Monday, May 22, 2006

Little experiment

I am someone's little experiment? What does he meant by that? Joke? But it's very offensive. Or perhaps it doesn't mean anything at all. Just plain humour. Or it's just a psychology mind game between the two of us. Thinking that I might be the subject of someone's little love experiment really makes me nauseous. But after all, it's just a simple chat....

Him : Do you miss me?
Me : If it'll makes u happy by saying yes, then I do lor.
Him : I want the truth.
Me : need truth truth gua, so serious meh?
Him : You'll never know, I might be happier if you say no.
Me : -_- Then no lor.
Him : Yes! Haha
Me : But then, do you miss me?
Him : Nope
Me : No need lie lie, I know u do miss me by the number of 'miss u la tuuuuuu' from you earlier. Haha
Him : 'redface icon'
Me : Ngek ngek ngek
Him : You'll never know when I'm telling the truth and when I'm not. I'm the master of psychology.
Him : I play u only
Him : You're my little experiment

Well, I got used to most of his cruel humours but somehow this is kinda offensive. We're very close friends and nothing more than that. Crap talks, sex jokes, poke poke each other, and we always hang out together during most of our boring weekends and most of the time just the two of us, but let me remind you again, we're not couple. Perhaps we'd played a little out from the border? But I enjoy playing all along......

Master of psycology he calls himself? I think I'm pretty good in playing tricks too. Somehow I feel that this will turn out to be a game of who will make who fall with the other first? Fun and risky,I don't want to be hurt and yet I want to play along because I want to prove that I won't lose. He's too full of himself and always so over-condifent in everything. A part of me really want to break this man but then........this is not a game that I should play. I'm not up to that level....LOLed.

My friend once told me that I'm the kind of person that won't fall too deep in love because I'll love myself more than anyone else. She said it's because I'm a Geminian. Part of it is true but actually I really want to fall head over heels in love. I keep telling myself that I don't have this kinda head over heels and butterfly in stomach phenomenon because I still havent found Mr. Right. But Mr.Right always turn out to be Mr.Seems Not So Right. Love is in fact everyone's little experiment. We always try to find the answers. Some hurt really bad when the experiment blasts. Some able to obtain analysis data, useful observation and learn precaution steps from failures. Very few are able to came out with really good and sastifying result.

If you did follow my blog, I rarely write anything about 'love'. Until recently.......
I don't need guys to feel love. I have my parents, my friends who really cares for me.

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  1. I dunno how to comment on this anymore. Somehow, to my experience, love stuff needs to be settled by ourselves as we know what we want. But as a human being, we are too weak to deal good if not well in love issue. So, gal .. be sure of what you want and just do it. Like I did ... just make sure you wont feel regret, just like i do now ...
    Good luck, buddy ..