Monday, January 25, 2010

Artist Trading Card - Restored

Recently I restored my infatuation with Artist Trading Card (ATC) by signing up a few ATC swap at Swap-Bot. What is ATC? Read it here : very thorough introduction to ATC.

Here are some of my previous ATC, made by me, for my own pleasure and collection. Back in my hometown, I have a few more dozens of ATC sent to me from other artist. I am looking for a way to store them, but they are slightly larger than business card size, so I can't keep them in business card file. Right now I just tuck them away in my craft drawer, some inside metal boxes, some became my bookmark.

I love vintage style collaging and mixed media.

Chinese pin-up girls. I collected alot of those ephemeras and images.

The tea ATC is my personal favourite, there is real Chinese tea leaves inside the handmade tea bag.

Do you notice that I use a lot of butterfly and wings images? They are my favourite.

And stack of ATC blanks and cardstock, some I cut out from cereal boxes and some sent to me from my swap friend.

So tonight I have an ATC challenge to complete, alphabet theme, D and E. Hmm...what to make?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Shiori Ningyo Bookmark

Finally, I finished making 25 (+1 extra) shiori ningyo bookmark for my customer. Shiori means big sister, ningyo means doll so it's a Japanese big sister doll bookmark, suitable to give to friends, students and small children to encourage them to read and do well in exam. All those papers are washi chiyogami paper imported from Japan. It is very difficult to find in Malaysia, even though we can find them in some craft shop but is very very expensive, selling for ~RM8 per piece of A4 size. Usually I got them from Etsy and Ebay, best place to look for rare craft material. Malaysia still lack of craft material and supplies.

So, I spent 5-6 hours making them, while watching drama (A Chip of the Old Block-super super funny TVB drama), my speed was slow by half if I were crafting while watching something on the laptop but that's how I like to work. :p

I really love washi paper. They are so beautiful.

Kimono.... head??

Here they are, all pretty with yukata and hair bow, ready to go to their proud owner in the USA.
Hope you all will have a fun time there and meet great children!!

If you like to have one, I am selling them for RM5 each.
But need to re-stock my washi paper now.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cute Fabric Promo for Malaysian

Many of you know that I have an established shop in Etsy and they are all priced in USD. Today I am giving this privileges to fellow Malaysian to purchase them in RM and with a promo price!!

Below are the two hot selling Japanese linen fabrics from my shop.

Material : Thick Linen (20% linen, 80% cotton)
Imported from Japan.
Price : RM40 per meter/RM20 per half meter (minimum purchase half meter)

Happy Musical Panda

Matryoshka (Russian Doll) Family Beige and Black

Interested? Email me or drop a comment. :)

Check out for more fabric from my Etsy shop.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Xmas Swap

More likely is New Year swap. Actually it is a Santa Xmas swap hosted by Agnes. My partners sent on time but those suprise swap packages were sent to my house in Ipoh. I couldn't go back to unwrap them until the New Year weekend. Hence, the late post on what I got from my swap partner..sorry. Anyway, I had fun, and I love everything I got, not the matter of price but the heart and the fun of joining Malaysian hosted swap.

Lots of goodies from Suyen. My mom already took the sweets from me. :p

And another pack of goodies from Tampin Girl.

And oo...a surprise Xmas card from Agnes. How thoughtful of her to make a card and send to every swap participants. <3


Friday, January 01, 2010

2010 Movie List

Movies watched:


The big screen
  • Avatar
  • Bodyguard and Assassins (already in favourite list)
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Pandorum
  • Jennifer's Body (very stupid movie)
  • Orphan (watched for the 2nd time, for Isabelle Fuhrman)