Tuesday, February 08, 2005

My Art Blog

I'm going to make this work!

This blog is to record all my findings and art discovery.

I have been interested in art since I was a child. I attend drawing classes and had always been patient to produce somehow a neat masterpiece. I really miss my childhood times where I had a lot of time and leasure to do all my doodles and drawings.

There's a lot of things that I consider as an art. For instance, my stamps collection is a form of art. The way I see every pieces as a work of art. I guess that's what attract me in this hobbies for years. And now I'd discover a new hobby...expanding art on the world wide web. It's a rediculous massive bunch of artist out there. You don't need to be well know or sell your masterpiece to be label as an artist. I call myself an artist because I produce art. Yes, the junk I did was consider art! ^_^ Yes, even a scribble, is a form of art...a way of expression.

Some of the interesting link I found online (which kept me hooked for hours, I mean, for dayssss, weekssss)

  • Nervousness - An international forum for all artist and amateur artist like me around the globe to gather together and work at thousands of projects and trades. This is where I learn almost everything and met with good worldwide artist. I also participant in a handful of Land Mail Art Objects (LMAO) there.

  • Art in your Pocket: ATC - Tells you what is an ATC and explain all the technique used in making ATC
  • Lisa Vollrath - She wrote a lot of articles of 'How-To's and projects. Really intersting. Sort of like a one stop for all you need to know. There's even a paper craft glossary.

  • Tag Art - Look at those amazing handmade tags/bookmarks. Amazing!
  • Origami Doll - Yay! I finally know how to fold a kimono origami^_^
  • Mirkwood Designs - Loads of templates. Really useful!
  • Stampin' Art - Rubber stamp art. Expensive but pretty>_<
I guess, this should be enough for the introduction for my first art blog entry. I'll post with my art work and art experiments.

Tata for now~~~~

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