Friday, April 28, 2006

Bags of suprises

Yoke Ping is talking about bags with me. I'm glad that she's finally realize the importance of BAGS. I have too many things to carry around. I'm not complete if I didn't bring them along.
But then I told her that I don't buy too many bags. Difficult to find those that really 'click' with me. But she said 'Really.....???' as if not believing. -_-So, I took out my cam and I came up with this entry.

The latest bag I bought from Esprit together wit Yoke Ping. Simple and girlish. RM69.90 was consider cheap for anything Esprit. But then again, I need a feel-good bag like this. It make me feel like seventeen.Hahaha.

A gift from Debbie (another best gal friend). The colour is a little bitchy although I always favour pink. But I think this is what they call fuchsia(the hot colour in every fashion mag)?? I think so. I'd been over-using this bag. It can be carry as a sling and also as a shoulder bag. That's why I love this bag so much.

This is my sport bag from FILA. I really did like this bag mainly because of the soft pink. But then again, stupid FILA is over-producing their merchandise and I can see almost everyone carrying such sports bag. I even saw those bags hanging on some auntie's arm. Sheessh.

My cheap working bag from COMMA. I don't really enjoy working, hence I don't even want to invest heavily on my working bag.

MNG bag. So lady like. One of my over-used bag too. But then it make me look too lady and old. So I didnt use this anymore. Unless I need the colour to match my outfit.

Unbranded pink sling bag. Love Love Love this bag to bits. I'd been using this bags wherever I go....until I got the fuchsia one.

One of my earliest shopping bag. I got this at KL. I love this too. Still using it from time to time.

OMG OMG!!!! Yoke Ping was right about me. I have more bags than enough. I have 7 bags!!!!! And I still haven't include those worn out ones and my NIKE school bag. I don't need anymore bags for the next decade(I hope).

A bit out of topic but I got those cute-to-bits handphone accessories a few days ago when I went to the post office near my place. It was a small corner shop selling cutesy-bitsy stuff. I was so suprised that they were selling such cute things with cheap prices. All the thingy cost less than RM4! And I ended up buying 5 pieces. I'm planning to give some to my friends. I just can't resist things like that. And I'm thinking of selling such things on the internet. Brilliant e-commercing idea?

Actually I should finish blogging this hours ago but Yoke Ping keep talking non-stop to me over the messenger. OKOK, I don't blame you. My blogging speed not as fast as yours. Imagine that I'd join bloggers for 2 years with only a total of 45 posts but Yoke Ping only joined sinced a few months ago but already with 39 posts. Everyone, be flabbergasted. HAHAHA.

Hmmm....I suppose to be updating my resume for jobstreet. But....well....sleep now. Zzzzzz

Monday, April 24, 2006

Screaming for Changes

Yoke Ping has been complaining that I didn't update my blog frequent enough (and yet I always accuse her of being lazy...haha). Sigh....but what's there to blog about a boring life?

I definately need some changes in life. What the hell am I doing on a bright Sunday morning? I was playing free yahoo games and got addicted to the stupid Family Feud game. What a cheap thrill. *sigh*
And also spend the whole day chatting silly in the messenger, listening to music while reading fashion mag at the same time. And not forgetting blogging about my boring life. And then playing mahjong for the whole noon with my parents...which end up no amusement at all because I lost more than RM10. After being defeited over the mahjong table, now I'm in my stuffy room again, blogging about my pathetically boring life and waiting for more freinds to online and chat the lonely hours away. But how many lonely soul out there will entertain me at this hour? Everyone seems to have something to be busy about.
I definately has to make some changes in my life. Leave Unisem, leave Ipoh. Go somewhere where I can have some sparks in my life. Having a relationship doesn't really spark anything. Guys can be boring too. I kinda enjoy my so call single life now. But I really need to make some changes. The life that I have now is certainly not the one that I desire. I'm living a life of an old retired maid. Spend most of the time at work, longing for the arrival of weekends but yet no where to go.
I really don't know what and where I am heading to. Everyone is out there, digging their own gold mine. Having their own great time.

Changes! Changes! Changes!

I know it's all up to me to make my own changes. It's my life afterall. My parents would definately want me to stay here in Ipoh but I'd already make a pledge to leave Ipoh by 2007. But a small part in my heart still longing to be here. I will miss my family, my colleagues cum friends and also definately will miss my co-dependent life. But if I want some changes and spice, there's something that I'll have to sacrifice. But is a lazy and co-dependent person like me ready for the higher urbanization?

And at the moment I can only daydream about my future. Leaving Ipoh might not be as fun as I hope it will be. I may regret leaving monotonous Ipoh. But no pain no gain, right? And I still need to gain more than what I have now. So the big question is 'Am I ready?' Sigh....I'm feeling like running in circles. After all the frustration and urges of breaking away from my boring life, I may as well just end up no where but at the starting point. But I'm that kind of person, if nothing pushes me, I will just be static.

Maybe I should start taking baby steps first. Erm, like changing a new hairstyle? I've been keeping the same dull long re-bonded hair for 4 years. But yet I'm not bold enough to do so. It's not easy growing my hair......and mostly guys will prefer long hair. hakhakhak :p Perhaps dye it. Ooo...I bought a pair of colour lenses: FreshKon Alluring Eyes (which claims to make our eyes bigger and brighter). I took the enchanting brown.

See the difference?

It feels weird and uncomfortable wearing a colour lense. My vision became a bit blur due to te colours in the lens. I was a bit freaked out because the lens cost me RM59.90(one pair only). But was relieved when the little booklet said that vision will improve after some time adaptation. It might help little in opening up my eyes but at least it's a colour lens. Hehe. But I don't think I will wear this to work....because I'm still not use to it. Just save for some important dates. Yeehaw. Well, at least some small changes. Hehe!

Ok, I need to work up on the Sungkai Hot Spring pictures. Hope I can post it up by today.

p/s: and also some damn Unisem paperwork to do tonight. ......sigh........

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Just look at how tiny we if we don't exist at all. But somehow there's people having problem, life issue, relationship crisis which is to them, bigger than anything else. Some even come to the verge of taking their own lifes and some even will take other lifes to resolve their own problems. Do we really need to do that? Since our so......mircoscopic. I mean, even if we died, it couldn't even give the slightest effect on the universe. So, we live our life solely for ourself. And live it to the fullest. Our soul is our universe.

I should have write longer about this...but I'm not too good in preaching.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Weekend in Penang

Here's the entry of my Penang weekend. Actually it was last week (7-9/April). I don't feel like posting a long entry with I just picture blog about it.....

Friday, 7th April
Upon arrival, I snapped a feel good pictures with Yoke Ping. And then I unpack my stuff. I kinda like the 2nd picture (but left hand looks bitchy).

Took more pictures with Lee Hong and Yoke Ping. I look damn dark standing beside Lee Hong. *sigh*

Then Yoke Ping got hold of my camera and went siao by taking pictures of every corner of her 'clean' house. She's planning up and down to buy a digicam. Hope she gets one real soon so that she take more crazy pictures like those.

She kept telling me that she got cellulite. She even forced me to take picture of her 'cellulite'. Can someone please tell her what real cellulite looks like? Then she got angry because I laughed at her 'cellulite' and so she resolved to totally ignored me by watching anime and chatting to her MSN buddies.

We had a nice chat before we sleep. I think we slept kinda late that night. Too many stuff to talk and bitch about. She's the kind of friend that I really can talk to. I'm really glad to have her as one of my best friend.

Satuday, 8th April
I don't really had a good sleep, hence end up the tiring look. But we still dress up prettily and head up for the exciting day. One thing I must say is THERE'S NO MIRROR in Ping's room(neither in the bathroom). Erm, actually there is one mirror where my head is bigger than it. Now I know what I should get her for her coming Bday.

Yay. We both wore skirts! Pretty pretty~ ~

Ping had no idea where to bring me for breakfast. After brainstorming the night before, so she decided to bring me to the kopitiam near her workplace. Nice tau foo fa with brown sugar. The kopitiam lady kinda pissed off because we brought the food from outside and we didn't order any drinks from her. So I had to order a Milo ais (Penangite never knows how to make nice Milo ais).

And off we go to PIKOM PC Fair at PISA. Of course it's twice or thrice larger than the one in Ipoh. But still can't compete with KL's PC fair. I spent almost RM500. But still can't compete with Yoke Ping because.......

Because she finally...finally!!!..bought a SONY T7 model digicam, 5.1mp. She spent 1 hour each at Olympus and Sony booth. She thanked me for being so patient with her. I worshipped myself for my own patience too. As long as my best friend is happy :)

At night, Lucy (Yoke Ping's ex-housemate) joined us for dinner. I forgot the nice restaurant's name. It's at E-Gate. Talkative Ping spent 1 hour at another cafe talking to her long lost friend while I kept mumbling beneath my breath how hungry I am. Again, I salute myself of my own patience.

The guy in red is Ping's long lost friend, Bro Ha (brother of her ex-housemate). He was my course senior. Witty and smart guy. More story about him in my next post. Ping seems very close to him. Not the intimate type but they are pretty close friends and joke around alot.

Here's our pretty meal. I feel stupid taking pictures of our food but for the sakes of blogging. I read somewhere in some western blog that Malaysian blogger like to post pic of their food. Can't blame us, Malaysian are born to be connoisseur of food.

After the dinner, we went had a little ride around Penang in Bro Ha's car. First we went to Star KTV, used up a lot of effort to get up to Level 7 because the building construction is very weird, there's no lift in Level 4 and 6....argh...I don't remember the numbers but I just know that we had to climb to that level just find the KTV was closed for renovation. we head to Red Box but only to find out that they charge RM38++ per head for room after 12.30am. The time we arrived was 11.30pm. We had no where to go and finally we end up at Segafredo. Chatted a few hours there and then strolled along the Gurney drive, enjoying the night breeze. When we reached home, the time is 3.00am(I think so, Ping, correct me if I'm wrong). Me and Ping were too tire to talk and slept our ass till the next morning. I couldn't even hear the loud Muslim morning prayer from the mosque just next to the apartment (which awaken me almost instantly the night before).

Sunday, 9th April
The next day we went for a shopping spree at Gurney Plaza. Actually I don't plan to buy a lot because I'd already bought too much cloths in Ipoh. We had our lunch at Kim Gary Restaurant. Mun Yee and Si Tai Fun criticized my taste for food because I choose to eat at Kim Gary, but I bet that's the best restaurant you can find in the whole Gurney Plaza. Just look at the people there. And I felt so homey because all the waiters and waitresses there spoke Cantonese. Place like Chopper's Board should shun away.

With such crowd, food won't be serve so fast. We had nothing better to we took more pictures. Hehe

Best Milo ais I'd ever had. People who speak Cantonese make GREAT Milo ais. Really!!!
Look at Yoke Ping's bowl of chicken mee. It taste weird thou, but it look generously big! Just compare it with the pathetic and sad looking bowl of pork chop rice of mine. But the next day, Ping had diarrhoea. She blamed it on her chicken mee.

I reached my Ipoh home at around 8.30pm. The bus took 3 hours to travel from Penang - Ipoh(which usually is only 1 1/2hour by car). And I showed off my lovely shawl that I bought at Gurney. I don't know why I'm suddenly so into such shawls. I doubt if I really will wear it. But I did wear the pink shawl once I bought it from the shop.

I'd resized all the photos so that my blog will load faster. You can check all my photos at My Yahoo Photos

And also a BIG BIG THANK YOU to Yoke Ping who provided me accomodation (while she slept on her yoga mat only) and drove me around during my stay.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

At Penang

Now I'm at Yoke Ping's house. It's fun to be able to travel again, and traveling alone is fun too. I don't mind getting in the bus alone, I can sleep all the way. But from Ipoh I was with Mun Yee, then she dropped off at Juru, her bf(the stingyman) was already waiting there. Crossing the brigde brought back a lot of fond memories. I really miss those uni days. I used to take bus ride to and fro Ipoh at least twice every month. But the bus route has changed a bit. Now there's a new bus terminal at Sg. Nibong. Upon arrival, I called Yoke Ping.....but I still had to wait awhile before she arrives....-_- Luckily the place was bright and got some ppl getting off buses strolling around. Then we went to yumcha for a while at a cafe nearby her house at Pekaka.

We plan to take lotsa lotsa pics, then I can pic-blog about it. YAY!

Gotta go and brush teeth and prepare for the fun day!!!!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Streamyx is dead

Streamyx is really closing down on torrent links. What's life without torrents? What's the whole purpose of having broadband connection without torrents? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH

Friday, April 07, 2006

Late night post

I don't want to sleep yet because tomorrow I'm taking leave from my work and I can sleep as late as I want to. I should really drop this habit of sleeping late. We'll age a lot more faster if we always sleep late.....but I enjoyed the calm, the serenity, and the ambiance of night time. Somehow I felt that sleeping is a waste of time. Everyday we used almost 1/3 of our time sleeping. And 1/2 of the day at work. I only have 4 hours personal time. During the 4 hours, I want to watch TVB dramas, online, blog, chat with friends, lurk around in forums, read gossips, read mags, listening to mp3, clean up room, talk on the phone. And that's why I always end up sleeping late (even during working days) and go to work with the pair of panda eyes. Joe always complain that I spend too much time on myself. But we only get 4 hours of personal time and I want to fully utilize that. The TVB drama time is consider quality time with family because I watch with them. Time really flies.....really really do and before we could realize how much time we'd wasted, 5 years pass by, then it's 10 years.......

And so, this is one of the main reason why I am so eager of travelling nowadays. I can feel the time passing by....slicing my youth bits by bits. I must not just stay at home, in the small pathetic room, playing with the only toy(my pc) most of the time. There's still so much more to see and play outside. Tomorrow I'm going to Penang. Then Melaka trip with my ex-schoolmates. And then sometime in June or July, Singapore Shopping Spree. Joe's planning to go to Hong Kong with me too. If no problem, it should be sometime in October. I swear I must get a passport and go SOMEWHERE! I should be so ashame to admit that at 25 years old, I still don't possess a passport. My penpal Janina Lee(from Germany) has already toured half the globe....erm, maybe not half the globe but I bet she'd almost mark her footsteps on most of European countries. This is really envy and respect her. She could worked so hard, earned her pennies and the spend it all on travelling. I guess this is the difference between the western culture and us, easterners. As Asians, we're living in the rat race society, all work and no play. We earn way too little and put away all the money in bank, hoping it will grow like money tree. And then we will get marry in our 30's, have kids and lavished them with our hard earned money. And then grow old, with some money and perhaps only at that time only we'll thought of going somewhere far from our home. My parents is the perfect example. At their 60's, without much commitment or burden anymore (since their only duaghter is so well brought up), then only they took off to China and Bangkok, and now planning to go Hong Kong and Korea. I'm happy to see that they are still in good health and able to have fun. At least it's not too late for them. Unlike my aunt Lian (my mom's sis), already a widower. My uncle passed away due to liver failure at the age of 50++. And now aunt Lian has to take care of her two mischievious grandchild (which is unadorable and pesty). My mom always ask her to join along the trips but aunt Lian is in no independent state to leave and go have fun. And she's not so happy living with her son and daughter-in-law. Some people is just not so lucky. I don't know how my own life will lead to, but I want to see the world before my hair turn grey. I want to go to Australia, Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Japan, Korea, New Zealand......just as many places as I can afford (or my husband can afford...haha).

Well, I'll start with baby steps now. So tomorrow I'm heading to Penang Island.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Feeling Happy

I'm feeling happy today. I don't know why but the mood is super great today. I was enthusiastic at work. Perhaps it's because I treat my colleagues 'nasi lemak'. Yesterday one of my breakfast buddy saw me eating a delicious nasi lemak I bought near the parking lot and so today I bought 8 packs of nasi lemak for each of them. A delicious and big pack of nasi lemak = RM0.60!!!! Where can go get food that cheap anymore nowadays? Even a glass of soya bean is 80cents. Long live nasi lemak!

No sushi fest today but we planned to go for tomorrow's dinner. YAYYY!!!

And I'm taking leave on Friday and I'm going to Penang. I'm going to the PIKOM PC Fair and get a brand new DVD writer(to replace my dead CD burner), a hard disk big enough for my over-used com(aiii, but the torrents are all dead to streamyx now, die streamyx die!) and perhaps a cool mp3 player. I'm going to stay at Yoke Ping's house and then shopping spree around Penang with her. But I don't think I'm going to buy alot of things since Penang is not much a shopping paradise. I could get better clothes here in Ipoh...hehe. But we'll see. And I hunger for Kim's Gary. Yoke Ping, we must eat there for sure! I'm so excited about this.Well, it's nothing much but at least a getaway from my stupid pathetic life.YAYY!!! I'm going back to the place I spent the happiest time of my life. I really do miss my uni life. Really really do......

Here's the anime that I'm watching now : Blood+
The girl is a vampire and she kills monster. Something like Serene from Underworld. Cool. But I was only at episode 11 and now the streamyx was dead on torrents. Die streamyx die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of my favourite anime that I could rewatch for more than twice(if I have the time).
Yoke Ping, here's the anime that I told you about that you really should watch if you're an anime-otaku(anime lover). Hehe

Hikaru No Go This anime talks about a board game all 'Go'. Something like Othello but 100times more difficult and interesting. Any anime-otaku will agree this is a must watch! But I was a bit disappointed with the ending. I was so so sooo sad when.....when....ok, I wont reveal the spoiler. Nevertheless, this is one of my favourite anime.

Chobits is another anime classic. It's about a Persocon, an expensive robot who end up living with a poor student. Lovely anime. I bet guys like this anime too. Who could resist a pretty Chii? BTW, I'm using this graphic as my desktop wallpaper. It's really pretty!!

Deng, I promised myself that I'm going to sleep early today (before 11.30am) but due to one special friend who kept on pestering me for Ah Mei's song. HEHE
Gonna sleep now~~ hmm, perhaps chat awhile with this special friend, then sleep.-_-

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Free as a butterfly

I don't have much to write today.I don't write much during weekdays. Worked till too late and too tire to write anything interesting. And there won't be anything interesting to write about my work.

I just realized that Streamyx bit torrent downloading rate is slow like shit. It's almost not moving at all. Not I'm only getting 1.5kbps. WTF???? Actually I'm kinda outdated because avid torrent user has been experiencing this since months ago. I heard one of my colleague complained about this sometime ago but I didn't download anything until today. WTF WTF WTF!!!! am I going to get the Vision of Escaflowne to finish? It's 5.86GB. I really want to watch this anime. *sigh* I heard that TMNet is banning torrent from their network...or did something to stop us from download stuff via torrents anymore. How could they? What's the point of having broadband internet if we're not allow to use torrent? Akkkk.........

Tomorrow we(me and my colleague) are going to eat sushi at Sushi King. For Privilege Card member, we can eat all the sushi on the Kaiten belt for RM2 only! Well, now I can really use my Privilege Card. I think I'm going to take some pictures of the Sushi Fest and make you guys jealous. Haha.

I don't like to post entry without any pictures. So here's some of the cool pictures I got from forwarded mail from my colleague(the one who's so free and could forward over 20 emails per day). It's a transparent butterfly. Butterfly is my favourite insect. Ain't it beautiful?

Exhausted night. Hence the simple and nonchalant entry. Just adore the beautiful insect, ok. Goodnight.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

I enjoy the monotonous life

I haven't been blogging for a whole week. Nothing much to talk or bitch about.My life has been boring. But I enjoyed the boringness. The older I get, the less zest I have to go out and have fun. A movie or two are ok (btw, just watched Ice Age2:The Meltdown....funniest movie I'd watched so far in 2006). Like today, MY called me and I tried to escape from going out with her. I'm tire of listening to her silly stories about her silly boyfriend. Sometimes I rather stayed at home, accompanied by my com and my chat buddies(like Vearn, Yoke Ping and stupid Batusai) and listening to nice mp3 songs.
So out of the monotonous Sunday afternoon, I went to the saloon near my house(HairForce) to get my fringe cut.

Old hair. Boring style, boring colour. No fringe for almost 2 years. So fed up.

New fringe.YAY! (but dark eye circles detected)

At first I just want to give my hair a cool fringe but the hairstylist said they didn't charge anything for cutting fringe, so I let him trim my hair abit. Long hair is dull. Another junior hairstylist keep persuading me to change my style, asking me to try cutting it short or curl it. *sigh* Is my hair that dull?? He said we can't play much style to our hair if it's long and straight. But I refuse to let him cut any shorter than 1 inch.....but I think he snipped away more than 2 inches. After he was done, he asked me to become their house model. Wahaha. They are the Ipoh agent for Schwarzkopf Osis hair product and they will ask some of their customer to become their house model for annual events or shows. I'm not exactly sure what a 'house model' has to do but the title definately did flattered me. Being their house model also get free haircuts and 50% discount off their treatments. Might be good, might be not. Might be a breakthrough for me....wahaha. Who knows? I will just back off if they need me to pay anything extra.

I'm happy with my new fringe. ^_______________^