Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Strings of unexpected events

Love is the flower of life, and blossoms unexpectedly
and without law, and must be plucked where it is found,
and enjoyed for the brief hour of its duration."

I really don't know where to start about the unexpected and funny events yesterday. First thing in the morning, the production manager was giving me weird(in a funny way) look. I know something was wrong.....but I didn't suspect anything serious because I was never in any big trouble. But just before we are about to go off work, my section head called me into a small room and talked to me. They heard rumours that I'm going to KL for interview. LOL...the conversation was a little awkward. I don't know where they got the rumours, I haven't even update my resume (since 1 year ago) or send out any job application letters. Perhaps it's just a slight misunderstanding. My section head was giving me a lot of advices....and sounds like trying to win me back saying that he will make sure everyone is happy with their work and I will get my chances of going overseas(please ar, I don't even get to go to the Singapore Semicon Show, instead he picked someone who went to overseas a few times...sheesh...). And I did assured him that I really don't have any intention of leaving for the near future and the KL interview thing was just a misunderstood. Althought it's really a misunderstanding but in my heart I am really thinking of leaving. And I feel like telling lies and giving him false hopes. But in fact, I really don't have any concrete intention or plan to leave. I'm not sure how I feel after the small talk with my head.....he seems to have high hopes in me and I feel guilty of lying to him. But I'm sure I won't be going anywhere in this few months, not until I finish updating my resume and then only I'll scout profusely for job oppurtunities.

Another weird and unexpected event has to be relate back to this old post about the men that I loathe. The suprise (and I think quite funny too) part was one of the man that I loathe confess to me last night. HAHAHAHA. My basic principle in how i treat people is that they treat me nice and I treat them nice, which almost everyone practise. So one thing that I don't understand and angry is when I treat someone nice and we're like friends but then suddenly he started to pick on me, annoys me, irritates me. Yet so, I still treat him like a friend and celebrated his farewell with him. And on his last day at work, he seems sad and unhappy and the worst part was that he suddenly hugged me (without my permission that is). I didn't suspect anything because I thought he was just being emotional. We still keep in touch through messenger and he still never fail to annoy and irritate me even in messenger. Last night I really couldn't handle anymore and get serious with him and asked him why is he so dislike me and always do things to piss me off. His reason of all the stupid annoyance was because he has feeling towards me and realized that it's something impossible (both of us are in relationships and I told him before that I'm not interested in someone younger than me). *sigh* sometimes something is really unexpected. I kinda like his companion before he started to piss me off(purposely??). It's weird how someone will treat the people they like. I just don't understand. I just don't...............

And I just told myself to expect the unexpected. But I really don't see this coming. Funny..........

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  1. So, all these unexpected events made you neglect me last night la. Ai .. I m not quite sure of what you mean in your blog about that man that you loathe. But, one thing for sure, you are still attractive .. ;)) <-- Yahoo IM icon, i like this alot ..
    Could your company just has the mail filter and IT guy tell your boss about your mail to me "KL Trip"? Or, that battusai just spread the news you are going to KL last week?