Monday, June 26, 2006

KL Shopping Spree

Hello everyone!! I just came back from a super shopping spree from KL. Really enjoyable and tire. Matt already asked me why haven't update my blog for quite some time. So, I have to blog something today, haha. I won't blog too much today because I'm a bit tire(although I miss blogging a lot while away for 3 days) but to sastify the hunger of my ardent blog's some appetizer before the real saliva-drooling-KL-trip blog entry.

I got plenty of pictures taken at KL but some of the pics are still at Ping's camera. So I will blog about the entire trips when I get all the pictures. For now, I will show off what I got from KL.

I went with two bags but came back with six!! Minus Yoke Ping's luggages that's not even in this picture. I took 1 hours to unpack everything. And of course including taking pictures of my treasure hunt findings.

OK. Let's see what's in the pile of goodies that I brought back from KL. (and also calculate how much I'd spent during the crazy shopping spree)
First stop is at SG WANG PLAZA
White shirt with small flower prints(RM19.90) and pink princess tank top (RM13.90).
Cloths from this Sg. Wang shop was really cheap. Debbie bought an exactly same shirt as the white one(she took black) at Ipoh and it was RM50(she said), but as far as I can remember it was more than that because I tried on that black shirt before but decided not to buy because it was too expensive. I think it was around RM70 if I'm not wrong (Deb, correct me if I'm wrong). Funny thing was, Deb bought another pink one from this Sg.Wang shop and grumbled all day about not going to shop in Ipoh's boutique anymore. HAHAHA

Corset-like spaghetti top from M:30 (RM35.00)
Total spent at Sg.Wang = RM68.80

Then we moved to Lot 10
Turquoise tank top (RM15.00) and lacy belt(RM29.90). I saw the exact same lacy belt at Sg.Wang which was priced at RM39.90 and nearly impulse buy it but halted by Nai Nai (thankssss). There's a market sort of stalls at the Isetan's main hall and a lot of interesting items there. But things at Isetan ain't cheap. But the lacy belt was a good bargain. MNG at Isetan is having super sales but it was too crowded, plus I was a feeling a bit sick and tire at that moment, so I didn't got any MNG :( but I did bring a MNG blouse back, read further and you'll know.
Total spent at Lot 10 = RM44.00

Last pit is Berjaya Time Squares
Jeans at French Blues (RM69.90). It's very rare that I could find a jeans that could fit me on a first try because I have small waist but large butt. I bought it instantly.

White lacy bag(RM15.00). I'm just too into lace. But this bag is sure cheap. Ping and Nai Nai almost went through all the bags in the shop and ended up with a bag of their choice (Ping got 2).

Despotic hair mask (RM50.00), free leave-on hair moisturizer. I got tire of waiting Ping and Nai Nai at the bag shop so I went next door to the hair saloon wholesale shop and bought this. I was a bit regret afterward because the huge hair mask is darn heavy.
Total spent at Time Square = RM134.90

The next day we went to the OUG Plaza, near Deb's house.
Baby blue shirt(RM22.90), lavender lacy tank(RM15.90) and pink tube(RM3.90). Got those cheap and nice cloths from Amour. Deb said I got too many of those lacy tops. I think so but I can't resist the colour. I don't have lavender!

Alain Dellon pink travelling bag (RM19.90). I am looking for one for such a long time. And finally found one. Now my pink collection is almost complete.
Total spent at OUG Plaza = RM62.60

Oh, and those cutesy bitsy accessories
Bangles(RM9.90), handphone bears(RM10), butterfly earrings(RM13.90), diamond loop earrings(RM19.90), hair tie(RM4.90).
Total spent on accessories = RM58.60

Total spent on cloths and accessories = RM368.90!!!!!!
and this I haven't even add in the food money. -_-

And also got some freebies from my best buddies. The MNG wrap blouse(I don't know the name of that colour) was from Debbie and the white polo tshirt was from Yoke Ping, as my birthday presents. Thank you sooooo much!!!

I could write more but I really should sleep now. Will write more tomorrow.....

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