Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The missing pieces

Blogging is a good solution to keep myself occupy. What's missing in my life? I have everything and yet feel so empty. What is missing? People will tell me appreciate what I have now. But they don't know that it's not what I want. They don't know what I really want. I'm completely this the age when everyone seems to feel lost? Tell me this is a normal stage of life. Say I'm happy, can't say I'm completely happy. Say I'm sad, I still can have fun and make loads of bull jokes. It's just that I'm still not sastify with what I have. I don't have any plan for my future. I don't have any achievement (and far from that.....). But at least a firm career for me to crack my head up everyday. But the job I am doing everyday is almost near to what I loathe. Interest doesn't grow as I work, hatre did instead. I am just waiting for the right time and opportunity to give up my stupid wire bonding process engineering work.

Dad sent my car to the workshop today. Poor car was fix. Dad got me new tyres as well. And overall, it ate me up RM370. *sigh* Just when I decided to watch my spending habits and save up extra buck this month, but we have to expect the unexpected.

Expect the unexpected................a good lesson learnt. Both my car and also the broken promises. Nothing comes smoothly along the way. Just expect the unexpected, anytime, anywhere. Confidence is important but sometimes it's just like lying to ourselves. We could see risk coming but can we strive with just confidence and nothing else? Just like when I'm so confident to do the tight side parking. Confidence itself blinded me out from seeing the dangers ahead. Hence, end up with stupidity and hurt(my car).

Anyway, I will learn to expect the unexpected from now on.

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  1. It is still not too late now. You should be thanking god that it happened at the beginning stage, lesser "hurt" to endure. You arent being stupid, just that you are still not matured. Or maybe every girls are the same? Haha ..
    g9 .. my head is damn heavy now .. gotta sleep ..