Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hong Kong Trip Day 6 & 7

Day 6 : 17th November 2006
Destination : The Peak

I had to go back to Lexus (vendor's site) and worked for full day there. Actually, there's not much work to do. Me and ST Tan checked our email in their office, chatted and looked at Bally's vacation pictures and then we had lunch and walked around To Kwa Wan. After we had a long stretch meeting till 6pm, we head to The Peak for our dinner. It was quite a long drive up the hill and I think I felt asleep in Bally's car.

The Peak Tower is a shopping complex with a lot of designers shops, restaurants and bars. It is said to be one of the most stylish architectural icons in Hong Kong.

EA Experience, a virtual world of gaming where you can play and purchase a multitude of EA games. I was amazed by the white, electrofying globe. I wanted to go to the Wax museum(Madame Tussauds) here but we were too hungry and forgot about that. Maybe the next trip...

"Life is a box of never know what you're gonna get".
We dine at Bubba Gump. Rings a bell?

Bubba Gump is inspired by the movie Forrest Gump. This restaurant was really really beautiful and relived the whole movie. I really enjoy dining at Bubba Gump and I couldn't help snapping pictures all over the place.

You'd to show this if you want the waiter's attention

And this if you don't want them to stop by. Pretty creative, eh?

What a ping pong bat has to do in a restaurant? They are actually the menu! ^_^

Mr.Tan posed like a real ping pong player. Hehe.

We got a table by the window. It's soooooo darn romantic to dine at The Peak, and with such mesmerizing and breathtaking nightview of Hong Kong. How I wish Kin Fai was there with me to enjoy the moment. *sigh*

So many sauce and spice. But for decoration only.

We ordered so many shrimps and seafood. Remember Forrest's friend Bubba's dream to open a shrimp company?

The food there were superb delicious and I really really wish I could eat here again, one day. But Bally said, most of the restaurant at The Peak are quite good....and pricey.

Here I am. At the peak, 396 metres above sea level.

Me and kind Mr. Bally. He loves to take pictures too.

It was extremely cold and windy, I could hardly camwhore properly. And my shawl was almost gone with the wind.

My first Haagen Daaz at The Peak.

Day 7 : 18th November 2006
Destination : Avenue of Stars, Repulse Bay & Stanley Market.

The 'Avenue of Stars'
I saw this many times before in TVB dramas.

Zhou Xuan

Lin Dai

Lin Ching Hsia

And Andy Lau.
You probably don't even know any of the names except for Andy Lau. The three names above were taken for my mom. They were my mom's favourite actress.

In director's chair.

Roll one!


Er....Mr.Tan, please don't sleep here.

Repulse Bay. Aint the beach romantic? Hong Kong could be such a romantic country. Ppl are having misconception that it's only good for shopping.

Hill-side apartments.

Personally,I like this picture alot.


At the temple by the beach. There's lots of tourist/ppl here. One of the local attraction perhaps?


Please grant my wish....I want a good husband.

Lots of colourful gods statue here and I like this dragon the most.

This is one of the foodstall at Stanley Market where the customer has to go through the tight tunnel. Hong Kie certainly did made use of every inch of the ground.

Then we had a great Japanese dinner. There's more dishes coming and the table was filled with food but I was too busy eating and forgot to take pictures. Hehe.
The little girl is Bally's daughter, Justine. She's sooooo adorable.

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