Saturday, June 10, 2006

Beauty 101

Beauty comes in a package. Face, body, hair and heart. Notice that, out of 4, 3 are from the outer surface. Which need money to buy and maintain the outer beauty. Who say inner beauty is more important than outer beauty? I say, both are equally important.

And so, I'd got a new hairdo from Hair Force...I mean, I cut the length and unsastify with the messy layered cut, I rebonded the stubborn hair. Jacky(my hairstylist) insisted to give me short haircut but die also I won't allow. Hair is a powerful seducing weapon. Hahaha.
The layered was really short and sometimes I gave the fake impression of shoulder length hair but when all the hair was swipe to the front, it's actually long hair. Long straight hair is very boring but I like it this way. Debbie said the fringe is nice.

Just a few hours ago, I went to Jusco(with Mun Yee), to look for some facial products. We ended up in Biotherm's counter. I asked the beautician what should I get for my skin type. At first, I wanted to get the whitening product range but the beautician said my skin is dull and I should get the HYDRA-DETOX product to moisturize back and give my skins the shine and glow that it should have. She said this is due to late night sleep and lack of good facial care. I listen avidly and........

Lookie what I'd bought:
  1. BIOSOURCE clarifying cleansing milk(RM85) : The Bioterm beautician was shocked when I told her I didn't use any cleansing milk to remove make ups. But I never wear thick make-ups. Just some compact powder to hide my dark skins. But she told me that we can't clean our face thoroughly without using cleansing milk. I feel that this is quite true because I don't feel thoroughly clean when I just wash my face with cleanser. So, let's add this into my beauty shopping basket.
  2. HYDRA-DETOX detoxifying cleansing foam(RM95) : After the cleansing milk, then only comes the cleansing foam. Need not explain more, this is very elementary.
  3. HYDRA-DETOX exfoliating clarifying detoxifying lotion(RM95) : This is use as toner. It also serves as an exfoliator, which will also wipe away the dead cells when we're applying the toner on cotton pad.
  4. HYDRA-DETOX detoxifying moisturizig fluid oxygenation booster(RM150) : Long name for a moisturizer which does what moisturizer do best. To make the skins breathes better!
  5. WHITE DETOX make-up base(RM132) : This is a miraculous product. It acts on 3 purposes. First, to protect the skins from UV rays. Second, to correct uneven skin tones. We don't need to use any compact powder after using this. Cool! And third, as a make-up base, to make it easier for make-up application. I asked the beautician why do I need UV protection when I am always in the office and rarely see the sun. I was told that, even we're not under the sun, we're still expose to UV rays which also comes from light bulb, computers, TVs, etc.
And so, I end up with this 5 super life saving, beauty miracle items. Hehe.
BIOSOURCE clarifying cleansing milk, HYDRA-DETOX detoxifying cleansing foam, HYDRA-DETOX exfoliating clarifying detoxifying lotion, HYDRA-DETOX detoxifying moisturizig fluid oxygenation booster, WHITE DETOX make-up base. All this for RM557 and this is only the basic nessecity of beauty watch. There's still a lot more at the counter, such as essence, eye gel, mask, night cream, etc.

External beauty comes with a price. A high one. Sheesshhh.....

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