at The Curve.
Love this picture with the pinkish flower blossom but the blue construction canvas really spoilt the feel. -_-

On the second day, there were more shopping at Taipan area and Summit Plaza. We were running from one boutique to the other and the exciting thing is everytime we hop to another boutique, we could find something exactly what we saw before and it's cheaper. And Debbie always has this bad luck of buying something and then saw the exact same clothe at some other place 50% cheaper. Me, Debbie and Yokie were looking everywhere for sundress. Suddenly the sundress craze hit all of us. This sundress frenzy hit me when I was at Ipoh and I couldn't find any nice dress here. My wardrobe is already well pack with all my favourite styles and the one kind of clothing that I don't have is this sundress. Not the classy gown kinda dress but very simple and sweet kinda dress.....where we could wear for any casual days and especially good looking when travelling.

I am all well prepare to welcome the New Year. ^_^
And I got myself 5 cute sundress. I really like sundresses more and more. It's so simple yet pretty.

Sigh....but I told myself many many don't overspend. Nevermind, I swore to myself I'll never never ever walk into any boutique here in Ipoh for the rest of year 2007. Erm....maybe for the next 6 months lar. But this time it's really quality shopping because I really like what I bought. Yayyyyy~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Not many picture with me now....most of the pictures were with Kin Fai and Yokie's camera. Since everyone got their own high pixel camera now, I seldom snap photos with my 3.2mp Camedia anymore (unless I'm going on my own, like the Hong Kong trip). And also ever since I got the 2.0mp SE W700i cameraphone, most of the pictures were taken instantly by the phone. It was really too convenient to have a good pixel cameraphone.

Sleep lar.....sleepy ady......>_<