Thursday, June 08, 2006

Best time with my friends

The best times are always the times when we were young and green and enjoying our youth. We age with time but shall we not forget how to have our best time. And last weekend I had my best time with my buddies, those who I grew up with. To patch up old memories, to have more youthful laughters, and 'siao'ness really will retain us from aging. Really really do. At least, our heart remains to be the chirpy and 'siao' schoolgirl we once were.

Saturday noon (03/06/06): Yoke Ping, Debbie and me hanged out at Gunung Rapat's Ipoh Oldtown Kopitiam.

Jimui(sister) forever!!!

Yoke Ping likes to take picture and I like to be taken picture of. I'm posing my best angle. Debbie totally ignored me.

I got big teeth.

And big nose. *sigh*

Saturday night (03/06/06): Yoke Ping, Debbie, Shelley and me hanged out at Kinta City's Ipoh Oldtown Kopitiam. Why we're never tire of those Kopitiam? The ambience is just nice and right and the drink is just soooo cheap. Great great place to 'yum cha' for hours. This Kopitiam branch here in Kinta City is the most crowded. We had to wait a few minutes before we were given a place to place our tire butt.

And once we placed our pretty butt onto the rattan chair, I can't wait to take more pictures. Ok, so I admit I'm a picture whore. Wahahaha. (A nice shot from Yoke Ping but should improve the pixel/quality).

Me, Debbie and Ping. Best friends forever. And Debbie said I only got one pose. Really arrr??? I always wish I'm as fair as Debbie.

Zhien and her darling.

The drinks and foods there are cheap and edible but you should never (NEVER EVER) order this Kopi 'O' with lemon. Poor Yoke Ping paid the price and we learnt the lesson. Haha.

This egg toast with 'kaya' is actually very tasty and nice before Zhien killed the food.

Despite Ping's horrible drink and Zhien's ugly toast, we saw a Leng Jai(handsome) there. Gor-geeeeousssss!! I can't really capture his delicious face due to Zhien being too fair and the camera flashlight flashed onto her skin.-_-

It'd been sometime since last I had such a good time with my 'siao' buddies. Love them forever!!!!!!! *muaksssss*

But this is only for the Ipoh girl's hang out. I'm planning to go KL in another 2 weeks. There's more 'siao' friends there. So, there will be more 'siao' time with my 'siao' friends.

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