Friday, October 27, 2006

Wisdom tooth and its plot to kill me

Stupid stupid f*tut*tut*king tooth. Who in the f*tut*tut*king mind call it the wisdom tooth at the first place when in fact it's a f*tut*tut*king stupid tooth. I will never forget the hard and unbearable time that the stupid f*tut*tut*king tooth #1 gave me. And how I had to wear a potato face for more than a week. That was the worst days of my life. Single, stranded, aloof, ugly and lost a tooth. But I see the skies again after that and I am happy and blessed that I didnt die from wisdom tooth attack.

And now......and now.....the stupid f*tut*tut*king tooth #2 strikes back, seeking revenge for stupid f*tut*tut*king tooth #1. Why does the stupid f*tut*tut*king tooth keep sprouting out like taugeh? Did I have not enough tooth during my past life and they keep sprouting out this life to see the sun? Or was I the dentist who kill a lot of other people's stupid f*tut*tut*king teeth and now I'm tasting my own past-life's medicine? AAAKKKK.....why??????

I didn't really enjoy my day-off today. I went to the famous and high-recommended dentist(Dr.Chuah) in Bercham and apparently, he IS really famous and highly-recommended dentist because his clinic was filled with patients.

Me : How long do I have to wait?
Lansi nurse : There're 14 people here.
Me : Will that be very long?
Lansi nurse : There're 17 people here.

And I don't see anymore people coming into the clinic after me. So I assumed the second time she was including herself, the other lansi nurse and the doctor.


And so I went to the dental clinic next door. And suprisingly, there's not even a fly on the waiting couch. I'm a little worried but I really need my tooth to be check. What the heck, I'm just seeking some proffesional advise and not doing any surgery. And I waited not more than 10 minutes and my name was called.

Seems like the stupid f*tut*tut*king tooth #2 is growing ok and only the gums a bit infected and sore. Or perhaps the stupid f*tut*tut*king tooth #2 is trying to look innocent and in fact plotting something evil. *sigh* The dentist just prescribe me some painkiller and antibiotics and said let it grow to a big sturdy tooth. Yeah, and allows it to kill me in my sleep.

BAH! I don't need any painkiller. I just need SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*gulp* *gulp* taking the stupid painkiller and then continue my shopping (with Yokie and her sis). The stupid f*tut*tut*king tooth also made my fringe looks even weirder. AAAARRRGGGGHHHHHH

Window shopping to be exact. I have to endure two more days until the next paycheck before I can storm the boutique and Popular or MPH. Talking about Popular and MPH, there's actually two books that I want to buy, desperately. One is Lonely Planet: The Blue List(~RM80) and the other one is also about travel which I forgot the title(mainly thanks to the stupid f*tut*tut*king tooth that drains away my memory and wisdom), but around Malaysia only(~RM40). Looking at the price, I will be getting the Malaysia travel book first. At least it's more realistic and practical to concentrate on places in Malaysia. There's still aplenty of places unvisited and food undigested.

Anyway, I don't end up empty handed from the brief window shopping session. I got myself........

a bottle of magic potion (please make the stupid f*tut*tut*king tooth disappear>_<).

Dentist's advise. I need to take good care of my toothbrush unreachable stupid f*tut*tut*king tooth. And so Guardian I went and grabbed a bottle of mouthwash. Immediately after I went back, I gargle a mouthful of the magic potion (wish for the stupid f*tut*tut*king tooth to go away). Direction says rinse and gargle for 30seconds but I spit out in split-1-milisecond. It tasted like piss (not that I tasted piss before but it must have been the same taste). God, how am I going to repeat the same torment every twice a day? *sigh*

Now I know why they call it wisdom tooth. It's in fact is a very brainy tooth with an evil torture and eventually kill the host body.

And I'm going to stop that. I'm going to wash my teeth and mouth super clean now. I'm going to tame the stuborn tooth. I'm going to make it love me and stop hurting me.

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