Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Came back from work at 8.30pm, ate dinner fast and then went out with KF to watch football (practically, it was only him who watch all the time). Until now, 11.43pm by the time I'm writing this. I am damn tire today.....and I feel that I'm looking older and older each day. But luckily the guard still check my IC everytime I go into the casino. HAHAHA.....I was so afraid that they won't check.
I don't know what's the point of this entry, this is most unsolid entry I'd ever write. Anyway, I just want to let out the lethargy breath out from me. Blogging is fun and relaxing!

This weekend I'm going to KL to re-celebrate my birthday with my best of best friends, Debbie, May, Shelley, Ping, Fong. Actually it's not so much about the birthday thing, I just want to meet them and have fun. Remember, the togetherness? ^_^ There will be a lot of pictures to be post in my blog next week. I'm so happy to think about it. Seems like I'm travelling every week. And I just brought a FILA travelling bag for my own birthday gift (and also a pink NIKE sport shoe).

Gonna sleep now. It's already 12.30am.

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