Sunday, December 09, 2007

More Art-Venture

Sorry for not blogging more often lately. Have been getting my hands busy with arts and crafts. Don't know what hits me and I'm back to the crafting craze again. I remember the last time I hold the brush was in 1998, when there's still art classes in our education syllabus. Wish I had learn more about arts and crafts during the young and carefree time. And I was among the few that enjoyed art class so much.

Crafting really could kill the boredom, loneliness and stress in me. Am so happy to see all my cute creation. ^_^

Little toothies.

I made this from a Craftster tutorial. I love Craftster. There's so many cool ideas and tutorials. I never get tire browsing the forum and was always so impressed and absolutely awestruck with those amazingly creative artists and crafters.

Tracy Goh's Washi Ningyo's Kit

Received my Washi Ningyo kit from Tracy Goh. She made a really comprehensive kit for making washi ningyo and it even comes with a nicely printed tutorial booklet. I'm soooo excited to try my hand on making my first washi ningyo. I can make 4 cute ningyo from this kit.

And taa-daa........

My first washi ningyo and I want to call her Midori.

It was so much fun making the ningyo. Although a bit tedious and meticulous with the small details but it was so fun especially when styling the hair. It took me 2 hours to finish my Midori. Need more practice >_<

Bought my first set of acrylic paint.

Every artist should get a set. I got myself a set of 12 basic colours. I don't know whether I will need so many colours or not but looking at the colour tubes lining before my eyes, it already makes me very happy.

I'm getting impatient and greedy. I wanted to learn and make so many things.

More ideas and inspirations.....

Clay + Felt = Cute to the max
From powa*powa* (really love reading this blog, although it's all in Japanese)

Clay + Acrylic = Magical!!

MAUstudio bunny
Looks easy to make. Yay, I have white and red felt. But I need to buy red threads.

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