Friday, March 17, 2006

Have you watch Underworld : Evolution?

Have you watch the hottest movie in town?
Actually I wanted to post about this movie that I watched yesterday, right after I came back from the cinema. But then I went searching for some sunflower blog skin for Yoke Ping.....which end up with nothing impressing enough for her. >___<

(I don't know what happen to this post but half of this post was GONE???)
Edited on March 21,2006
I was actually talking about this movie Underworld. I spent the first hour of this movie trying to figure out the names of the character, who's who and trying to understand the flashback of the first movie. Kate Beckinsale was a total babe as Selene but the hottie in this movie IS -------------------------------------------->

OMG OMG Look at his cleave chin. There was this scene when he was making out with Selene....his cleavage (I mean his cleave chin, you dirty ass) was so adorably CUTE when he was looking sideway, kissing Selene. AAAAAARRRRGGHHHHH

Here's another chin cleavage picture of Scotty, the under-rated actor. Yummy. =D

No, I don't like John Travolta. Never did. I hate actor who dance. -_-

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  1. Hahaha ... impressive .. but you know la, i m always picky rite .. there is sth missing in the blog skin you shared to me .. :P
    Anyhow, thanks for your effort .. hehe ...