Sunday, October 15, 2006

The New Look

I'd sign up for the new Beta Blogger, which I thought should enhance my blog (which they should) but which apparently messed up my template. I tried to revive my old layout, which I really like a lot and am proud of because I did a little editting with the layout and with all the pink and daisy and the girly feel. Heck, too much editting to be done with the previous layout and so I gave up and surfed Pannasmontata Templates and found that she'd created more cool templates. Weee....And so this 'On My Moon' is the new dress for my bloggie. And it matches my blogname too. How cool! ^__^


  1. Hmm this template was nice also ma... :)

  2. kelly, how you find the new blogger? I havent change it cos it says cant revert to previous blogger. So, tot of having your comment first. If change, my current template will be gone rite?