Thursday, December 21, 2006

Shopping in Langkawi

Just came back from Langkawi, 4D 3N free and easy trip. All the pictures taken during the trip were at Kin Fai's camera, so I can only show off what I bought. But of course, not as crazy as the Hong Kong trip but I am sastified with the Langkawi one.

Langkawi is flooded with souvenirs, art and craft shops. Although each shop looks almost the same and the things they sell were all the same but I wouldn't miss out any of these shops. I loooove looking at their seashells crafts, handmade books and stuff, batik stuff, weird things. I especially enjoyed walking along Cenang Beach. The street has a whole stretch of restaurants, stalls, pubs, souvenirs, arts and crafts shop, massage and spa parlour....lots of things to see and eat here.

Ok's a showcase of what I splurged in Langkawi.....

Chocolates of course!!!!
I didnt buy any liquor so I spent more in buying chocolates. I think I'd spent ~RM80. But chocolates are soooo cheap overthere. I think what I bought were worth more than RM200!!!

Postcards and plenty of postcards.
I grab lotsa postcards from everywhere I went, even at the Crocodile Farm, even petrol station!

Handmade papers
Handmade papers were soooo damn cheap overthere. I got two rolls at RM2.90 each. And it was selling like RM4.90 here in the Peninsular!

DIY fabric compartment boxes
I'd been looking for those fabric compartments for me to put all the junks in my room and I never thought that I could find them in Langkawi. They were just the right size, the right compartments design and the right colour that I'm searching for in months! And only RM14 each!!!!! Even Watson don't sell them so cheap.

Souvenirs for colleagues
Cute dolls bookmarks and a pair of chopstick. Although I bought them from Langkawi and even the word 'Langkawi' written on the bookmarks but I'm sure those stuff were from Thailand.

For him and for me
A wooden elephant bookmark for him and a handmade book for me. I'd been looking all over the island for a handmade book with seashells and I finally found one.

Something special from a special someone.
A moon with stars pendant necklace. He got this pretty one for me from Underwater World. Pretty and cheap too. Love it tremendously!!

Some other things that I bought:
-Pair of swimsuit (RM50) and I'd already wore for a morning swim at the hotel's swimming pool. FUN!!!!!!
-Pair of beach slippers (RM10) which brought me throughout the whole Langkawi journey. really comfy and prettily pink too. ^_^
-Fridge magnets

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  1. EEE ... the chocos looks delicious lar ... I used to think choco would be like pure chocolates, which i dun really like. Never tot they can look so tasty .. :(
    Did you get me some handmade papers? I am looking for them too .. but over here is damn expensive .. :(