Monday, June 26, 2006

KL Shopping Spree

Hello everyone!! I just came back from a super shopping spree from KL. Really enjoyable and tire. Matt already asked me why haven't update my blog for quite some time. So, I have to blog something today, haha. I won't blog too much today because I'm a bit tire(although I miss blogging a lot while away for 3 days) but to sastify the hunger of my ardent blog's some appetizer before the real saliva-drooling-KL-trip blog entry.

I got plenty of pictures taken at KL but some of the pics are still at Ping's camera. So I will blog about the entire trips when I get all the pictures. For now, I will show off what I got from KL.

I went with two bags but came back with six!! Minus Yoke Ping's luggages that's not even in this picture. I took 1 hours to unpack everything. And of course including taking pictures of my treasure hunt findings.

OK. Let's see what's in the pile of goodies that I brought back from KL. (and also calculate how much I'd spent during the crazy shopping spree)
First stop is at SG WANG PLAZA
White shirt with small flower prints(RM19.90) and pink princess tank top (RM13.90).
Cloths from this Sg. Wang shop was really cheap. Debbie bought an exactly same shirt as the white one(she took black) at Ipoh and it was RM50(she said), but as far as I can remember it was more than that because I tried on that black shirt before but decided not to buy because it was too expensive. I think it was around RM70 if I'm not wrong (Deb, correct me if I'm wrong). Funny thing was, Deb bought another pink one from this Sg.Wang shop and grumbled all day about not going to shop in Ipoh's boutique anymore. HAHAHA

Corset-like spaghetti top from M:30 (RM35.00)
Total spent at Sg.Wang = RM68.80

Then we moved to Lot 10
Turquoise tank top (RM15.00) and lacy belt(RM29.90). I saw the exact same lacy belt at Sg.Wang which was priced at RM39.90 and nearly impulse buy it but halted by Nai Nai (thankssss). There's a market sort of stalls at the Isetan's main hall and a lot of interesting items there. But things at Isetan ain't cheap. But the lacy belt was a good bargain. MNG at Isetan is having super sales but it was too crowded, plus I was a feeling a bit sick and tire at that moment, so I didn't got any MNG :( but I did bring a MNG blouse back, read further and you'll know.
Total spent at Lot 10 = RM44.00

Last pit is Berjaya Time Squares
Jeans at French Blues (RM69.90). It's very rare that I could find a jeans that could fit me on a first try because I have small waist but large butt. I bought it instantly.

White lacy bag(RM15.00). I'm just too into lace. But this bag is sure cheap. Ping and Nai Nai almost went through all the bags in the shop and ended up with a bag of their choice (Ping got 2).

Despotic hair mask (RM50.00), free leave-on hair moisturizer. I got tire of waiting Ping and Nai Nai at the bag shop so I went next door to the hair saloon wholesale shop and bought this. I was a bit regret afterward because the huge hair mask is darn heavy.
Total spent at Time Square = RM134.90

The next day we went to the OUG Plaza, near Deb's house.
Baby blue shirt(RM22.90), lavender lacy tank(RM15.90) and pink tube(RM3.90). Got those cheap and nice cloths from Amour. Deb said I got too many of those lacy tops. I think so but I can't resist the colour. I don't have lavender!

Alain Dellon pink travelling bag (RM19.90). I am looking for one for such a long time. And finally found one. Now my pink collection is almost complete.
Total spent at OUG Plaza = RM62.60

Oh, and those cutesy bitsy accessories
Bangles(RM9.90), handphone bears(RM10), butterfly earrings(RM13.90), diamond loop earrings(RM19.90), hair tie(RM4.90).
Total spent on accessories = RM58.60

Total spent on cloths and accessories = RM368.90!!!!!!
and this I haven't even add in the food money. -_-

And also got some freebies from my best buddies. The MNG wrap blouse(I don't know the name of that colour) was from Debbie and the white polo tshirt was from Yoke Ping, as my birthday presents. Thank you sooooo much!!!

I could write more but I really should sleep now. Will write more tomorrow.....

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Came back from work at 8.30pm, ate dinner fast and then went out with KF to watch football (practically, it was only him who watch all the time). Until now, 11.43pm by the time I'm writing this. I am damn tire today.....and I feel that I'm looking older and older each day. But luckily the guard still check my IC everytime I go into the casino. HAHAHA.....I was so afraid that they won't check.
I don't know what's the point of this entry, this is most unsolid entry I'd ever write. Anyway, I just want to let out the lethargy breath out from me. Blogging is fun and relaxing!

This weekend I'm going to KL to re-celebrate my birthday with my best of best friends, Debbie, May, Shelley, Ping, Fong. Actually it's not so much about the birthday thing, I just want to meet them and have fun. Remember, the togetherness? ^_^ There will be a lot of pictures to be post in my blog next week. I'm so happy to think about it. Seems like I'm travelling every week. And I just brought a FILA travelling bag for my own birthday gift (and also a pink NIKE sport shoe).

Gonna sleep now. It's already 12.30am.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I'd been looking for those Japan fashion magazine. Yoke Ping and me has been looking everywhere for such mag. Yesterday, while waiting for Eddie(he was buying fan at the electrical department-_-) at Jusco, I strolled to the magazine stall and found some pretty interesting Japan trend mags. I brought Cawaii because I read this mag before when I was having my hair-rebonded at Hair Force last 2 weeks. There's more those type of mag, such as Mina, ViVi, With and Popteen. (Hint hint Yoke Ping) Hehe

Nice fashion tips and lot's of mix n match. This is what we can't see in English mag like Cleo.

And also make up tips.

Too bad I can't read the Chinese words. Sweat!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Another Sweet Suprise

Despite the sweet pink goodie bag from Shelley, here's another sweet suprise from a very good friend of mine. He called me when the clock striked 12am on the day of my birthday. He said he was in front of my house, I thought he was kidding.....but he insisted me to go out to take a look. He was really there! With a small blackforrest cake at my front gate. Sweet isn't he?

And that's the sweetest thing someone had done for me on my birthday. I never expect anything like this before, not even from my boyfriends. Eddie, THANKS!!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

My first Birthday present

I suppose to post this earlier but I'd been away for a few days. (I'll blog about that in another entry).
This post is wholely dedicated to my very good friend, who put a lot of effort in making my Birthday Goodie Bag. And it's really lovely, I tell you. The goodie bag was really huge and I didn't take any pictures of the unopen goodie bag, but I just have to blog about the GOODIES inside. It's a PINK GOODIE BAGS and look at the pink goodies inside.

Oink! Oink! Pink goodie bag must come with a piggy, of course!

Sweet pink blouse.

Pink handphone pouch with rainbow heart(I'm using this pouch now)

Look what I found inside the rainbow handphone pouch? A lovely handphone chain. Too toooooo lovely!

Even the card is PINK.

This goodie bag really oozed too much love and sweetness. Thanks so much, my lovely friend, Shelley!! (Ei, update your blog laaaa).
Need some sleep more tomorrow.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Another boring Saturday night (PART II)

Can't blame the World Cup, there are guys who aren't interested in balls (I don't want to say that they are more interested in me, or my blog will get blast with envious comments from my friends...HAHAHA). But I want to know if this is normal. An old friend, a guy, smsed me in the afternoon, asking me out and I pretend to be sick. I don't know why I had to give such a pathetic reason....and it's not that I want to purposely avoid him(but I think I am) but I'd already rejected him a few times and I'm a bit embarassed with the reasons given. I can't come out with any other I be sick. Soon....I think very soon, he will realize that I'm avoiding him and he will get mad with me.

And then a few minutes ago, a male colleague called me and asked me out to 'yum cha'(have a drink). And I told him I'm about to sleep now. Hah, me sleep at 11pm???....this is so not me.

So what's wrong with me? At one time, I'm complaining about spending lonely Saturday night alone and even went to the extend of smsing two guys which turned me down. F*** them.

But I am enjoying the solitary of this moment. In my room,single, give online lesson to a friend on how to blog (sweat!), reading CLEO, reading other interesting bloggies, chatting with my friends, listening to my super collection of mp3 songs(I think I had over 500 songs, cool eh?). And two pointless entries can see what a good mood I'm in now. Sparks? I don't need it now......

And ooo....I just finished downloading 26 episodes of The Vision of Escaflowne , old anime but seems pretty interesting. This will keep me occupy for the couple of days.

I'll start watching this anime after I finish one round karaoke session of Leo Ku's medley of hit songs.

Another boring Saturday night

And so, today is yet another boring Saturday night. There has been many weeks that I haven't complain about boring Sat nite because I'd been pretty occupied lately until the stupid World Cup comes. Sheessh....I got so many things that I can do in my own room. I'm chatting with my MSN buddies, reading CLEO(beauty mag), playing with my DGcam and becoming pic whore over and over again. Hahaha.

In my previous post,Yoke Ping said I look terrible in the pic I took trying to show my new hair. She said I'm look too thin........and with protruding cheekbones. is that possible? I am 53kg all this time and never got into any diet. Eat like a bull. I tried to blame it on the flashlight that reflects the oil on my face and so cheekbones look obvious and protruding. Here's the proof:

Pic one with flashlight....see how 'flashed' I am. And my armpit look dark. CCB ar. I need to get the Nivea whitening deodorant. And the latter one without flashlight. Look natural, right? And without ugly cheekbones. Hehe. So, now I learnt that whenever taking self-potrait, I will not use the flashlight.

Big nose indeed.....-_-

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Beauty 101

Beauty comes in a package. Face, body, hair and heart. Notice that, out of 4, 3 are from the outer surface. Which need money to buy and maintain the outer beauty. Who say inner beauty is more important than outer beauty? I say, both are equally important.

And so, I'd got a new hairdo from Hair Force...I mean, I cut the length and unsastify with the messy layered cut, I rebonded the stubborn hair. Jacky(my hairstylist) insisted to give me short haircut but die also I won't allow. Hair is a powerful seducing weapon. Hahaha.
The layered was really short and sometimes I gave the fake impression of shoulder length hair but when all the hair was swipe to the front, it's actually long hair. Long straight hair is very boring but I like it this way. Debbie said the fringe is nice.

Just a few hours ago, I went to Jusco(with Mun Yee), to look for some facial products. We ended up in Biotherm's counter. I asked the beautician what should I get for my skin type. At first, I wanted to get the whitening product range but the beautician said my skin is dull and I should get the HYDRA-DETOX product to moisturize back and give my skins the shine and glow that it should have. She said this is due to late night sleep and lack of good facial care. I listen avidly and........

Lookie what I'd bought:
  1. BIOSOURCE clarifying cleansing milk(RM85) : The Bioterm beautician was shocked when I told her I didn't use any cleansing milk to remove make ups. But I never wear thick make-ups. Just some compact powder to hide my dark skins. But she told me that we can't clean our face thoroughly without using cleansing milk. I feel that this is quite true because I don't feel thoroughly clean when I just wash my face with cleanser. So, let's add this into my beauty shopping basket.
  2. HYDRA-DETOX detoxifying cleansing foam(RM95) : After the cleansing milk, then only comes the cleansing foam. Need not explain more, this is very elementary.
  3. HYDRA-DETOX exfoliating clarifying detoxifying lotion(RM95) : This is use as toner. It also serves as an exfoliator, which will also wipe away the dead cells when we're applying the toner on cotton pad.
  4. HYDRA-DETOX detoxifying moisturizig fluid oxygenation booster(RM150) : Long name for a moisturizer which does what moisturizer do best. To make the skins breathes better!
  5. WHITE DETOX make-up base(RM132) : This is a miraculous product. It acts on 3 purposes. First, to protect the skins from UV rays. Second, to correct uneven skin tones. We don't need to use any compact powder after using this. Cool! And third, as a make-up base, to make it easier for make-up application. I asked the beautician why do I need UV protection when I am always in the office and rarely see the sun. I was told that, even we're not under the sun, we're still expose to UV rays which also comes from light bulb, computers, TVs, etc.
And so, I end up with this 5 super life saving, beauty miracle items. Hehe.
BIOSOURCE clarifying cleansing milk, HYDRA-DETOX detoxifying cleansing foam, HYDRA-DETOX exfoliating clarifying detoxifying lotion, HYDRA-DETOX detoxifying moisturizig fluid oxygenation booster, WHITE DETOX make-up base. All this for RM557 and this is only the basic nessecity of beauty watch. There's still a lot more at the counter, such as essence, eye gel, mask, night cream, etc.

External beauty comes with a price. A high one. Sheesshhh.....

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Best time with my friends

The best times are always the times when we were young and green and enjoying our youth. We age with time but shall we not forget how to have our best time. And last weekend I had my best time with my buddies, those who I grew up with. To patch up old memories, to have more youthful laughters, and 'siao'ness really will retain us from aging. Really really do. At least, our heart remains to be the chirpy and 'siao' schoolgirl we once were.

Saturday noon (03/06/06): Yoke Ping, Debbie and me hanged out at Gunung Rapat's Ipoh Oldtown Kopitiam.

Jimui(sister) forever!!!

Yoke Ping likes to take picture and I like to be taken picture of. I'm posing my best angle. Debbie totally ignored me.

I got big teeth.

And big nose. *sigh*

Saturday night (03/06/06): Yoke Ping, Debbie, Shelley and me hanged out at Kinta City's Ipoh Oldtown Kopitiam. Why we're never tire of those Kopitiam? The ambience is just nice and right and the drink is just soooo cheap. Great great place to 'yum cha' for hours. This Kopitiam branch here in Kinta City is the most crowded. We had to wait a few minutes before we were given a place to place our tire butt.

And once we placed our pretty butt onto the rattan chair, I can't wait to take more pictures. Ok, so I admit I'm a picture whore. Wahahaha. (A nice shot from Yoke Ping but should improve the pixel/quality).

Me, Debbie and Ping. Best friends forever. And Debbie said I only got one pose. Really arrr??? I always wish I'm as fair as Debbie.

Zhien and her darling.

The drinks and foods there are cheap and edible but you should never (NEVER EVER) order this Kopi 'O' with lemon. Poor Yoke Ping paid the price and we learnt the lesson. Haha.

This egg toast with 'kaya' is actually very tasty and nice before Zhien killed the food.

Despite Ping's horrible drink and Zhien's ugly toast, we saw a Leng Jai(handsome) there. Gor-geeeeousssss!! I can't really capture his delicious face due to Zhien being too fair and the camera flashlight flashed onto her skin.-_-

It'd been sometime since last I had such a good time with my 'siao' buddies. Love them forever!!!!!!! *muaksssss*

But this is only for the Ipoh girl's hang out. I'm planning to go KL in another 2 weeks. There's more 'siao' friends there. So, there will be more 'siao' time with my 'siao' friends.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

How do you lead your life?

Here's some questions asked by Yoke Ping which I promised her to publish the answers in my blog. She mailed the questions to my company's email and also to a few good friends (in forward mails and my office inbox has been bombarded with a series of emails from my lovely old schoolmates). Well, since her questions is very blogable, I will go through them deeply.

1) How do you lead your life?
There are many ways we can lead our life. Some tend to lead their life with their heart, some tend to lead with brain. Yoke Ping asked me what's the difference. Heart; we do what the heart desires. What we want most. The urge, the sudden rush, the sastifaction. Brain; we do what is right. What we should do best, rasionally. But majority human will lead their life with their heart. And this includes me. That's when I did stupid things because
I never lead my life with my brain. Sometimes I really don't know what I'm doing is right or wrong. Should I take the other turn? What if this....what if that....? Too many 'what if'.

2) How you plan your life?
People who lead their life with their heart don't plan.

3) How you grade your life?
I do have a life. But how do I grade it? How do we exactly grade our own life. If really have to, I give it a Grade B. Not too out of this world colourful like xiaxue's but I'm pretty content with my own life. People around me loves and cares for me, my family, my friends. I have my own stable job with a sastifying pay. Of course, nobody will mind to have more sparks in their monotonous life. We're our own chef of our life. It's just how we add more spice into it, to make it tastier.

4) Are you satisfied with your current life? If yes, congratulates, else, why?
This question is not much different than #3. Yes, I am sastify(better to say content) with my current life but despite being sastify, I will not stop myself from exploring, trying, learning new thing.

5) What do you think is missing in your life now? How would you improve it?
How come all the questions seems so similar? I guess the missing pieces are some sparks in life. My life is too monotonous. I feel lost sometimes.

6) Do you think your life is a routine one? Example, wake up early in the morning -> go to work -> come back home -> eat, sit, bath, relax, online, lengah-lengah awhile -> bed time and started the cycle the next morning. Bored? Any recommendation to improve?
Pls arrr, Yoke Ping. Your questions are as boring as my life. Yea. I'm living a monotonous(how many times do I have to say this???) life. As bored as it could be but at least I have a life, not a rich one but a healthy one. How to improve? I don't know. If I know, I won't be here in my room, blogging this questionaires.
And oh, my routine will always include 'yum cha' in it. It's part of some cheap sparks in my life. At least I don't always have to stay in my pathetic room.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

I'd found something interesting to blog about today. Today is Thursday.....the most forgotten day of the week (mainly due to the over-favoured Friday). There's a lot to be celebrated about Thursday. For instance, my birthday this year will falls on a Thursday (ahem...ahem...) and besides that I'd discover another fascinating thing about Thursday, it's the Thursday Thirteen. What is it about? Read along and you'll know.

Thirteen Things about Kelly : The Basic Thirteen

1. This is my virgin Thursday Thirteen post.
2. I love music and movies. (I'd been going to the cinema everyweek for the past few months).
3. I write good but speak shitty English. (and I love to write)
4. I spend of my free time in front of the my computer.
5. I'm a lazy person and I don't like to work. (but most of the time, I finish work at around 7-8pm. WHYYYYY??)
6. I've got long hair. And I got my hair cut 2 days ago, right after work. And it looks like I'm going to have a bad hair day everyday until I get rebonding. Actually I love my hair short but since now everyone is too accustomed to my long hair look, I don't want to do anything that's shocking, unless I'm out of my mind and want to do something out of the box.
7. I love to hang out with my friends and talk craps, Malaysian called it 'yum cha'.
8. I'm looking forward into meeting more people that I could hang out with.
9. I'm also looking forward to getting away from Ipoh for awhile. Travel, job change, anything.
10. I'm enjoying being single.
11. I'm a crazy crazy girl. But this doesn't mean that I do crazy things. I'm just not as gentle and ladylike as most ppl though I am.
12. I'm not sastify with my own look. There are certain features that I want to trade it off.
13. Thirteen is just not enough to quote everything about myself. Here's my 100 things. Hehe

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The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others comments. It’s easy, and fun! Be sure to update your Thirteen with links that are left for you, as well! I will link to everyone who participates and leaves a link to their 13 things. Trackbacks, pings, comment links accepted!