Tuesday, June 06, 2006

How do you lead your life?

Here's some questions asked by Yoke Ping which I promised her to publish the answers in my blog. She mailed the questions to my company's email and also to a few good friends (in forward mails and my office inbox has been bombarded with a series of emails from my lovely old schoolmates). Well, since her questions is very blogable, I will go through them deeply.

1) How do you lead your life?
There are many ways we can lead our life. Some tend to lead their life with their heart, some tend to lead with brain. Yoke Ping asked me what's the difference. Heart; we do what the heart desires. What we want most. The urge, the sudden rush, the sastifaction. Brain; we do what is right. What we should do best, rasionally. But majority human will lead their life with their heart. And this includes me. That's when I did stupid things because
I never lead my life with my brain. Sometimes I really don't know what I'm doing is right or wrong. Should I take the other turn? What if this....what if that....? Too many 'what if'.

2) How you plan your life?
People who lead their life with their heart don't plan.

3) How you grade your life?
I do have a life. But how do I grade it? How do we exactly grade our own life. If really have to, I give it a Grade B. Not too out of this world colourful like xiaxue's but I'm pretty content with my own life. People around me loves and cares for me, my family, my friends. I have my own stable job with a sastifying pay. Of course, nobody will mind to have more sparks in their monotonous life. We're our own chef of our life. It's just how we add more spice into it, to make it tastier.

4) Are you satisfied with your current life? If yes, congratulates, else, why?
This question is not much different than #3. Yes, I am sastify(better to say content) with my current life but despite being sastify, I will not stop myself from exploring, trying, learning new thing.

5) What do you think is missing in your life now? How would you improve it?
How come all the questions seems so similar? I guess the missing pieces are some sparks in life. My life is too monotonous. I feel lost sometimes.

6) Do you think your life is a routine one? Example, wake up early in the morning -> go to work -> come back home -> eat, sit, bath, relax, online, lengah-lengah awhile -> bed time and started the cycle the next morning. Bored? Any recommendation to improve?
Pls arrr, Yoke Ping. Your questions are as boring as my life. Yea. I'm living a monotonous(how many times do I have to say this???) life. As bored as it could be but at least I have a life, not a rich one but a healthy one. How to improve? I don't know. If I know, I won't be here in my room, blogging this questionaires.
And oh, my routine will always include 'yum cha' in it. It's part of some cheap sparks in my life. At least I don't always have to stay in my pathetic room.

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  1. ceee... thanks for your response. Actually, those questions are impromptus.So, they might look abit dull and repeatitive. Anyhow, thanks ya. I shall move on with my questionaire summary once I have the mood to do it. I think I will skip for awhile or after I have change my blog's skin :)
    Your english really has improved!!