Saturday, December 29, 2007

More more more!!!

I'm not creating the best craft yet but I'm practicing more and more. Actually slacked off a bit lately due to the holiday seasons. Bought a whole bunch of felt material but haven't start with anything yet although I'm so full with ideas and inspiration now (too much surfing on the internet, saw too many good stuff).

Here's what I made:

The sushis I made from the cane sushi tutorial.

Not cut properly, that's why with the diferent size. hehe. But I was pretty satisfy with my first clay cane. I was a bit worry during the cane reducing process....which I thought I distorted the cane and screwed up....but then it turned out to be quite ok. I could not slice the cane properly because the rice seems to look distorted after the first two slice but I was clever to chill it overnight in the fridge. On the next day, I have my miniature sushi roll. Stupid old camera was not able to capture micro-view >_< but the rice looks really cute. I loveeeee translucent clay. ^_^
Oo...btw, the sushi cane tutorial is here in case anyone of you wanted to try some clay fun.

Bunny from MauStudio

My bunny looks a bit distorted, especially at the head. It's difficult to sew something so small. But still fun and it looks cute and confused. Hehe.

Let's play together~~~

Breakfast set.

Made a breakfast set from clay too. I love to make eggs. Cute enough to eat.

One happy family and they can all share the breakfast. hehe

Singapore Trip

A very late entry and I don't even remember when was the exact date of this trip. Somewhere in late of October. And since I'm home alone at Kin Fai's house with nothing much to do except online and chatting, so I might as well complete writing this abandoned entry. Erm, why home alone? Because I was on holiday and he still have to work, so I was being left home alone for 8 hours!!!!!! How fun is that?

But it's not too bad, I'm more an indoor person (unlike Kin Fai), so 8 hours home alone is not much problem as long as I have the internet connection, I am still very much connected to the outside world. And I really enjoy (syiok!) using his laptop.

Okok, back to the Singapore trip. Was there for a week long for company training purposes.

Ok, I'll reveal a bit on the things I do during the training here. All machinery and equipment. How boring. I don't know why I ended up doing this kinda of work. I'm an artist!!!! Should be holding brushes creating masterpiece not holding Allen key and assembly spare parts. Arrgghh!!!

Here's the hotel I'm staying. Parkroyal Hotel.

SGD190++ per room and it's not even a 4 star rated hotel. And no breakfast provided. The other 5 colleagues I went to Singapore with were kinda excited with the hotel rooms...mainly because 4 of them are technicians and seldom get to stay in posh hotels (this is not even consider posh). And 4 of them went totally hype when they saw the bath tub. And since all were guys, so I had the room all to myself. Another guy(engineer) suggested to share room with me but I blatantly rejected him.

Hippo city tour bus.

I had to lead 4 of the technicians for a city tour. The useless engineer left us on the very first day and joined his own Singapore friends. I had a friend working in Singapore offered to show me a bit of the island upon my arrival but I have to reluctantly reject him because I had to stay with the 4 poor lost lambs. It's also my first trip to Singapore, so I'm pretty lost myself too. And the 4 little lambs did not have much useful suggestion so I decided to take the Hippo city tour, a 24 hours city tour guide for just SGD24. Not too bad for us first timer. And for the first time of the day, I was cheered up seeing that the bus I was about to board is pink! hehe.

Me in the Hippo bus.

And some of the not very attractive technicians. I'm a bit hesitated to put their pictures in my blog but just that you all will know why I'm not enjoying the trip. LOL.

I went to the roof seating for better view.
I'm wearing pants ok, just don't know why my beige pants turn out so skinny.

Merlion. Smaller than I thought.

The Singapore flyers. Bigger than The Eyes of Malaysia I suppose. (of coz lar, everything they also want to be better than us)

At Orchard Road.

Vivo City. Nice design for a building.

The Hippo bus also took us to Sentosa Island for the Song of The Sea show. Sort of like laser+3D+musical fountain show.

And also went to Bugis Street, bazaar type of shopping.

I usually went crazy with bazaars, where I could find treasuries and good bargains but it doesn't seem to apply here in Bugis Street. Everything was so expensive (because of the currency rate) and especially after the trip to Bali and Chiang Mai, this so call Bazaar of Singapore I rated 1 out of 10. Even our own Jonker Street in Melaka and Petaling Street in KL are far more better. And I didn't even buy a single magnet or postcards. But grabbed a whole bunch of free cards from their advertisement racks. HAHAHA. Singapore ZoCards (freecards) rocks!

And on the third day, SK took me out for dinner and show me a bit of the more beautiful side of Singapore, which is Clarke Quay. He also brought me to Orchard Road for some really tasty Shanghai Siew Long Bau.


Everytime when I bite, I have to be very careful so that the juice inside the dumpling will not get squash out from my mouth, which will look awful if it did.

Riverside at Clarke Quoy.

It's really beautiful and romantic in Clarke Quoy. I wished I was there with Kin Fai. T_T
Just strolled along the riverside and clubbing area. Quite crowded and it's a Wednesday. I wonder how's the weekend? Anyway, thanks SK for the dinner and the time for showing me around. Will try not to virtual slap you so often...haha (try only lar).

The reverse bungy at Clarke Quoy. Ppl must be crazy.

And on the last night in Singapore, I had another date with my friend, Chun Yng. And thanks to those great friends, they brought me to eat the better food in Spore. This time, I went to Vivo City, the largest and hippiest shopping mall in Singapore. Yes, really beautiful mall. But too bad that after we finished our dinner (because of too much talking... hehe), the mall was already closing and we did not really walk alot.

The restaurant that Chun Yng brought me to were very 'Hong Kong'ish and the name is oso very cheeky..Hak Seh Wooi, meaning brothers, also meaning triad brothers.

Custard buns. Sooooo delicioussssssss!!!!!!!!!!!

I really like the three eggs fried rice (am a big fans of century egg). And it's Chun Yng's fingers.

Overall the food there was really good, one of the best meal I had in the whole week stay in Singapore. Yes, generally Singapore food is not that good and if you want to eat good food you have to try one of those kinda posh restaurants in big mall. And yes, of course, much much more expensive too. And also people tend to flock to Kim Gary too....just like us Malaysian.

After the sumptuous dinner we had a nice walk and chat at vivo city's rooftop which spot the night best view.....just opposite Sentosa Island. But with construction going on at Sentosa Island (they are building the casino, you know....), the island view is not that beautiful.

We went to Jewel Box, a place at hilltop, not very high but a good spot for night view. We also took the late night cable car ride to and fro to Sentosa Island (not stopping at the island though).

The Jewel Box

Xmas decoration were already all over the place.

Thank you so much Chun Yng!!! Love you *muaks*

I really miss home (Malaysia) especially our local food. Even though Singapore is just our neighbouring country but their street food/hawker food is not even near our standards. And as usual, I gobbled down a plate of Nasi Lemak once I set my food back to Malaysia ground. But it was Johor's nasi lemak and not that good...but don't care laaaa, emotionally and spiritually satisfied. Haha.

This is the big pau I had at Singapore. Not BIG at all!! What the....*tut tut*....

Look fancy...can 'act' like very delicious.

Beef steak at Sentosa Island. Course and hard rock. last!!! at last!!!!!!!! I finished my Singapore trip entry. I may rest in peace.

And to contradict my sentence above about being left home alone (and no fun), actually I was only home alone for 4 hours and by 1pm Deb came to find me for lunch cum shopping at Uptown Damansara and I got myself a new dress for Xmas celebration. Yay!! Which end up I did not finish writing the blog at Kin Fai's house but 4 days later, at my own house. I just don't know why this entry took forever to finish.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Cane Artist

Found something fascinating again. This world is full of brilliant artist and I am tire of discovering these interesting art/craft hunt. And lately I just discover the magic of polymer cane, also known as millefiori cane. I totally fell in love with this millefiori beads from an Israel cane artist.

Magical cane by Ronit Golan. (too bad she didnt offer any tutorial)

I made my first sushi cane from this tutorial. Really cute outcome although the size of each sushi roll seems very uneven. Will upload the pictures soon. Not very difficult to make but I thought I screw up a little at first because the end of my cane looks distorted but then after chilling it overnight in the fridge, it's easier to slice (really uneven, poor judgement skills) and I have my small cute sushi roll. Will show the picture tomorrow.

After googling about millefiori, I found that the world wide web provides a lot of interesting info and free tutorial. But will need to practise a lot and might as well have to waste a lot of clay during experiments. And clay are a bit too expensive over here (RM9 for a small block of Sculpey clay) and not much claying tools (can't even buy the Translucent Liquid Clay). But still, crafting is still not the most expensive hobby eh?

Tutorials/Sites to check out:
Polka Dot Creations (a lot of ideas and free tutorials. Also suggested a few good books on polymer clay)
How To Make Your Own Fimo Beads (Detailed instruction and basic tutorials).
Skygrazer (a lot of info and links to useful tutorials)
All Handmade Jewelry

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Holiday Mode

Holiday season is hitting the shore and everyone slump into the holiday mode. Definition of holiday mode : Not feeling like working, everyone is leaving work on time, everyone is slacking off, happy, laughing, talking nonsense. And that's how it is at my work place. 11 more days to the brand new year. Everyone is eager and happy like school kids.

Is it just me? I feel that December is always the shortest month (not February).

2007 is not the happiest year for me but also not the most unfortunate. I believe no one can have a 365 days of happiness. Life if always full of laughters and tears. I guess that's what that colours our life. Even we were helplessly drown by some unhappy events but why dwell in the gloom? If fate is not in our hands but emotions are. Being happy is definitely within our control.

Ok, the old ritual every year end, the new year resolution. Yayy....

2008 Resolution
  1. To travel to another 2 new places (local or other countries)
  2. To have my own Etsy store. My first online store. Must make this happen.
  3. To own a pink laptop
  4. To go on another year with Kin Fai. I don't believe the 2 year itch.
  5. To find a new job and move to KL (not because I don't like my current job but need to earn more)
  6. To own a new car
  7. Work out more, try to keep a healthy lifestyle. Do yoga or gym or whatever. (seriously!)
  8. Save moneyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At first I wanted to write up to 10 resolutions, but considering I had a long list last year but not able to complete 50% of it, so better write a short and easy to achieve resolution. Lets review my old list (ashame ashame).

2007 resolution
(wow a 16 items list...>_<)
  1. Not to spend so much in boutiques. Do not buy more than 2 piece of clothing every month and this includes socks, hair accessories and whatsoever. (err....maybe 3!! Not more than 2!!!)
    WTF WTF!! Arrrggggggkkk. Should never put this in the list.
    Status : Big time fail to accomplish.
  2. Read all the books that I bought. They are not decoration for my shelf. Read at least one book each month.
    Erm, at least I finish one, Marley and me.
    Status : 5% achieved.
  3. Promote the anti-animal cruelty campaigne. There are lots more thing that I could do, like sign petition, donation, do volunteery work.
    Not so much volunteery work but I adopted Nici.
    Status : 10% achieved.

  4. Try manicure and pedicure. This is a MUST MUST MUST try thing in 2007. I'm dying for the French Manicure. I want my hands look like a princess's hands. ^__^
    Forgot all about this.
    Status : Fail to accomplish.
  5. Loose the kgs. Be at 50.
    From 55kg and now 52.5kg. Not bad not bad. Hahaha.
    Status : 50% achieved.
  6. Change the hairstyle. I'm so bored with my long dull hair. I need new look.
    Just forget it lar.
    Status : Fail fail fail
  7. Revamp the face. New look. New look. Learn how to put on make-up from Nai Nai.
    Ok, I learn how to shape eye brow, put on blusher...erm, that's it. Not much drastic difference actually.
    Status : 10% achieved.
  8. Go travelling to at least one country. And also travel around Malaysia. 2007 is Visit Malaysia Year.
    Here's some places that I really want to go:
    -Thailand (Haatyai/Bangkok/Phuket) - Sigh, but Thailand is in such a mess lately.
    -Indonesia (Bali/Jakarta)
    -East Malaysia (Sabah/Sarawak) - Must try Kolo Mee!
    Visited Bali, ChiangMai, Singapore and Ipoh-KL-Ipoh all the time.
    Status : Biggest achievement. 200% achieved. HAHA.
  9. Be a very organize person.
    And again....forget it lar.
    Status : Failed and won't attempt to try anymore.
  10. Must not procrastinate with my work anymore.
    Procrastination is my identity.
    Status : Fail to accomplish.
  11. Throw my junks away. I really need to identify out those junks and chuck them away. Especially my room and my cubicle. -_-
    Housekeeping a few times. Cubicle and room turns from clean to messy a few times. Not really sure whether this consider accomplish or not. But at least I did throw a lot of junk away. Hehe
    Status : 90% accomplish
  12. Be more independent and not rely 100% on family or bf.
    How to evaluate this? Erm, I guess I'm not that 100% independent but I think I still can survive by my own, although a bit struggling.
    Status : Not sure
  13. Save 10K
    From monthly salary = RM0
    From bonus = I hope it's 3X months my salary but haven't announce yet. >_<
    Status : Fail to accomplish.
  14. Buy a white Myvi.
    Failed #13, how to buy????
    Status : Fail lllaaaa
  15. No more impulse buying.
    Status : Fail to accomplish (I'm tire of this sentence ady)
  16. Learn to make more stuff from my recipe book, not only cheesecake but more variety of cheesecakes. Erm, say....blueberry cheesecake?
    Proud to say, I did try to make some new bakery such as egg tarts, cup cakes, double layer cheese cakes etc.
    Status : Accomplished
Result : 3.65/16 (22.81%) accomplished. Lame lame lameeeeeeeeee. Well, that's why I wrote a more easier to achieve and practical resolution. Hope I will get an A+ next year. ^__^