Sunday, February 05, 2006

Everyone need a pretty room

I'm those lazybum type of person. Parents nag me a lot because of this. I hate housework and never like to clean my own room.
-'What? You are a girl'.
But I have too many stuff. Too many USEFUL stuff. I AM an ART person. Room are meant to be messy and full of rubbish *ahem* I mean art.
Well, most people spring clean their house and rooms before the New Year and I'm a little in behind in this task of the year. But I'd accomplised my mission just in time. Well, it's little behind the New Year(01/01/2006) but still able to have a brand new environment of my little nutshell during the Lunar New Year.
So now I'll show you, how an artist's room turned into a chamber of sweetness.
So here's the transformation------------------- TA DAAAAA------------------------


Aaaarrrhhhhhhhhkkkkkkkkk *shameless* *shameless* It's Shrek's den. Even worse.

I made a resolution this year that I will keep it this way for ONE YEAR. And I want to see something better in 2007. Something pinkier. I lack of pink and sweetness on my desk. Awwww...but look at Baby Joe...aaawwww.....



Me and my dad made this together. I bought a purple curtain and turn the old wooden cloths hanger into a new wardrobe. Brilliant eh? I was looking for pink curtains but the pink I found was too light in colour. And curtains are darn expensive! I don't even dare to get those patterned ones. But I like this one ^__^ Did you realize that all the plastic cloths hanger are PINK? Hehe

And a closer look. I had a fun time arranging my cloths. I still store some of my cloths in the wood cupboard (you can see it in the 'Before' picture). It took 1 hours to arrange all my cloths and I wanted to arrange them according to colours. I copy this idea from a boutique that I frequented. I like when they arrange their cloths in colours and not in design. I will always browse through the pink and purple. Hmm...but I don't have a lot of purple cloths. Hmmm....purple, I need to get some of those to light up my collection. Haha.. another lame reason for shopping.


Not forgetting my sweet dreamland portal. At last something truly pink.

*phew* One word ---> Satisfaction!

Friday, February 03, 2006

What's in my bag

What's in my bag, originally uploaded by Kiie.

I have those stuff in my pink bag ^__^ I took this photo purposely for The What's In Your Bag? Pool on Flickr. It's my new bag and new purple wallet for the new year. I don't realize there's so much stuff in it. Total of 26 items. No wonder it's getting heavy. But I feel that there's a lot more to add. Such mp3 player, coin purse, mirror, pins, notebooks..etc. I will take another photo of what's in my bag next month and see what's in and what's out.