Sunday, December 02, 2007

Home Alone

I'd been left home alone for two days. My parents and aunt went to my uncle's wake. Am a bit uneasy with the silence. Even Nici is gloomy with the quiet house. Kin Fai suppose to come back this weekend but he was being held back by his work. Sigh....What a boring weekend.

I'd been surfing the net for almost the whole day, researching on more crafting that amuse me. Found some really talented crafters:
Powa*Powa* - Japanese site. Luckily Google translates this page for me. A lot of cute felt and polymer crafting. Really really interesting and inspires me alot.
Dieva's Craft Store - Indenesia Washi crafter. I can understand a bit of Bahasa Indonesia, so this is not much a problem. But she did not offer any free or online tutorial and all her classes are in Indonesia. But great ideas for washi paper art.
Patricia Rose - A very very talented fantasy doll crafter. I was totally awed with all her sculpture. Doll sculpting is very very tedious but they can sell for a very good price in ebay. Being a crafter/artist, you can actually become rich....if you are really good.

I decided to start with something simpler and not that expensive. I paid another visit to Craft Workshop to buy some felt.

But end up spending RM60.90 on craft supplies.
- 5 pieces of felt (RM3 each)
- All purpose glue (RM15)
- Pebeo metal touch paint writer (RM11)
- 60 Crystal brads (RM19.90)

This hobby ain't cheap. I know I bought a lot of unnecessary things but everything is sooooo tempting and I wanted to try everything.

Bought a felt crafting book from Popular.

Well, at least buying a book is cheaper than signing up for classes. I can learn and experiment this on my own. Felting doesn't seem too difficult. But the book were all written in Chinese....tried so hard to understand the tutorials, some tutorial is a rather difficult and I need some felting needles. Perhaps I can try to find some in Yik Foong complex.

Scraps from my previous felt cake.

Since I don't have enough resource to start any serious felt project, I tried and practiced my sewing skills on some of the scrap felt from my previous felt cake project. I tried sewing some of the different type of stitches from the book, and I learnt French knot and how to stitch really cute eyes.

And I made this...........

A cookie ornament.

Soooo cute. I should make more to give away.

I should give a kawaii name to my creation. Kin Fai keep saying cookie monster but it's too cute to be a monster.

I just realized that felts are realllllly expensive. RM3.00 per piece and not any larger than A4 paper. If I want to play felt, I must source for cheaper material. eBay, here I come.


  1. That's totally adorable! I love cookie art. Thanks for posting this.

  2. yaya...i think the felt you bought is quite expensive. I bought at RM 1.50 only. ;-)