Thursday, December 20, 2007


Watched The Warlords last weekend. I really don't know how to comment on this movie. Just that I never see Jet Li holding such a hamsap character, lusting over his blood brother's wife in the mist of war. Well, that's what makes you a true hero I guess. His previous righteous and heroic characters were all too fake, I guess. Hah...
Anyway, this movie has top class cinematographic and direction but China movies are never my cup of tea....I mean, my bag of popcorn.

What I can said is that....I have the same expression after watching this movie and also

The Curse of The Golden Flower

The Banquet

which leads me to feeling.....

Something funny I found at IMDB

Member 1 : Somebody clarify for me that it's a lollipop or something other than a cigarette! I don't know what to believe!
Member 2 : Just about every Chinese person smokes. Even babies smoke. Trees smoke. Birds smoke.

Jet Li's expression is really hilarious. Even a hero is desperate to have a puff.

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