Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Another Page of My Life

Well, I guess this yet another page in chapter three of my life (chapter one being teenager, chapter two being uni students and chapter three being a working adult). After working for 4 years in Ipoh, having the good life living with parents, slow and steady Ipoh life, close relationship and good rapport with Ipoh colleagues, now I moved on to the second page of my third life chapter, which is living my life alone as a working adult. I know this is nothing new for most of you guys out there, but somehow is a small challenge for me, seeing that I am so over-pampered with my parent's love. But hey, as an only child, I get pamper for my whole life (I'm spoilt, yea I'm spoilt).

Today is third day living alone in KL, the big mean city. Nothing much to tell here, just that new room, new job/company, new bed, new laptop, new colleagues (saw some old faces, most familiar are chan mali chan and Eng Chuan) and now I am waiting for my new car. woohoo....

I still couldn't really adapt with the new life. Why couldn't adapt? First of all, I am kinda lazy. Most of my clothes are still in the luggage. Secondly, craft stuff still nicely pack in the craft box. No craft mood yet. Third, I am going back home this weekend. hahahaha....But I am making the first attempt to adapt by making my first blog post in my new room, with new lappie. Not too bad huh....I did not forget completely bout my blog lar....still will update wannnnn.

As for the HK pic, maybe later...but soon. Since I have plenty of time now.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Black and White Inchies Challenge

Finally I am done with 100 black and white inchies challenge and sold it off Etsy. Making inchies in colour is fun and easy, but black and white is a challenge because I can not find many material in the shade of black, white, gray and silver. And after one week, finally I finished this task. Am very very satisfy with the outcome.

Preparing the background is fun and easy. Decorating the inchies takes a lot of creativity and patience.

Here's all the beauties and now they are on the way to the proud owner who appreciates art in inches.