Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Craft with Colours

Sharing more colours from my finished crafts :)
Have been stocking up a lot lately but no time to list everything on Etsy yet.
But has always been fun making them. ~~~lalala~~~

Bobby Hair Pins

Coin Purse

All other lovelies, cuties and felties

For more pictures, check out my flickr photostream.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Xmas Celebration 2008

A simple but merry celebration at Chun Hui's place.

Gift under the tree

Preparing for the gift exchange.

Vertigo, the host.

The crowd.

Can't wait for the gift exchange session. Wonder what I get?

Ok, pretty irony. I got back Kin Fai's present, which I wrapped for him. -_-

No gift can match the host's.

Pretty eh. I mean, the picture. Taken by very expensive DSLR camera...

The couple

Enjoying the food.

One of the drunk

Joined Project Wonderful, co-host Etsy Malaysia Local Team and going pro on Flickr

Ok....this is what I am keeping myself busy with lately:
  1. Joined Project Wonderful
    I am creating my own ad space and also hosting ad space in my blog for other small business owner. A way to earn small bucks and also to promote my lil business.
  2. Co-host Etsy Malaysia Local Team
    So many things to do....I am helping Huey to host this local team where we Etsian in Msia get together and have fun. I couldn't imagine how much work I have to do, post in the blog (ok, I am a lazy blogger, how am I suppose to keep up with that?), maintain the Flickr group, and also to promote the team and invite more ppl in.
  3. Going Pro on Flickr
    Paying $24.95 a year to host unlimited pictures and get on the track of the Flickr community isn't a bad idea after all. I am starting to have fun organizing my pictures, commenting on other ppl's pictures, have ppl comment on mine, joining unlimited groups...wooo...just too much fun.
  4. Setting up my webstore.
    Not going to rely too much on Etsy, because they are only limited to handmade and handmade only. And buyers has to register to Etsy which is kinda 'leceh'
Ok...got to go to buy myself some ad space. hehe....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Groovy Market

Me, Deb and Mei will be setting up a booth at Groovy Market on 29-30th/November. We will be selling clothes, bags, accessories, handmade crafts, jewelries and many more goodies.
Come visit our booth ^__________________^

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Artist of The Week

I am going to make it a habit to feature as much talented artists/crafters that inspire me as possible. And today, I will start with Steppie.

Her crafts and arts are blended with bright colors and cuteness. And most of them are animal-themed too. But there is also some cute ninja characters.

Mixed media paintings

I have not purchase any ACEO from Etsy yet and when I want to, I will get those for sure.

This is my personal favourite, the hand painted panda bag.

Deer moleskine journal, very zakka-ish. I like this kinda stlye a lot.

Visit her shop if you like her creations or her blog if you want to follow her work.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

My clay babies grew some hair....

Ok, finally, my clay dolls grew some hair. They have been lying naked for a few weeks (months) behind my lap top and some of them cracked due to the heat generated from my lap top.

Ok, tomorrow will gloss my little dolls. And then wait another day for them to dry and shine. Then only I can make them some clothes. Hish...so much work.

Baby dolls need time to grow. Patience. Patience.

Monday, October 06, 2008

My Shops....busy busy busy

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

Opened a second shop for selling supplies and seems like it's doing much much better than selling my handmade crafts. Hey, not that my craft aint any good but supplies are always easier to sell. More sales mean less personal time. I have to spend hours packing my goods to ship. Label them nicely, tape them securely and double check. Now I have to drop by the post office almost every week, with 4-5 large package to mail out. Sometimes lunch hour break is not enough for me, I have to go to the PO early in the morning (and late to work).

With 247356 sellers on Etsy, I have to swim very hard out from the crowd and make myself noticeable. Marketing is really the hardest part. I spent more time in marketing than I spent on crafting. BTW, just created myspace, please add me if you like my crafts and arts :) www.myspace.com/kiiess
And there's so much more networking site such as flickr, facebook, friendster, indiepublic, Etsy forum, etc...how can I manage them all? I can't dedicate so much time to this when I have a full time job which sometimes I have to end up working until 9-10pm.

But I am looking seriously into making my craft business full time. Hey, it's not unrealistic ok. I read these articles all the time to inspire and motivate myself that one day, I can really quit my day job. :D

But there is so much more to learn and do:
-Photoshop (to edit my pictures, add effects and I am looking forward in selling digital images too)
-Dreamweaver (to create my own website, I can't depend on Etsy all the time)
-An effective way (and cost saving too) to withdraw my money from Paypal
-More art and craft techniques
-More research
-More more more time!!!!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

It's Impossible to Tell You How Much I Love You

Girl: Tell me how much you love me.
Boy: Look up at the sky.
Girl: Stop changing the subject!
Boy: Just look.
(Girl looks up to the sky)
Girl: What am I doing?
Boy: Tell me how many stars are in the sky.
Girl: That's impossible.
Boy: So is explaining my love for you.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Cutie Pie


Ain't they cute?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lazy blogger tries to blog again

A blog a day keeps the misery away.

Seeing 3 comments on my last post after I went MIA for 2 months from blogasphere, really makes me very happy and touched. Thank you very much!!

KL life is fun. All my best friends are there (except poor Yokie in Penang). Work sometimes finishes quite late, there's one time I had to work until 10.30pm (and it's a Friday!!) and then went back into the plant the next day (it's Saturday lorrr!!!). No biggie because some other colleagues experienced working till 3-4am. But most of the time it will be 7pm and I will be at home, lappie switched on, preparing my dinner and then will finish my dinner over some drama or series. After that, will be Poupee time while chatting with my friends. And Etsying too. I never go out after work on any weekday. I can say, I'm a very indoor person. :D But the worst thing is, when you don't have anyone to go home to. It's a very horrible feeling when every single day I go home to an empty house (I have a housemate which I don't talk much to and we communicate through MSN). Well, at least I still have my hamsters to go home to. :)

Lately, I've not been crafting much. But trying my hands on a lots of other crafts and art. Will blog about this later.

Here's my next big plan :D

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Lazy Blogger is Back

Ok, you guys know it has been my bad habit to blog once in a month or maybe longer. But currently, I'm really not in the mood to blog or craft or do anything. July and August were not a good month for me and my friends. As we grow older and older, the path of life seems harder and harder to walk through.

Three of my best friends ended their relationship with their bfs. And I'm not doing so well with mine. Ai...sad things don't want to talk anymore.

I am keeping myself busy with crafting and going out with my friends. We keep each other company. We give each other support. I am really happy to have them. Just like the four women in Sex and The City.

I have made some changes.....



Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lazy Blogger

Ok, and now I went missing for one month. That's my style, blog one month, don't blog one month. haha...style of a lazy blogger.

Don't have much to blog about actually...maybe load some pictures later in the day. Went for a weekend shopping spree with Shelley and we ended up buying so many craft materials and book. And I finally got my sewing machine. It's a small cute electrical sewing machine. XD And I can't wait to make stuff with it. ~lalala~

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More Inchies To Go

Finally I finished 150 pieces of little art (in 1"). Phew. There's 2 orders of custom inchies came in together from Etsy. And suddenly I'd become an inchies making machine. My workshop table was scattered with scraps, fibers, glitter, paint, words and glue.

Couldn't snap the first 100 inchies I made for customer A. Below are the 50 inchies I made for customer B who wanted them all in pink shade. One concentrated color is always difficult to make. I can still vividly remember how I struggled to complete my order for 100 inchies in black and white.

All 50 of them and pretty and in pink.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I do.....

A trip to one of my best friend's wedding inspire me to write something about marriage. Something for everyone to ponder about.

Do you marry someone because you think:
A. He is a good man/woman. A total husband/wife material
B. It's about time to settle down. You had enough of fun already
C. Both A and B. Everybody has to end up in marriage whatsoever. It's just the right thing to do at the right time(refer to answer B) and you're with the right man/woman (refer to answer A).

I hope at this point, someone will be looking for another option D. You are truly, madly, crazily in love with this man/woman. Someone might disagree, saying love can't buy you a loaf of bread. But love can sail your boat a long longgggg way, through calm or turbulent sea. Bread? We can just finish it in a second and hungry for more.

While having dinner with my girlfriends, a saying/quote was brought up. One of my gf said, 'It is better to marry a guy who loves you more than you love him'. All my other gfs agreed. But I beg to differ. I said, 'Have to same same love la...' and she shaped her fingers into a 'L' shape....indicating I'm lame. -_- Even I'm a girl, I find it a bit selfish to think this way. Yes, I agree, everyone wants to play safe, but is finding someone that loves you more than you love him is the safest way, or the wisest way to a happy marriage?

I, too, saw the ugly side of marriage from my colleagues and friends. Somehow, somewhere, along the road, they met with someone better. Why so? Because the husband/wife is just good...but eventually not good enough. So there can always be someone better. Always, for sure. My theory is, marry someone you think is your better half. Someone you think is the best, at least in your own eyes, someone you adore, you worship, you crazily in love with. This apply to guys too. Don't you go marry someone just because you think she's a good cook, raise you good kids and could make your family photo looks cosy and warm. It will be the same like hiring someone to do or help you do those chores, right. You also have to adore, worship and crazily in love with this person.

If we think 'It is better to marry a guy who loves you more than you love him', it's like, fuh...good, we don't have to labour so much love. The lesser love I contribute, the safer and happier I am? Don't tell me, everyone is agreeing and applying this theory?? Ok, maybe you were badly hurt in a relationship before, so you wanted to play safe and granted this thought?? Please don't. Please continue to believe true love still exist.

My rule of thumb is simple, love like how you want to be loved in return. Yes, I will.......when I found my better half.

I hope I'm not living in fantasy realm and what I'm believing is not myth.

Here's a song that's so right for the mood while pondering bout this....

Happily Ever After

Here's some pictures from Sok Sok's wedding day and also dinner. We all had a slendid weekend together and a little bit for touring in Melaka.

Wish you a happily ever after marriage life.

This scenario was quite touching, where the groom ran 5 houses to and fro shouting..

Groom : Love you, baby Tee.

Bride and groom and the sisters.

Wedding dinner.
Everyone looking good and sparkling.

This is the second time we all sisters attend a best friend wedding together. I wonder who's turn is next? Anybody want make a guess? Ok, don't guess me just because this is my blog, ok. -_-

For more picture, go to My Photobucket.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Don't Feel Like Blogging Bout Anything...

But feel like writing something. Just came back from a 3 days trip to Melaka, to one of my best friend's wedding. Went with my group of sisters (my friends) and we had a splendid weekend. It's not everyday we can spend time together in such a big group (9 girls and 1 guy).

Will blog about the pictures later on. ^__^

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

My First Handphone Pouch...Handmade by me!!

Bought so many fabrics, must make use of them. Ok, here's something I want to change/buy long time ago. My handphone drawstring pouch. But I always couldn't find a pouch that I like in the market. All are too commercial and similar.

Pouchie too old and dirty. (like kain buruk)

Ok, I tried to make my own handmade pouchie. I have no idea how to and where to start. No sewing experience whatsoever. No sewing machine (my hands are my machine). So I took the rough measurement from my old pouchie and choose one of my favourite fabric.

Cutting the fabric hurts so much. X_X

Cut out two pieces.

An hour of sewing and an episode of Grey's Anatomy...Ta-Da!!

Handphone going into new home...lalala~~

Simplicity is the beauty!

It turns out exactyly like what I'm looking for....and it's awfully easy to make. If you have sewing machine, it's even faster.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Beautiful Fabric

I have a thing with fabric lately. I couldn't stop buying craft books, felt and beautiful fabrics. And I couldn't stop playing with those beautiful fabric.

Bought some beautiful Japanese ZAKKA fabric from Mwendas. Couldn't find it anywhere in KL so I have to get them online. Expensive nehhhhh. But they are simply beautiful.

From Mwendas

From Mwendas

And together in the mail was a package from Christinas. A package fully stuffed with beautiful fabric scraps. And just last night, I un-tie the bundle and look at the scraps one by one. The scraps are not small pieces, some are slightly larger than a fat quarter. Aaaa....love them so much, especially the small kimono girls red fabric.

There are 30 beautiful fabric scraps!!

I spent some time last night arranging my felt squares in color order. Fun! Remember when we're kids and sometimes like to arrange our color pencils nicely?

My precious felt.

I went to SS2 last night to get more clothes. I wonder what's the local price? I couldn't find any Japanese zakka fabric with cute prints but look at what I found (and bought?)

Nice? They sure do.^_^

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Give Me A Sunny Day, Please.

Hey Mr. Sunshine Priest.

I made a teru teru bozu today. It's so easy to make and cute. I want to make more. Maybe add some laces and other colours.

Lalala~~~Mr. Sunshine is always happy.

I love to make all my little people shy and blushing.

But don't know why after I finish making Mr. Sunshine, it started to rain. X_X