Friday, March 24, 2006

My 100 things

I see some avid bloggers has this '100 things' in their blog....and it's really cool to list 100 things about yourself.
So, here's 100 things about me ^___^

1. My favourite colour are pink and purple or a mixture of both, lilac. When buying things, I'll always go for this two shades. I begin to collect stuff in pink/purple. I want to decorate my room full with my favourite colours.

2. I am the only child in my family. Most people thought that I'm being very pampered by my family. True and false. Who's the victim on one of my mom's bad mood day? Me! Who took the blame when something went wrong in the house(like broken glass and stuff like that)? Me! *sigh*

3. I always wanted a big brother which look really gorgeous. When I was 12 years old. I always wanted Jimmy Lin to be my brother.

4. The saddest day of my life was the day my grandma passed away. I was walking out from the cinema when I received the shocking news. It's my biggest regret that I was not able to see her before she went.

5. I have difficulty with numbers. I can't remember numbers. Not even my own car plate. I can't calculate anything more than 2 digits. I always rely on calculator. This make me feel downright autistic.

6. I love my computer. I love doing stuff with my pc. First thing I do when I woke up on Saturday and Sunday (or when I am not working), is switch on my PC, play some mp3 and online.

7. I love blogging. I love when people read and comment on my blog. This make me feel like a journalist.

8. It's because I love writing.

9. I'm a shopacholic. Not the serious case because I still could pay my credit card bills and save a few pennies. But I just love shopping and also an impulse buyer most of the time. I could never walk out from my favourite boutique empty handed.

10. I always wanted to learn how to make my own template. It's so difficult to find a template that actually reflects me. (But I do like my current one, will keep it for some time being).

11. Once I wrote a poetry and it got published in the local newspaper. I am proud ^_^

12. I can't speak English as good as I write. And I have this colleague who laughs at my started when I didn't know the other meaning of 'wake'.

13. I love animals more than little kids. Children are annoying.

14. But I never had a real pet. I only had fishes and chicks. Now I have a turtle. I always wanted to have a puppy.

15. Biggest fear : Roller coaster ride....or any thrill rides of that kind.

16. I love coffee. But I only drink coffee on Saturday and Sunday when I am not working. I become hyperactive after taking the caffeinated drink.

17. I'm good in arts and crafts. Don't believe? Check this out : Kelly Discover

18. My childhood hobby till now : Collecting stamps. I have 12 large albums of stamps. Too many unarrange stamps in the multipurpose box, but I will sort them out when I'm in the mood. I can go hours sorting my stamps out.

19. I collect postcard as well. I even blog about my collection. (Hehe) Posfinity

20. I am a messy and disorganize person. Can't blame me. I am an art person and I collect too many stuff.

21. I'm a selfish person.

22. I'm a Geminian which portrays double personality. Sometime good. Sometimes evil.

23. I am not a loyal lover. I won't give my heart 100% solely to one person. I strongly believe that we should not trust anyone 100%. But I won't cheat or two timing my partner. I just think that we should not give too much to one person.

24. I hate my work. In fact, I hate working. I want to work for myself and not work for others.

25. I dream of opening a boutique.

26. I like guys with small eyes and sexy mouth. Tall and cool.

27. I hate sports. And I suck at all sorts of sports. >_<

Stephen Chow is my favourite comedian. I could rewatch his movies for countless times. He was even listed in the Wikipedia.

29. I think I'm funny and witty. ^___^

30. I have very good long term memory. I can remember events very well. But poor short term memory. Always forget where I put my stuff.

31. I'm a fast sleeper. I dooze off pretty fast. And I like to play SMS before I sleep.

32. I don't think I'm pretty or attractive. I wish I were fairer and have a small pointy nose.

33. I can't write or read Chinese.....even though I'm a Chinese but I'm English/Malay educated. Not mastering the Chinese language is one of my greatest regret.

34. I don't have a passport. The only country I'd been to is Thailand (without using a passport!).

35. My must-go country list : Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Germany. If I have the money, I wish to go as many European country as I can afford. Travelling is FUN FUN FUN!

36. I love my hometown a lot!

37. I live and work in my hometown. I live with my parents (which is a blessing).

38. I prefer Chinese music to English music.

39. I love to read historical romance novel. My favourite author is Judith McNaught.

41. I'd been to 3 funerals in 2005. I even lost a friend in suicide.

42. I am lazy and hate doing housework.

43. I love watching anime. I downlaod a lot from the internet. I think I have about 50 titles. I should keep a list of my animes.

44. I failed twice in driving test. Even after I passed, I hesitated to drive until I was 23. Now my colleagues are complaining that I drive too fast. But they are those idiotic colleagues (refer #30). And I can't drive manual.

45. Another bad habit is biting my own lips.

46. My favourite singer is Jay Chou. He was listed in Wikepedia too.

47. I'd been using computer since I was 14.

48. I'm not a morning person. I hate getting up late. I'm nocturnal. I love staying up late. (hence the dark eye circles).

49. I hate public speaking. I totally hate giving speeches and presentation. I will stutter at some point.

50. I'm not as hardworking as some of my other colleagues. I always wanted to go home fast. Workalcholics have NO life!

51. I love pen palling. And I still write and keep in touch with some of my best pen pal. But sometimes I took months to reply them.....another bad habits. My best pen pal is from Germany. We've been writing for 3 years.

52. I despise Chinese people who refuse to speak Chinese but speaks mainly English, as if they do not know their mother tongue language. Kindly refer to Chinese in Malaysia and Chinese in Malaysia2, the two greatest and longest entry that I'd ever wrote(but no one comment on it......-_-)

53. I laugh a lot. My best laughing buddy is Mun Yee.

54. Stupidity annoys me. I hate stupid and immature guy. I have a guy friend who is stupid and immature.

55. I crave for cheese to the max : cheese cakes, lasagna, spaghetti carbonara, macaroni and cheese, Cheezel Rings. I have a book that tells all about cheese, history, different type of cheese and recipes.

56. And I could bake cheese cakes! I can make Oreo Cheesecake, Choc Moist Cheesecake and New York Cheesecake. Yummy!

57. I love Japanese cuisine. My favourite restaurant is Moritomo, located inside Jaya Jusco, Ipoh. I just love the salmon sashimi to the MAX! I want to try the real fresh sashimi from Japan. My colleague told me that it could just melt in your mouth!

58. And I could make sushi too. They are not bad in taste.....but not as good looking.

59. I don't like durians. But my mom does. So do my whole family. I'm so outcast. -_-

60. I hate beer and any alcoholic drinks. I don't enjoy wine. They taste like medicine.

61. I don't think I'm pretty or sexy enough. If plastic surgery is not so expensive and painful, I will consider altering some part of me. (Refer #32)

62. Looking good is very important to me. I do care how other people look at me. But I don't apply much make up when I go out(because I'm not good at it).

63. I always prefer myself with short hair but when now my hair is this long, I don't have the heart to cut it. It took me 3 years to such long hair.

64. I do think my hair style is dead boring. I should put some colour on it. Say, dark blonde? Which I think could make me look fairer and very kawaii. Yes, I really do think so. I will dye my hair before my birthday.

65. I dream of marrying a rich man and I don't have to work.

66. I fall in and out of love too easily. (Refer #23)

67. One thing that I like about myself is my height. That's all....:(

68. But I still like who I am. Just can't help complaining.

69. I still live with my parents....which is a blessing. ^_^

70. I love the feeling of being pursue. I enjoy the lavishing attention given and all the sweet flattering flirts.

71. I love Chinese food. Malaysian food is super too. Malaysia is a gourmet's paradise, I tell ya.

72. As for Malaysian food, I love nasi lemak the most.

73. I love to watch horror movie. There is NO horror movie that I don't dare to watch. (Refer to Horror Movies)

74. I like Beatles music. I doubt if any of my friends like their music too. But they are so evergreen.

75. I love to watch dramas. I can watch 5 hours in one stretch. I love Hong Kong dramas (only TVB) and some Korea dramas (which is not so soap opera type). I cannot handle Taiwan dramas (which is soooo teenny booperish). I don't like watching China or Singapore drama(except Phua Chu Kang). None of them are as interesting and fast like TVB dramas.

76. I used to learn some basic Japanese. I could write all the Hiraganas. But then I forgot all......

77. I spent a lot on my personal computer. I have 2 printers, 1 scanner, 1 amplifier speaker, 1 webcam, using streamyx.(Refer #6) Hmm...what else should I get?

78. I'm not fond of sweet things. I seldom eat candy, ice creams or tong sui, cakes(except cheesecake).

79. I hate doing housework. I am lazy.

80. I got bad grades for Mathematics. (Refer #5) But I scored 2As in SPM Add Maths and Modern Maths.

81. I like singing although I don't have a powerful voice. I like going to karaoke.

82. I prefer Chinese songs more than English songs.

83. I always like to watch Reality Shows like American Idol (Malaysian Idol sucks big time, glad they don't have that anymore), American Next Top Model, Survivors, The Apprentice, Project Runway etcs. Even though sometimes they seem too dramatic and fake but they could be so entertaining watching they back stabbing each other and that is just so reality.

84. I love reading historical romance novel. My favourite author is Judith McNaught.

85. I like PC games. But I only managed to finish Age of Mythology and War Carft III. I used to got addicted with The Sims. I even upgraded my graphic card just to play The Sims2. But not much time for this anymore.

86. I once thought that I might be a lesbian and I got freaked out. Can't blame me. I was put in an all-girls school for 12 years!!!!

87. I used to be very boyish and kept short hair all the time during my school time. (Refer to #86)

88. I don't smoke. Never even tasted the ciggy before and don't even want to.

89. I'd been admitted to the hospital once when I was 6 years old. I think I had lung infection. I stayed for 2 days and remember the details quite well.

90. I wear glasses and have quite a serious case of short eye-sight. I can't recognize anyone without my glasses.

91. I wear contact lenses at the age of 17 years old. I bought my first pair with my very first part time salary. I took 1 hour on the first time trying to put on the lenses.

92. Despite disliking to do housework (refer #79), I actually like cooking. I bought a lot of recipe books trying to imagine cooking everything. Yes, imagine now. I'll cook when I marry a rich man and don't have to work anymore. (Refer #65)

93. I don't have a passport (yet).

94. I tend to procrastinate my work. Terrible habit, I know.

95. Most lonely birthday was in year 2004. I spent it all alone in my room, in the busy city of KL.

96. I always wanted to be webdesigners, webmaster, anything to do with computers and designing. Yes, I really do think I took the wrong degree course(refer #97).

97. BTW, I was graduated with a degree in Chemistry. I took this course because I got good grades in Chemistry, which I think is an easy subject to score but in fact not an interesting subject to study.

98. I'm a collector. I collect almost everything. Postcard, stamps, ribbons, cute things, letter pads, stickers, pretty candles......I kept too much rubbish!

99. I love playing mahjong. I learn this 2 years ago.

100. I can't make my own decision. I rely too much on other people. This is because I am afraid of making mistake and if I do, I can blame it on others. Haha.

It's not easy writing my 100 things but it's super fun! It took me 3 days to finally come up with this list.


  1. It took me 4 days to fill out my 100 things and 2 hours to do my partner's.

    Go figure.

    Hey, what's up with your template there? I'm getting things from photobucket saying your image for that link is no longer there.


  2. Ei .. you lose. You have the same entries for 43 and 78, 91 and 99. Haha .. i think i still lack alot to put in my 100 things.. Hehe .. who say it is difficult? not at all. I have it done within 6 hours ( 2 nites ) .. hahaha .... :P but my entries is not quite the same as yours. Hopefully i can posted it tonite. If i am not DOWN WITH FLU ... :D

  3. another comment is .. um .. no offence by all means, can you avoid using red color as your font color. Red color tends to strain your eyes. Better put something more soothe to look at. :D

  4. I have to redo part of my list. Some of the entries has gone missing. I think it's better now....hmm....