Saturday, December 29, 2007

More more more!!!

I'm not creating the best craft yet but I'm practicing more and more. Actually slacked off a bit lately due to the holiday seasons. Bought a whole bunch of felt material but haven't start with anything yet although I'm so full with ideas and inspiration now (too much surfing on the internet, saw too many good stuff).

Here's what I made:

The sushis I made from the cane sushi tutorial.

Not cut properly, that's why with the diferent size. hehe. But I was pretty satisfy with my first clay cane. I was a bit worry during the cane reducing process....which I thought I distorted the cane and screwed up....but then it turned out to be quite ok. I could not slice the cane properly because the rice seems to look distorted after the first two slice but I was clever to chill it overnight in the fridge. On the next day, I have my miniature sushi roll. Stupid old camera was not able to capture micro-view >_< but the rice looks really cute. I loveeeee translucent clay. ^_^
Oo...btw, the sushi cane tutorial is here in case anyone of you wanted to try some clay fun.

Bunny from MauStudio

My bunny looks a bit distorted, especially at the head. It's difficult to sew something so small. But still fun and it looks cute and confused. Hehe.

Let's play together~~~

Breakfast set.

Made a breakfast set from clay too. I love to make eggs. Cute enough to eat.

One happy family and they can all share the breakfast. hehe

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