Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Horror Movies

I did a long post about horror movies that I'd watched and enjoyed. The post was long and so I thought, yeah, blog about this stuff too. Hehe.

I dig horror movies. I'll be the first to ask(and beg those chicken hearted ones) my friends/colleagues whenever there's new horror movie showing in cinema. Love the spookiness, enjoy the cuddling up and wait for the scare. I'm not one of those fear factor material....I'll edge to one side, tugging hard on something, sometimes my sweater, sometime people around me, sometimes my pillow if watching at home, felt as if it was real, urging the actress/actor to hide away from the thing, held my breath preparing for the scary scene and freak out when it gets too gory. Watching horror movie is even more fun than Genting's stupid roller coaster ride....Corkscrew is what it's called, I think...but I say, screw you roller coaster inventor coz you nearly gave me a heart attack. And I swear never in my life I will put my butt on that screw stuff again.

Ok, here's the list of horror movies that I think it good (which dwell in my head for some days after watching it) with good storyline of course.

The Shutter (Thailand) - Best ghost horror movie I'd seen!!!
The Phone (Korea) - Weird way of haunting but the plot was good.
Dark Water (Japan) - Slow but the anticipation was there.
Wishing Stairs (Korea) - Pretty ghost, great story
Tales of The Two Sister (Korea) - Great directing,beautiful movie. I like this the at 2nd time watching it.
Into The Mirror (Korea) - Another weird way of haunting but I kinda like this.
Battle Royale(Japan) - Creative! But not scary at all.
The Eye(Hong Kong) - I like The Eye2.
Mae Nak(Thailand) - Sequel of Nang Nak. Good! And the goriest movie I'd watch in the cinema so far.

The Sixth Sense - All time favourite ending of all horror movies.
Texas Chainsaw Masacre - Goriest movie I'd watch. I know there are plenty more gory movie but this is my limit. Aaakkk...
Dawn of The Dead - Best zombie movie.
Final Destination I,II & III - Creative ways of dying. And the roller coaster ride in Final D3 really did gave me a superbig chill.
IT - Clown-phobia during my childhood after watching this. But <3 Jonathan Brandis
Wrong Turn - Cheap thrills but worth watching (better than I Know What You F**King Did Last Summer)
Alien - Aakkkk....chestburster.....akkkk....Gave me nightmares.
Nightmare of Elm Street - Aaaakkk.....long nails....akkkk.....Give me even more nightmares.
Skeleton Key - Sad and suprising ending. Clever plot/storyline.
Exorcism of Emily Rose(US) - Make me feeling sad only at the end.
Pet Cemetary(US) - Another classic horror flick that I like.

Lousy Ones
The Park (Hong Kong) - Stupid ending. Damn stupid ending.
Ju-On (Japan) - Trying too hard to scare the viewers. The ghost got too close to the screen and make it look too fake.
The Ring (Japan) - Too slow. Overated.
Suicide Circle (Japan) - Wasted my time. Stupid ending. Too difficult to understand.
Thirteen Ghost(US) - Too many ghost
The Wig(Korea) - Another weird way of haunting....and what the heck GAY GHOST???? Directors/publishers are getting more and more creative with gay blockbuster movies. First, it was 'Alexander the Gay'...I mean the Great. Then 'The Wig' and then The Brokeback Mountain. Gay hero, gay ghost, gay cowboys. What else could it be, I wonder. I'm so eager to find out.

Too many Hollywood haunted movies that's sooooo lousy that I can't even recall the title. They can't get too far from haunted mansion, haunted asylum. Werewolf, vampires, bugs....those stuff are just not scary or evil enough. Why can't they be more creative like the Korean when come to haunting stuff? Perhaps haunted craddle, haunted refrigerator, haunted ....erm....haunted blog? Whahahaha. But honestly, those Hollywood horror flick in the 80's was really good.

Here's a link about 100 scariest movie moments. I had a good laugh.

I wanted to put some pictures regarding today's post but .......erm, I don't think so. I don't want to spoil my pretty blog. ^___^


  1. I had seen most of the "English speaking" movies you mentioned, by the way yes we need more pictures and it will not spoil the blog

  2. No, I don't want to put ghost picture >__< Yes, ghost picture will spoil the blog.

  3. Hey Twin Blog Sister!!

    Have you seen "The Ring"? Surely you have! What did you think?

    I've got my 'haunted blog' blinkie on my blog. Complete with a little ghostie!

    One of my blog-friends is a writer/director/producer of Independent Films. He's into the horror genre. His current movie just hit DVD, and is in stores. It's called "Fear of Clowns". It wasn't too shabby, considering that he had almost no budget. Just thought I'd throw that at you! Hey - he's casting for Fear of Clowns 2... want a part in a Horror Flick?!