Sunday, March 12, 2006

Men that I loathe

I am never in any anti-guy clique but recently I found that there are actually some disgusting creature entering my well preserved princessy life.
In my 25 years of living, men around me are nice or pretending to be nice. Or at least most of them are educated people. Usually guys around me treat very good, even my boss treats me very good(my other colleague say I'm the boss's pet-_-). Perhaps I'm being too pampered....but how can you blame me? I'd grown up as an only child and so used with all the pampering and good treatments. And always use the advantages of being a girl to the fullest. Haha. But just recently I got to know some really mean man....not mean in order of heartless or that stuff....but just in terms of not having any courtesy in being friends.
And so I'll elaborate the guys that I loathe till I could vomit frogs.

1. Immature smart assy.
There is trainee dude at my work place who falls exactly in this category. At first he's polite and helpful, mainly due to his trainee status....pretending to be polite and helpful to test the water. As usual, I treat everyone I work with as friends and I am being friendly with this trainee jerk. We talked about everything like good friends and I introduced him to my group of colleagues that I have breakfast and lunch with every working day. Him, a very talkative chatterbox, knew almost everyone in an instance. But me, as one of his early friends, got nothing but rude and smart ass remarks from him everyday. Me, being a girl, a year older than him, also an engineer, I really do think I deserve at least a little respect from him. I don't look forward for him buy me lunch or any special treatment but at least show some RESPECT! Respect for a friend. Respect for a girl. I try not to keep in mind that he commented a lot on my work, saying that I will be the last person to get promoted, saying that I don't have guts and no confidence. Who is he to tell me all those bullshit?
And just yesterday, the conversation goes like this:

Trainee Jerk(talking to my process tech) : Tonight are you going to Alan's farewell dinner?
(Since I am not going, so I kept quiet)
Tech : Of course, 8pm right?
Jerk : Yea, but most of them are leaving early. No 2nd round after the dinner?
Tech : I'm not sure. (Tech is very busy programming the machine).
Jerk : Lets ask Alan what he wants to do after this.
Tech : ...............(concentrate on the monitor screen)
Me : Eating at 1919 again?
Tech : I don't think so.
Jerk : Come on, lets go talk with Alan.
Me : Why don't you go talk to Alan yourself and then let S(tech's name) know about it later...since you've got nothing to do now.
Jerk : Don't talk so much! (with harsh voice... SOTB!!!!)
Me : Why you are talking so much too? Can't you see S is busy now? (raising my voice)
Tech : Yea, I can't leave my work now.

He was like, guys-and-guys-talking-and-me-a-girl-should-just-shut-up-and-listen attitude. What the.....!!! I was totally pissed off this time. And I still have to act my cool and talked with him after being told to shut up.

2. Unfunny + Dirty minded looking old potato
His jokes...what sounds like jokes....are totally not funny at all. He always tried to sound smart assy and people are just laughing forcingly. His jokes are the outcome of making fun of people's weaknesses. His jokes are making fun of other people.
One day I was wearing skirt to work.....ok,so I seldom wear skirts to work but in case he forgot, I am a girl and I have long legs to flaunt. What's so wrong with wearing skirts? And the skirts are really pretty too(to me...hehe) but this old potato(with an earring at one of his old ear which make him look even more eeewww), keep giving me strange old potato look and sneers at me for the whole day. Some other guy colleagues were suprise to see me in skirt some even make fun of me, which I can take and laugh along saying that I have to remind them that I am a girl by wearing skirts once a while. But why this old potato has to keep sneering at me. You drop dead, you old dirty fish! And what's from your filthy mouth is not funny at all.

Ok, only two uncourtesy guy in my workplace and I don't ever want to meet anymore of such jerks. I know there are more jerks swimming around. Yes, I know I'm lucky to only bump into 2 of them.

But jerk #1 really did pissed me off yesterday and how I wish I could spill a super hot coffee on his face and let his fair face burn into Ayamas colour. Wakhakhakhakhak >____

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