Monday, October 06, 2008

My Shops....busy busy busy

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

Opened a second shop for selling supplies and seems like it's doing much much better than selling my handmade crafts. Hey, not that my craft aint any good but supplies are always easier to sell. More sales mean less personal time. I have to spend hours packing my goods to ship. Label them nicely, tape them securely and double check. Now I have to drop by the post office almost every week, with 4-5 large package to mail out. Sometimes lunch hour break is not enough for me, I have to go to the PO early in the morning (and late to work).

With 247356 sellers on Etsy, I have to swim very hard out from the crowd and make myself noticeable. Marketing is really the hardest part. I spent more time in marketing than I spent on crafting. BTW, just created myspace, please add me if you like my crafts and arts :)
And there's so much more networking site such as flickr, facebook, friendster, indiepublic, Etsy forum, can I manage them all? I can't dedicate so much time to this when I have a full time job which sometimes I have to end up working until 9-10pm.

But I am looking seriously into making my craft business full time. Hey, it's not unrealistic ok. I read these articles all the time to inspire and motivate myself that one day, I can really quit my day job. :D

But there is so much more to learn and do:
-Photoshop (to edit my pictures, add effects and I am looking forward in selling digital images too)
-Dreamweaver (to create my own website, I can't depend on Etsy all the time)
-An effective way (and cost saving too) to withdraw my money from Paypal
-More art and craft techniques
-More research
-More more more time!!!!


  1. wish your business grow each day .. love yea...

  2. Love your shop and blog! Best of luck with crafting full time - live the dream!!

  3. wah u must making lots of money lohh...remember to belanja ur old friend at ur hometown!!!

  4. Oh I feel you sister!
    I'm also exactly in the same shoes like you and the whole quit my job and do crafts:)

    Good luck for both of us then!


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    all how much??
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