Sunday, December 31, 2006


2006 really end up pretty badly for me. I was lucky I don't have to countdown to 2007 in the hospital. Yeah, I was hospitalized. It was really that bad. I was admitted on.....(I was a little lost track with the date).....27th/Dec, so damn early in the morning, 6.45am, because my fever went up to 39.9 degree celcius and I was vomitting like mad. I tried to force down some Ovaltine drink but out they came. Same goes to everything that I'd taken within the 24 hours. Not even injection from the clinic can stop the stupid vomitting. I just can't take it anymore and I need to go to the hospital(no matter how dreadful it might be). And at this moment....I can barely walk.

Well, I will spare you the boring details and fastforward to what the hospital ppl did to me.

Hurt like hell!

Right after I arrived at the hospital, after a brief check-up, I was poked with needles at both my right and left arm. I was then connected to this NaCl tube which was like FOOD to my body. Things like this don't happen everyday, I can't help but blog about this. HAHA.
But the tube things was a nuisance, I had to carry the pint of NaCl everywhere I went. It's not that I can go to a lot of place away from my ward but I had to carry the pint when I went to the loo, when I bath, when I brush my teeth, when I wash my face. And it hurt like hell when I moved my hand too much. And they gave my antibiotic injection through this tube thing and that's the mooooooosssssstttttttttt painful injection EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can actually feel the fluid moving up my blood stream, cold and stinging pain. I couldn't move my hand for few seconds after that. And the SIZE of the injection needle.....was the size (width and length apply) of your regular water glue bottle. Yea, that horrible. And I'm not lying. A half dead person wont lie.

After 2 days and 2 full pint of NaCl, they took out the tube.
This looks like a tracking device. You know....Happy Feet?

Throughout the ordeal, I was only rewarded with 3 pieces of Ferraro Rocher from my boyfriend. (Yala, I ate one before the pic was taken, hence there's only 2)

And so, I ended up 4 days and 3 nights in the hospital and the bill was RM2,369. >_< (sound like some travel package only -_-)
Oo...I haven't tell you all what's so f**ked up with my body, the doc said it was due to some bacteria infection but what kinda bacteria is still unknown. I have to wait for the full report next week. I did some ultrasound examination as well....which was really creepy because usually they scan for tumors or other weird stuff growing in our internal organs. Luckily it turns out that everything are perfectly normal. *phew* And I had a clear and close encounter with my spleen, liver, stomach, kidney, bladder, pancreas and ovaries.

I was like, lost 3 days. For 3 days, I was not able to see the sun, I was not able to work, not able to online, watch TV, go yumcha, go to cinema, go shopping, sleep my own bed.......I was trapped like a prisoner in the little ward. Aaarrrrggggghhhhhhhhhh.................

Whoaa....what a year for me.

p/s : Dammit, the food at the hospital was kinda good. Dammit.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Sick & Feeling Bad

I'm feeling worse than a rotten egg now......I don't know if it's from my sudden fever arose this morning or the impact from someone which I thought I don't care anymore. I'm in a sea of mix feeling now. Part of me feel that I really did something wrong and part of my stuborn self trying to defend myself. Why is it until now that he has to blame me for everything? As if I ruin his life when in fact that I'd chosen my own life and gave him what he always dreamt of.

Why am I in such a verge of bad feelings now? Was it guilt? But I will never admit that I'm wrong in the first place. It's already bad enough that the whole world was putting the blame on you. So was I so wrong that I be a little kind to myself? I never want to be regret with anything that I do...and I always want to be a smart and strong woman. They should know that I'm not the type of girl that will be manipulated with the soft call 'feelings' and 'emotion'.
Some friends might not be very supportive and doesn't understand that I suffered a great deal as well. Ppl always pity the fallen but they will never see the standing one as being hurt but strong. But it's all in the pass now and I already have the happiest life.

I MUST let go of everything. Which I thought I did.....but still why I did something stupid? I'm really feeling bad about this. I'm too naive and never felt so stupid and mean. It's not 100% my fault but as usual immature ppl will never take anything as a man and will put the blame on someone else. I'm not easily bend to guilt but this time yes, I did/might ruin his love life. It's the best for both of us to vanish from each other's life, although I still hope that we can face it like adult and remain friends thereafter. But I guess it's easier if I take all the blame and let him hate me forever. It will be happier for him.

What a failure. *Sigh* Now that I realize that I had a very fail relationship. A one that I don't want to much as ppl don't want to remember me (not just dont want to remember, hate me somemore-_-).

Come the new year,2007....I'll put everything behind. Sometimes ppl will grow up from failures. I think I did.....(will).

And here comes the hardest word 'I am sorry'.

But I never regret.

Better lie down now.

HoHoHo.....Merry Christmas~~~

I woke up feeling hot and dizzy. Not fever gua???>_< I don't want to be sick on Christmas day. Hate my low immunity body.

Don't feel like blogging anymore......but just wanna show off my Black and White Chocolate Cheese Cake.
Ta-da.....3 layered, black and white chocolate cheesecake. Wicked eh? *proud*
Because I put 1 egg instead of 3 eggs, my cake is kinda hard and I had a difficult time cutting up the cake, because it's all hard and sticky. But it taste like a million dollar taste. HAHAHAHA.
But I prefer my cake to be a bit stiff because I don't like when it gets watery and lembik.

*sigh* I need to lie down...........

Monday, December 25, 2006

The Day Before Christmas

Merry Merry Christmas
Lonely Lonely Christmas.......

Those Eason Chan's fans would immediately recognize this. What a lonely Christmas eve I'd to go through. I slept extremely early last night, extra-ordinary early for a Saturday night and woke up extra early this morning, 8.30am. I know that's not ultra early but any usual Sunday I woke up at around 10am. I should not wake up so early today because I don't have anything to do.....what a pathetic and lonely Sunday for me....and to add more tragic to it, it is A CHRISTMAS EVE.

Well, I don't celebrate Xmas but it IS the most romantic festive celebration especially the eve. *sigh* And as romantic as it is, I had to spend it all alone. My dear went to his kampung in Kedah and most of my friends did not come back for holidays. They will come back for New Year instead, which is next week and it will be an even longer weekend because there's another festive holiday which falls just on the next day of New Year. *yayyyy* All my friends will be around and we're planning to cheer for the New Year together.

Only Yokie came back for holiday (she came back almost everyweek) and we went for shopping at Greentown area. I never shop there before, only hunt around my area but not bad, we got some really good bargain and pretty stuff. We're both so happy with our purchase. Yokie wants to revamp her wardrobe and brought something out of her usual style. I should take a pic of her and blog it out but....I think she will do that later. LOL.

Here's what I did on the lonely lonely Christmas eve.

Shopped alone in Jusco. I had to wander around in the carpark for ~30mins and it was just 11am. Sheesh...Ipoh ppl have nowhere else to go ar?

Bought a lot of stuff. haha...bought some Kleenex also. Looked so aunty but I can't resist the pink. Don't really like Winnie the Pooh though.

Yokie always talk about improving and enhancing her appearance, such as revamping her wardrobe, and learning to put on make ups. I'm a bit influenced by her. I guess my wardrobe is pretty congested I added a few cosmetic must-haves. Tra-la-la....concealer, loose powder, lip gloss, ultra-lengthening mascara and er...the hot oil is for my poor damaged hair. All the beauty stuff cost me around ~RM90....sigh, not easy being a woman.

And the rest of the loads are for my cheese cake.
I'm going to make


Ingredients (Original recipe was from Kelly Tang's Yummy Cheesecake. I altered the original recipe a bit, those in brackets were what I used instead)
Chocolate Cookie Dough Crust
60g butter
60g brown suger
1/2 egg yolk (I used the whole egg yolk)
1/2 vanilla essence
90g plain flour, sieved (I used more than 90g, I think approx 100g flour and I'm too lazy to sieve it...hehe)
1 tbsp cocoa powder
30g chocolate chips (I sliced some dark chocolate instead, I think the dark chocolates were even better than chips)

Cheese Filling
250g softened cream cheese (I think 250g is a tad too little cheese, I used 500g instead, I love my cheesecake to be more cheesy ^_^)
60g caster sugar
3 eggs (I only use 1 egg, I'm afraid 3 eggs will be too watery)
110g melted white chocolate
1/2 tbsp cocoa powder or chocolate paste (I use like 1 tbsp, I want my cake to be more choco-aromatic)

Mixing the chocolate cookie crust ingredients. Smell so chocolatey nice.

1. Combine butter and brown suger in a mixing bowl. Add in egg yolk, vanilla essence and continue to beat until the sugar dissolved (or till your hand get kinda numb). Slowly add in plain flour and cocoa powder and mix into a dough. Remember, into a dough. At first my batter doesn't seems dough-like. So I added more flour (hence the 100g instead of 90g) I get the dough. Erm, looks yucky but it taste GOOD!!!!! It will turn into cookie crust what. Same like making cookie lar.

2. Press the dough into the springform pan. Prick with fork to ensure the base is flat after baking. Bake in a preheated oven at 160 degree celcius until golden brown. For my base, I need approx 30mins to bake it into crusty base.

3. Now to make the cheese filing.
Beat cream cheese and sugar until smooth. Add in eggs gradually and mix well.

Here's a tip on how to melt your chocolate. Melt it under a waterbath. Easy! ^_^

4. Add in melted white chocolate and beat well. Divide into 3 portion.

5. Mix a portion of cheese mixture with cocoa powder. Leave aside.

6. Pour a portion of white cheese mixture onto the chocolate cookie crust. Bake in a preheated oven with 170degree celcius mixture and bake for 15mins. Remove, pour in cocoa cheese mixture and bake for 10mins.

7. Lastly, pour in the last portion of white cheese mixture on top and bake for 15mins. (All the hardwork to make 3 layers of cheese...hence the name 'Black and White Chocolate Cheesecake')

8. Let cake cool in the oven with heat off. Remove from oven after 1 hour. Chill in fridge for at least 6 hours or overnight before serving.

Here's the Black and White Chocolate Cheesecake fresh out from the oven. The cake was a little cracked in the middle because I didn't bake it in a waterbath(which I usually did to prevent the cake from getting too dry and crack). I had to take the cakes out from the oven every 10/15mins to pour in layers of black and white chocolate, so I skip the fuss of baking in waterbath. *sigh* shouldn't be lazy and take any shortcuts in making a cake. Kelian my cake with a crack. :(

Well, that's so much for today. I baked the cake all on my own because my parents were busy playing mahjong -_-. And this cake will be my deardear's christmas present from me. *sigh* Wish he could come back soon.

Woot...the clock just striked 12am.


Thursday, December 21, 2006

Mee Ling's Wedding

This is a very backdated entry. My old schoolmate, Mee Leng's wedding was on 2nd of December. More and more friends at my age were getting married. And I feel old and left out in singleton island. Yea, you guys will said that at least I'm in a relationship now but that makes no difference. It's either you're married or you're single. No in between.

And the other day when I meet up with Fong (one of my old best schoolmate), we were talking about some of our schoolmates and uni-mates. Almost everyone is either getting engage or going to get marry. Even those that I used to think as very low-key, plain Janes who don't even have bf during the uni days are now found themselves harbouring at a good pier.

Here's picture of Mee Ling's wedding. She came all the way back from Singapore to held her wedding in Malaysia. Havent seen her for like....7 years, ever since we departed during Form 5. She's still the bubbly and jiggy girl that I'd known since back then, except that she's in good shape now and looks alot prettier. We look better as we age, don't we. Hahaha...It's just that I remember my school girl looks as very nerdy and weird.

In our twenties.
This was during Mee Ling's buffet dinner at her house the day before her wedding dinner. I think everyone look simply gorgeous. Beside our table was a group of yappy teens, loud and happy, shouting and talking their minds off like no tomorrow. And we felt so old but we're mature, good looking, collected and very well behave young ladies.

This is the back of my dress I wore to the wedding dinner. Yokie thinks it's nice and snap a picture of my back. -_-.....Hey, what about the front?

Pek Mun, Me and Shelley.
Ex-schoolmate's wedding dinner was like a reunion of old friends.

Pek Mun and Me
We used to be best friends in primary school and I used to tease her a lot.... made her cried a lot. Not that I'm a big bully....she was cry baby nia.

No hard feeling thou....

Ling Ling and Me
Now that I know that she's a super talker and even a worse cam-whore addict than me.

Lee Voon and me
Also another primary school and early secondary school best friends. Had a lot of fond memories together.

Me and Shelley/Nai Nai
Bestest friends till recent day.

Me and Sok Sok
This was taken on the night before the wedding, hence the messy hair. Me and Sok Sok went to school together, went to tuition together, went to Jusco together....we were neighbours!


Whole bunch of babes with the bride and groom

Me with bride and groom
How come the groom looks so gloom? and Mee Ling looked so shocked (-_-) Too much picture taking gua. Only I looked so 'beria-ia'.....

Me and the beautiful bride
A proper duet picture with Mee Leng. *gawkkk* at Mee Leng's boobs....envy envy >_<

A final shoot before we let the bride go off. Poor bride, she must be so tire of smiling to the camera. But of course must smile non-stop lar, she's the happiest girl that night. ^__^

We just can't get enough of cam-whoring. Even long after the bride rides off...we still busy smiling our pretty heads into the camera. So what? Cannot meh? We are young, we are green, we are pretty. Ngek ngek...

Enough of blogging for today. I'd been in front of the computer since 10am and occasionally leaving the pc to eat, pee, reply sms and talk on the phone. What a day wasted.....but I'm very blogged and pc-tified now after I haven't touch the keyboard for 4 consecutive days.

Good night......*__* (vision blurred and head spinned due to pc radiation over-exposure...I don't even know it's that's the right term for it. Don't criticize my English, the language was invented by human and I have my very own rights to create any words that I feel like it)

Good night again.......

Shopping in Langkawi

Just came back from Langkawi, 4D 3N free and easy trip. All the pictures taken during the trip were at Kin Fai's camera, so I can only show off what I bought. But of course, not as crazy as the Hong Kong trip but I am sastified with the Langkawi one.

Langkawi is flooded with souvenirs, art and craft shops. Although each shop looks almost the same and the things they sell were all the same but I wouldn't miss out any of these shops. I loooove looking at their seashells crafts, handmade books and stuff, batik stuff, weird things. I especially enjoyed walking along Cenang Beach. The street has a whole stretch of restaurants, stalls, pubs, souvenirs, arts and crafts shop, massage and spa parlour....lots of things to see and eat here.

Ok's a showcase of what I splurged in Langkawi.....

Chocolates of course!!!!
I didnt buy any liquor so I spent more in buying chocolates. I think I'd spent ~RM80. But chocolates are soooo cheap overthere. I think what I bought were worth more than RM200!!!

Postcards and plenty of postcards.
I grab lotsa postcards from everywhere I went, even at the Crocodile Farm, even petrol station!

Handmade papers
Handmade papers were soooo damn cheap overthere. I got two rolls at RM2.90 each. And it was selling like RM4.90 here in the Peninsular!

DIY fabric compartment boxes
I'd been looking for those fabric compartments for me to put all the junks in my room and I never thought that I could find them in Langkawi. They were just the right size, the right compartments design and the right colour that I'm searching for in months! And only RM14 each!!!!! Even Watson don't sell them so cheap.

Souvenirs for colleagues
Cute dolls bookmarks and a pair of chopstick. Although I bought them from Langkawi and even the word 'Langkawi' written on the bookmarks but I'm sure those stuff were from Thailand.

For him and for me
A wooden elephant bookmark for him and a handmade book for me. I'd been looking all over the island for a handmade book with seashells and I finally found one.

Something special from a special someone.
A moon with stars pendant necklace. He got this pretty one for me from Underwater World. Pretty and cheap too. Love it tremendously!!

Some other things that I bought:
-Pair of swimsuit (RM50) and I'd already wore for a morning swim at the hotel's swimming pool. FUN!!!!!!
-Pair of beach slippers (RM10) which brought me throughout the whole Langkawi journey. really comfy and prettily pink too. ^_^
-Fridge magnets

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Returning Artist

I'd been inactive for almost a year....ever since Nervousness was down. I just return to NNess few weeks ago but did not join any art project yet. But I found something interested through NNess and discover the joy of 1" square art.

1" Collage Art by Dotee
Chrysti's 1"Collage Squares

And their blog brought me to another linkage of wonderful art. I am truly fascinated with this 1" square art and I am working on my first experiment of my own 1" squares. If my work turns out to be presentable, I might want to join some project as well. Seems like soooo much fun!

And from Dotee's blog(which I'd bookmarked) I saw this

The first five people to respond to this post (via the comments section) will get some form of art made by me. The only catch, of course: as with most memes, if you sign up, you have to put this in your own blog as well.
All you have to do is drop me a comment here, together with your email so that I can contact you. Put this sorta RAOK meme in your blog so that you can continue to create art for other ppl.

I am going to continue my venture in arts and crafts.


I also did alot of deletion of my post. Most of my picture links gone haywire. *Sigh* I should host the pictures at Flickr instead. Anyway, I will update my artblog from time to time. An artist must NOT be lazy. >_<

Monday, December 11, 2006

Shopping in Hong Kong

Bye Bye Hong Kong.

There's not many things that I bought from Hong Kong....but the load broke my luggage bag. (-_-;)

Shopped like at Tung Chung's Esprit factory outlet. Everything is at 50% off.
So I bought:
-A white jacket (HKD299)
-A brown furry hoodie jacket (HKD299)
-Pair of jeans (HKD168) Esprit Jeans at RM80++!!! >_< I almost buy another pair but I already overspent.
-5 coin purses (as souvenirs for colleagues and friends)

Look what I'd got from the designer's shop.

At their best bargain
-Dior pink floral sling bag
-A hot Prada bag
-LV pink wallet (gave this to my mom)

A bracelet from Ebase. I also bought
-a sharp orange spag tee
-a white/blue shawl

Solvil Titus pink watch.
Finally, got myself a new watch(after almost 1 year not wearing watch).

Here's what I got for my Kin Fai. The most expensive of the whole bunch.
A multimedia player. You'd only heard of mp3 player, mp4 player but what's this? A player that can play almost any files, DVD files, .avi, mp3, mp4, even those that downloaded from torrents that need codec to play in PC. Largest screen player in the market at the moment. Hotter than Ipod, but of course heavier and bulkier.

And a nike cap. He said he likes the cap the most. (-_-)

Got this keychain from Bubba Gump store for him but he said he don't like Forrest Gump so I use it as my own keychain. It's aint cheap. HKD42 for a keychain and he didn't like it. *AAARRGGGHHHH*

Plenty of sticker photo booth at Mongkok...and I can't resist. >_< I did not only shop myself out of my mind. I did charity too. ^___^ Donated at McD and I got this 'I help give a hand' sticker.

And loads of other small things that I didnt take photo:
-wife biscuits (couldn't find this anywhere in Hong Kong. Just manage to buy a few pieces from the Airport)
-sweets and candys
-loads of souvenirs from Lady's Market
-5 shawls from Lady Market
-cherries...really sweet cherries
-Teressa Teng Original CDs for my mom. HKD29 for 2 CDs. Ultra cheap!
-Tea for my dad (with pretty packaging)
-Fridge magnets
-2 pair of socks
-Die cut stickers (to sell in Laundro...ngek ngek)

I guess that's about it. Not enough lar....I want to go for the second time. >_<


This is a post that you might not want to read. Hehe....loads of mooncissicm (think narcissism) that's bad for your health.

Hong Kong is not only a shopping heaven, but also a fashion parade all over the street. And I cannot afford to look bad too....

Love the hat. Bought that at Lady's Market.

Esprit furry hoodie jacket(HKD299). Pink shawl from home.
Ppl wear a lot of really nice shawl and looks really normal and pretty. But if wear it in Malaysia, ppl will start to give you the 'are-you-crazy' look. *sigh*

I really love the furry hoodie. I wore it almost everyday. It's kinba cold and windy in Hong Kong's October.

Bought a nice long and warm shawl from Ebase(popular Hong Kong brandname). I really love this shawl but I can only wear it at cold country. Not much at use here in hot sunny Malaysia. -_-

La La La....

Wore this to TT Ooi's wedding and also Mee Ling's wedding dinner. Love this dress. I don't know what they call this shade. Limegreen?