Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Some loving

A quick one today.
I'd got some loving from my Joe today. Flowers sent to the place I worked. Here's for show off.

It took me by suprise when my colleague told me that I got a call from guard house telling me that I have a bouquet there. I didn't take it immediately because I don't want to take the flowers back to my office. I'm sure my colleagues will make fun of me (especially Ng and Ooi >_<). So I kept the beauty at the guard house until I got off work.
It's not my birthday, not our anniversary.....just some loving from him. And the cards says : I miss you so much. How sweet ^___^
Yes, I know giving flowers is a waste of money. It's not something that you can eat or use it. And it will dry out in a couple of days. But how many girls out there who actually doesn't like such portrayal of dead plants, hands up! I am one of such girl who has the weak spot for flowers.
By the way, my favourite flowers is daisy. Those little flowers which stood beside the roses, which main duty is to support the beauty of the roses. But to me, daisies are really cute and beautiful. Especially if you have a garden of colourful small daisies. Ain't it wonderful?

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