Monday, December 11, 2006

Shopping in Hong Kong

Bye Bye Hong Kong.

There's not many things that I bought from Hong Kong....but the load broke my luggage bag. (-_-;)

Shopped like at Tung Chung's Esprit factory outlet. Everything is at 50% off.
So I bought:
-A white jacket (HKD299)
-A brown furry hoodie jacket (HKD299)
-Pair of jeans (HKD168) Esprit Jeans at RM80++!!! >_< I almost buy another pair but I already overspent.
-5 coin purses (as souvenirs for colleagues and friends)

Look what I'd got from the designer's shop.

At their best bargain
-Dior pink floral sling bag
-A hot Prada bag
-LV pink wallet (gave this to my mom)

A bracelet from Ebase. I also bought
-a sharp orange spag tee
-a white/blue shawl

Solvil Titus pink watch.
Finally, got myself a new watch(after almost 1 year not wearing watch).

Here's what I got for my Kin Fai. The most expensive of the whole bunch.
A multimedia player. You'd only heard of mp3 player, mp4 player but what's this? A player that can play almost any files, DVD files, .avi, mp3, mp4, even those that downloaded from torrents that need codec to play in PC. Largest screen player in the market at the moment. Hotter than Ipod, but of course heavier and bulkier.

And a nike cap. He said he likes the cap the most. (-_-)

Got this keychain from Bubba Gump store for him but he said he don't like Forrest Gump so I use it as my own keychain. It's aint cheap. HKD42 for a keychain and he didn't like it. *AAARRGGGHHHH*

Plenty of sticker photo booth at Mongkok...and I can't resist. >_< I did not only shop myself out of my mind. I did charity too. ^___^ Donated at McD and I got this 'I help give a hand' sticker.

And loads of other small things that I didnt take photo:
-wife biscuits (couldn't find this anywhere in Hong Kong. Just manage to buy a few pieces from the Airport)
-sweets and candys
-loads of souvenirs from Lady's Market
-5 shawls from Lady Market
-cherries...really sweet cherries
-Teressa Teng Original CDs for my mom. HKD29 for 2 CDs. Ultra cheap!
-Tea for my dad (with pretty packaging)
-Fridge magnets
-2 pair of socks
-Die cut stickers (to sell in Laundro...ngek ngek)

I guess that's about it. Not enough lar....I want to go for the second time. >_<


  1. hihi ... Thanks for the 5-coins purse. I like it :)
    Wei ... I like the prada bag you bought .. should ask you buy one for me .. :( How much is that? Hukhuk .. I want it ... Nice seeing you shop at HK .. :) Nicely spent.

  2. Girl,
    YOu really now how to shop....
    Thats loads and loads of stuff from a trip......:P

  3. Hehe.. So strong la your trip! HK is really a shopping haven. Nobody is ever complacement with enough of it. Hehe..