Thursday, March 16, 2006

Take a break from work

4.42pm in my room, blogging. Why am I blogging at this time? It's because I took half day off from my work. Wahaha. This feels soooo damn good. Isn't it good if we only work 4 hours. Sometimes(well, most of the time...well, actually I mean everyday), I felt sooo over-worked. The pay is high but it's just too much work for me. Everyday is like in battlefield. This urgent. That fast track. Every shit is urgent shit. And I was assigned to the two most shitty customer. Yeah, Yoke Ping was right, your blog IS the right place to let go your frustration and I'm going to curse like there's no tomorrow. But no cursing today, coz I'm enjoying my day off. *la la la*

At first I took the day off to visit the horrible dentist. I wanted to check on my wisdom tooth that tend to take forever to sprout it's halfway growing out from the gums and so damn painful. I almost did go to the dental clinic but suddenly it feels like walking to hell. Well, erm...I think there's no need to see Dr. Jekyll. A little pain from wisdom tooth growth is nothing serious. Haha (nervous laugh). Damn my colleagues who told me endless scary dentist stories.

Oooo....there's some funny stuff from my work. Not really funny but it humours me. Well, I think it O humours me. Here's what I found out during the Monthly Engineering Review Meeting:
1. The VP(Vice President) doesn't know 10 micron is equal to how many mils.
2. He, the VP also doesn't know what STD DEV stands for.
Lesson learnt : One do not need to be clever to become filthy rich. And they do not need to know maths or use EXCEL to become the VP of a semiconductor manufacturing company.

This is how I look like when in the production line. It's called the 'bunny suit' because it's all white. Not a brilliant name because I thought it comes with a bunny ear when I first heard of it.
p/s: I looked like a horrible dentist. AAKK!!!

By the time I'm about to end my entry today, it's already 6.11pm. I didn't realize that I need 2 hours to write such a short entry. Whoa *___*

I won't be writing anymore later because I'll be going to watch Underworld : Evolution. I didn't even watch the prequel....hope I won't get too confuse. I even went to a few DVD shop to search for Underworld 1 but all GOD DAMN SOLD OUT!!!!! Why now only they want to buy the part 1???? Why don't they just download it from the internet? Why don't they watch it earlier when it was shown in the cinema? Why don't the DVD seller keep the last one for me? Sheesssh
I'm demanding when it comes to movie. I want the clear picture of the whole story. I hate watching sequel without knowing the first movie. I never done this before. I have a feeling that I might not like this movie. Hmm...we'll see about this later.

Ooo...I also got into a fight with Inspector Joe because he doesn't like me going to the cinema with 3 guys and a girl, mainly because there's 3 guys. They are all my colleagues for God's sake. How more mature can he grows? I hope a lot more.

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