Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Painful night

Heard of Blog Mad? Now they are open for public. When I first joined, I had to ask for invitation and someone kind from the forum sent me an invitation instantly. It's a cool blog traffic booster. If you are using Blog Explosion you'll probably like Blog Mad tonnes more. Just like Blog Explosion, it gives you credit whenever you're reading other member's blog and at the same time use the credit you earn to drive traffic to your blog. But unlike Blog Explosion, with Blog Mad you can actually filter what you want to review. As for me, I don't want to view anything about sports, politics, religion and boring stuff like those. >_<

I'm still learning more about blog enhancer such as Blog Advance and Blog Rolling. Hmm, I still don't get much about what the two site do to bloggers like us but I see that a lot of bloggers use them. Hmmm....still a lot to learn.

BTW, I just changed my template design. Credits to Pannasmontata (where I took the template codes) and Stacey Leung (where I took the daisy images and idea). *sigh* I just don't know how to deal with the codes and everything, but I'm kinda proud with this new template. But I still think it need more pink in it.

So, this was what I'd done the whole day at home. Sitting in front of the PC doing nothing but blog blog and blog. And my face has swollen like a potato. The doctor was kind enough to give me 2 day medical leaves.....but hey, I paid RM450, I could even ask for 1 week leave permission from him. >_< But actually at first I was thinking of going to work tomorrow because I had some work that I need to follow up....but after seeing my swollen reflection in the mirror, I might just stay at home than going to work and turning into a laughing stock. Now my face has this terrible swollen case. *sigh* I look funny. I'd thought of putting a picture of my unbalance face here.....but I don't want to put any ugly pictures in my pretty blog.

Good night everyone.


  1. Oooh I love the simplicity of your blog. Don't change a thing. Thanks for coming by earlier.

    Happy BlogMad surfing! :-)


  2. Moon,thanks for dropping bye.
    I think u just saw the first page of my blog.
    u must have seen other posts more movies and fun videos..anyway i am adding u to my friends list..

  3. I have come from BlogMad.Greetings.

  4. Hmm...only 3 comments of a Blog Mad double credit day? I must surf more blogs now >__<