Thursday, March 23, 2006

Potato face

Last night, I could just sleep on my left side.....when my favourite sleeping side has always been my right side. Whatsoever, I still had a good sleep despite the pain. When I woke up today, the pain was lesser but when I touched my face, hoping that the swell has subside but disappointedly the bump is still there. I don't dare to look at the mirror......because I know I still have the potato face with me. What if I was to stuck with this potato face for the rest of my life? I already got a flat nose and now an unbalance face? OMG OMG OMG . Please don't treat me like this. I'd never done anything bad enough to deserve this. My self esteem is already low enough. How am I going to go work with this condition? I could be the laughing stock for the whole day. But I don't dare to take too many days off because my boss will be so piss off. *sigh*
I went to the dentist(again) immediately after my oatmeal breakfast. He was suprised to see my swollen face too. He said I was the unfortunate case because this was his first case of serious swelling he had seen this year. I hope I didn't heard wrong that he said his first case in his entire career. But he doesn't look too worry and gave some more antibiotic pills. And he told me that he could give me another 2 days of medical leaves if I'm not able to go to work. *sigh* But I don't think my potato face is a good reason for my boss that I skip work for so many days. I feel like scaring my boss with my potato face......hahaha. I better don't think too much about what my other colleagues say, in fact, they are just all big idiots.

As for today, I will just continue to blog blog and blog. Nothing much I can do on a potato face day. I don't even want to leave my room, let alone going out (except this morning when I had to go to the dentist). And God, I haven't had solid food for 24 hours! I could just take rice and oatmeal porridge. I need to CHEW! Anything....I just want to goddamn CHEW something!

So here's the potato face in real person:
It really did swell up like tat and no cotton or chocolate inside my mouth.

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  1. Wah ... really swollen like .. er ... you know la .. How is it now? I bet he overdose you.. :P Dun worry .. will be better soon .. :)