Monday, October 30, 2006

Girls Night Out Was The Best Date

Sunday morning, erm...actually it's already 45minutes past 12. Watched 4 episodes of Sex And The City and added a bunch of auction items in Laundro. Well, seems like I'd made good use of my Sunday. And Kin Fai is still sleeping. Sheesh...lazy bum. While waiting for lunch (won't be so any sooner since mom is playing mahjong outside with dad and aunt Lian), I have the time and mood to blog a Sunday entry. In fact, I had been in good mood since yesterday (despite the stupid crazy man stalker yesterday at Parade, which I will write about later). Why the good mood? Because yesterday was the paycheck day and once again I feel like I'm safe, secured and complete. And nothing feels better than a girls night out shopping. YEE HAA.....

So we went to Parade. Exploring cute gift shops and looking for cheap trinkets. And look what I'd found (and seized and brought home)?

A red triangel. I got this for RM16.90. What a deal!

Now I have two triangels. Aren't them pretty? (sheesh, I got the rainbow color one at Genting for RM28).

And shoesssssssss.............and oh yes, it's about time.

Don't you say I overspent. I haven't been getting me poor self any shoes for the whole damn year (Nike doesn't count, I barely wore those-_-). And quite instantly I saw two pair that I felt in love at the first sight. RM82.40 was a darn good bargain for two pairs of beauty. Yokie was trying to look for shoes too. But she's darn too choosy. She wants cheap and she wants good quality and she wants good looking. It's almost as impossible as finding a good man.

And then I got this Malaysia travel guide book from Popular. I'm going to travel and eat throughout Malaysia. >_<

And that's where I met the crazy stalker. As I was browsing through the books in Popular, he was standing beside me and whispered eeriely, 'Miss, buy things ar?' I ignored him and went to another section, he was following me and stared pervertly. I'm not too worried at that moment because there's hell lot of people in Popular and he couldn't do anything other than channeling the pervert stares. Cautiously aware and checking his position from time to time, I paid my book and he even followed me to the counter. WTF? And by then, I started to feel the creeps. Girlnapping was like the latest trend, just in October alone, there's two girl who went missing, here in the safe and harmonious Ipoh town. And I went to alert Nai Nai, who was too indulge in her free reading. The pervert stalker was still waiting in front of Popular and now he saw that I was with another friend, which is even more 'delicious'. We jogged to the escalator. We had to climb three levels to the carpark and two flights of the escalators were not working. We had to ran and climb and laugh (partly because this is kinda exciting too) to Nai Nai's car. We were so out of breath. And laugh at this funny and yet, very dangerous situation. We were running like idiots at a shopping mall and I'm carrying two pairs of newly bought shoes, a heavy book and a triangel. And Kin Fai asked whether I took any picture of the stalker so he could send someone to whack him out. What? Like I'm going to camwhore with a pervert stalker. Although it will be a very blogable material.

Then we went to catch our breath at a Kopitiam opposite Nai Nai's place.

Which is called Old Ipoh Kopitiom.

There's really a lot of those Kopitiam concept cafe here, and I don't know who is the pioneer here. There's too many imitation and everything taste almost the same. And French Toast and White Coffee are compulsory in every menu of such Kopitiams. But this Old Ipoh Kopitiam serves a lot of food and other delicacies, they even have the cheese bake rice (which Oldtown Kopitiam don't even have,yet).

Nai Nai read my Malaysia tour guide book before I had the chance to flip through the pages. How dare she. >_< style="text-align: center;">I ordered this honey lemon drink, which doesn't taste as if its has added any honey. It's just the plain ol' lemon juice thing.

But I'm impressed with Nai Nai's three tier drink. It's the Sarawak Special. Basically, it's just gula melaka, milk and tea.

She had to stir it good before drinking.

10 minutes later, Nai Nai was still stirring....impatiently.

But she's happy with the special drink. And yea, it tasted good too.

Our itchy mouth need to chew something. So here's the pizza-toast.

And I'm happy too, enjoying my drink. ^__^

This Old Ipoh Kopitiam is way better than any other Kopitiam-like cafe and certainly better than Oldtown Kopitiam, because the service was good. The waiter was friendly and patient enough to introduce the food and specialty they have. But one thing is, they lack of the 'yumcha' ambience. There's not many people here, quiet is good so we can chat but too quiet is a turn-off too.

Name : Old Ipoh Kopitiam
Where is it? Opposite the Mushroom Food Court (Dung Gu Ting) and beside Wolley Food Court.

Well, now I guess I have to take my Sunday bath and then wait for my Sunday date call. ^_^

Friday, October 27, 2006

Wisdom tooth and its plot to kill me

Stupid stupid f*tut*tut*king tooth. Who in the f*tut*tut*king mind call it the wisdom tooth at the first place when in fact it's a f*tut*tut*king stupid tooth. I will never forget the hard and unbearable time that the stupid f*tut*tut*king tooth #1 gave me. And how I had to wear a potato face for more than a week. That was the worst days of my life. Single, stranded, aloof, ugly and lost a tooth. But I see the skies again after that and I am happy and blessed that I didnt die from wisdom tooth attack.

And now......and now.....the stupid f*tut*tut*king tooth #2 strikes back, seeking revenge for stupid f*tut*tut*king tooth #1. Why does the stupid f*tut*tut*king tooth keep sprouting out like taugeh? Did I have not enough tooth during my past life and they keep sprouting out this life to see the sun? Or was I the dentist who kill a lot of other people's stupid f*tut*tut*king teeth and now I'm tasting my own past-life's medicine? AAAKKKK.....why??????

I didn't really enjoy my day-off today. I went to the famous and high-recommended dentist(Dr.Chuah) in Bercham and apparently, he IS really famous and highly-recommended dentist because his clinic was filled with patients.

Me : How long do I have to wait?
Lansi nurse : There're 14 people here.
Me : Will that be very long?
Lansi nurse : There're 17 people here.

And I don't see anymore people coming into the clinic after me. So I assumed the second time she was including herself, the other lansi nurse and the doctor.


And so I went to the dental clinic next door. And suprisingly, there's not even a fly on the waiting couch. I'm a little worried but I really need my tooth to be check. What the heck, I'm just seeking some proffesional advise and not doing any surgery. And I waited not more than 10 minutes and my name was called.

Seems like the stupid f*tut*tut*king tooth #2 is growing ok and only the gums a bit infected and sore. Or perhaps the stupid f*tut*tut*king tooth #2 is trying to look innocent and in fact plotting something evil. *sigh* The dentist just prescribe me some painkiller and antibiotics and said let it grow to a big sturdy tooth. Yeah, and allows it to kill me in my sleep.

BAH! I don't need any painkiller. I just need SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*gulp* *gulp* taking the stupid painkiller and then continue my shopping (with Yokie and her sis). The stupid f*tut*tut*king tooth also made my fringe looks even weirder. AAAARRRGGGGHHHHHH

Window shopping to be exact. I have to endure two more days until the next paycheck before I can storm the boutique and Popular or MPH. Talking about Popular and MPH, there's actually two books that I want to buy, desperately. One is Lonely Planet: The Blue List(~RM80) and the other one is also about travel which I forgot the title(mainly thanks to the stupid f*tut*tut*king tooth that drains away my memory and wisdom), but around Malaysia only(~RM40). Looking at the price, I will be getting the Malaysia travel book first. At least it's more realistic and practical to concentrate on places in Malaysia. There's still aplenty of places unvisited and food undigested.

Anyway, I don't end up empty handed from the brief window shopping session. I got myself........

a bottle of magic potion (please make the stupid f*tut*tut*king tooth disappear>_<).

Dentist's advise. I need to take good care of my toothbrush unreachable stupid f*tut*tut*king tooth. And so Guardian I went and grabbed a bottle of mouthwash. Immediately after I went back, I gargle a mouthful of the magic potion (wish for the stupid f*tut*tut*king tooth to go away). Direction says rinse and gargle for 30seconds but I spit out in split-1-milisecond. It tasted like piss (not that I tasted piss before but it must have been the same taste). God, how am I going to repeat the same torment every twice a day? *sigh*

Now I know why they call it wisdom tooth. It's in fact is a very brainy tooth with an evil torture and eventually kill the host body.

And I'm going to stop that. I'm going to wash my teeth and mouth super clean now. I'm going to tame the stuborn tooth. I'm going to make it love me and stop hurting me.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

EPL Party at Genting

I think I'm getting more and more readers. And it's not due to any traffic booster site like Blogmad or whatever shit. And I should update my blog more frequently. But hopefully I will have enough events and stories to tell.

Long holidays we have here, Deepavali and Hari Raya Aldifitri. Both are big festive celebration in Malaysia and we are having one stretch of holidays. Ipoh are so damn crowded now. Cinema are showing Hindu, Tamil and Malay movies and nothing else that I want to watch. My friend ask me to go to Penang with her but I can't leave my aunt and house for too many days(because my parents went to China....they were even more happening -_-). I really don't want to waste the hols away.

Kin Fai got free rooms at Genting, exclusively for the EPL 06/07 Viewing Party. And so we took the bus and hit the road to Genting.
Matchmade in heaven.

This year, it's my second time coming to Genting. I don't know what is it with Genting. Both time I came with Kin Fai and majority of the trip only involved casino and football. -_-

But we ate something special. Buffet dinner at Coffee Terrace. For RM133.40, we could only eat so much because the EPL party starts at 6.30pm and we'd only 1 hour to eat. And Kin Fai already gave me the impatient and desperate for football look when I couldn't stop eating by 6.15pm. Sheesh...

So we went to the Genting International Showroom and there's also some EPL ladies, scantily clad, dancing and modelling around on the stage. And there was this contest that gave our fully paid trip to Arsenal's new Emirates Stadium and Kin Fai was only a few inches close to the land of his dream but the lucky draw didnt hit his luck. And I saw him hiding his cute face behind his palms, perhaps shedding his tears of disappointment.

On the second day, we're about to leave. And decided that we didnt take enough picture of us together. And so we capture our vanity through the mirror. However, I really like this one. We are so sinfully gorgeous.

Sleepy and tire, we had our breakfast at McD. And while waiting for my food, another self portrait. Hahaha.

I never had any McD breakfast before and wasn't espexting anything special either. But I tell you, Mc Big Breakfast was great!!! The hash brown was the best I'd ever had and the burger (they call it McMuffin) was the best burger meat I'd ever ate. Whoa...unbelievable.

We had 3 hours to spare before the bus came. And so finally, I get to visit Genting's Ripley's Believe It or Not museum. I remember reading the Ripley's comic clippings from Sunday Times.

Fai Fai trying to look like Robert Ripley.

The statue of fertility. Touch the statue and you will get pregnant. How true is that? Well, I don't want to take the risk.

Luckily Dr.M is still alive, if not, I will thought that I saw a ghost. Actually it's a hologram image. First picture was taken with flash, so we can't see anything. The actual thing was Dr.M sitting on the chair, talking about Malaysia or some politic stuff.

Some prison door.

This reminds me of The Silence of The Lamb. I don't know why I like to take picture of such tormenting objects but don't you think the colour of the torturing coffin matches my new hair colour? HAHAHA.

Here's something to twist your mind abit. Hehe

Locks of George Washington's hair which is more than 200 years old.

A palace made out of matchsticks.

Hand of the tallest man in the world.

The torture chair.

I'm sitting on the luckiest chair in the world. It's a chair made out of horseshoes. But it doesn't make my wisdom tooth pain go away. >_< A vampire killing kit.

A position you won't want to be at if the jaws are real and alive.

Our tire little feet.

Waiting for the bus.

The next time I come to Genting, I will definately take this ride.

And this is the best and most pretty souvenir I'd ever bought. But why would anyone buy anything from Genting? And this little pretty triangel pratically has nothing to do with Genting. I got it from the Culture Village, located at the third floor in First World Hotel. There's shops selling souvenirs from Middle East, Japan, Korea, Thailand etc. Ironically, I found this Italian love guardian angel from the China shop. I bought this for RM28 and yesterday I went to Ipoh Parade and I saw a shop selling a whole bunch of triangels for only RM19.90. *_*
But anyway, I really adore my first Triangel.

I also did get something for my dad. Hehe. A free beer I got from the EPL party. Sorry mom, nothing for her. T_T and she's preparing dinner at the back. fringe isn't that bad afterall. ^o^

And one last note of this short trip, taking bus to Genting was actually a huge mistake. On our journey back, we were trying so hard not to throw up all the good food we ate in Genting.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006 was the new up and coming group blog, written and manage by a group of local ppl who call themselves cibaikias, tulanling, kengchau etcs. Despite their not-so creative nicks and overusing the word 'cibai', their post and pictures were really cracking up my stomach. Especially this one...

Want more senseless humour (there some with sense too)? Check out the cibai site. LOLed.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Transformation of a bombshell

It's about time that I should do something to my boring hair.

Bye bye my silhouette crown that I'd wore for 25 years.

The transformation......

I'm feeling a pinch of regret now.

And now I spot a copper head. What a bombshell. HAHAHAHA!!!
But with stupid fringe.