Thursday, February 17, 2005

Nervousness February LMAO

I joined several Nervousness LMAO for the month of February. All of them are very interesting theme. I completed two and mailed out on 14th/February (Valentine's Day>_<)

Red Theme ATC (Chinese New Year)
made those from Ang Pow (red money envelopes) and Chinese New Year greeting cards.

Karma ATC
I had no idea at all on how to come out with a Karma Theme ATC. But at last, here they are.

I'm going to work on two more ATC LMAO , Kimono and Postage ATC(which I host at the main site). And I'm going to make more ATC to trade. I met with some really cool ATC artist from some MSN groups. I was so busy making ATC for NNess swap and I have totally neglect the other trade....and also this poor blog which I only update today since I first create it last few weeks ago. Hopefully I will meet with more superb artist to trade ATC with me after I publish my ATC (traded and to trade) in this blog. And this is also a personal art blog for me to keep track of all the ATC that I'd made.

And yes, I was finally a full member of Nervousness. My username is moonlight

ATC for Trade (Herbs and Gothic Children series)

I made another 2 set of ATC series to trade.

Herbs (Thyme, Tea Tree Oil, Rosemary, Marigold and Green Tea)

Gothic Children (Sin, Posey & Damien)

All 8 ATCs are for trade.

Artist Trading Card

What is Artist Trading Card?
Artist Trading Card is also known as ATC. Just like any baseball or Pokemon trading cards, they are handmade artistic collectible cards. There are so many art techniques in creating an ATC, theme and material are unlimited but the only restriction that we have to follow is the dimension of the card : 2.5" X 3.5" or 64mm X 89mm.
The artist will usually sign their name, title of the ATC, date created and other info on the back of the card. Here's a very good site if you want to know more about ATC. --> Art in your Pocket : ATCs

And here's some of the ATC that I made for Nervousness LMAO (Land Mail Art Object - Project from Nervousness). I did not scan my first ATC attempt, which was quite a failure but I did send them out anyway. But as times goes by, I think I kinda improve and produce quite a piece of art...heh heh. Both set were made in January. Let me know what you think ^_^

Cross Stitch ATC (First time hosting a LMAO)

January Swap for Newbie

Handmade Postcard

Here's my first handmade postcard. I make them like deco....and they turn out to be very nice postcard size deco...and then those were my first handmade postie^_^ Techniques are collage, glitters and the material are from magazine pages. I made them while I was staying alone at KL (during the 6 months job training). That's when I discover

I keep those posties for my own and they are not for trade.

Not bad huh ^_^
I am doing some handmade postcard exchange with some Nervousnesser too. I'm eager to see other people's work.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

My Art Blog

I'm going to make this work!

This blog is to record all my findings and art discovery.

I have been interested in art since I was a child. I attend drawing classes and had always been patient to produce somehow a neat masterpiece. I really miss my childhood times where I had a lot of time and leasure to do all my doodles and drawings.

There's a lot of things that I consider as an art. For instance, my stamps collection is a form of art. The way I see every pieces as a work of art. I guess that's what attract me in this hobbies for years. And now I'd discover a new hobby...expanding art on the world wide web. It's a rediculous massive bunch of artist out there. You don't need to be well know or sell your masterpiece to be label as an artist. I call myself an artist because I produce art. Yes, the junk I did was consider art! ^_^ Yes, even a scribble, is a form of art...a way of expression.

Some of the interesting link I found online (which kept me hooked for hours, I mean, for dayssss, weekssss)

  • Nervousness - An international forum for all artist and amateur artist like me around the globe to gather together and work at thousands of projects and trades. This is where I learn almost everything and met with good worldwide artist. I also participant in a handful of Land Mail Art Objects (LMAO) there.

  • Art in your Pocket: ATC - Tells you what is an ATC and explain all the technique used in making ATC
  • Lisa Vollrath - She wrote a lot of articles of 'How-To's and projects. Really intersting. Sort of like a one stop for all you need to know. There's even a paper craft glossary.

  • Tag Art - Look at those amazing handmade tags/bookmarks. Amazing!
  • Origami Doll - Yay! I finally know how to fold a kimono origami^_^
  • Mirkwood Designs - Loads of templates. Really useful!
  • Stampin' Art - Rubber stamp art. Expensive but pretty>_<
I guess, this should be enough for the introduction for my first art blog entry. I'll post with my art work and art experiments.

Tata for now~~~~