Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Cane Artist

Found something fascinating again. This world is full of brilliant artist and I am tire of discovering these interesting art/craft hunt. And lately I just discover the magic of polymer cane, also known as millefiori cane. I totally fell in love with this millefiori beads from an Israel cane artist.

Magical cane by Ronit Golan. (too bad she didnt offer any tutorial)

I made my first sushi cane from this tutorial. Really cute outcome although the size of each sushi roll seems very uneven. Will upload the pictures soon. Not very difficult to make but I thought I screw up a little at first because the end of my cane looks distorted but then after chilling it overnight in the fridge, it's easier to slice (really uneven, poor judgement skills) and I have my small cute sushi roll. Will show the picture tomorrow.

After googling about millefiori, I found that the world wide web provides a lot of interesting info and free tutorial. But will need to practise a lot and might as well have to waste a lot of clay during experiments. And clay are a bit too expensive over here (RM9 for a small block of Sculpey clay) and not much claying tools (can't even buy the Translucent Liquid Clay). But still, crafting is still not the most expensive hobby eh?

Tutorials/Sites to check out:
Polka Dot Creations (a lot of ideas and free tutorials. Also suggested a few good books on polymer clay)
How To Make Your Own Fimo Beads (Detailed instruction and basic tutorials).
Skygrazer (a lot of info and links to useful tutorials)
All Handmade Jewelry

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