Sunday, June 11, 2006

Another boring Saturday night

And so, today is yet another boring Saturday night. There has been many weeks that I haven't complain about boring Sat nite because I'd been pretty occupied lately until the stupid World Cup comes. Sheessh....I got so many things that I can do in my own room. I'm chatting with my MSN buddies, reading CLEO(beauty mag), playing with my DGcam and becoming pic whore over and over again. Hahaha.

In my previous post,Yoke Ping said I look terrible in the pic I took trying to show my new hair. She said I'm look too thin........and with protruding cheekbones. is that possible? I am 53kg all this time and never got into any diet. Eat like a bull. I tried to blame it on the flashlight that reflects the oil on my face and so cheekbones look obvious and protruding. Here's the proof:

Pic one with flashlight....see how 'flashed' I am. And my armpit look dark. CCB ar. I need to get the Nivea whitening deodorant. And the latter one without flashlight. Look natural, right? And without ugly cheekbones. Hehe. So, now I learnt that whenever taking self-potrait, I will not use the flashlight.

Big nose indeed.....-_-

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