Thursday, April 06, 2006

Feeling Happy

I'm feeling happy today. I don't know why but the mood is super great today. I was enthusiastic at work. Perhaps it's because I treat my colleagues 'nasi lemak'. Yesterday one of my breakfast buddy saw me eating a delicious nasi lemak I bought near the parking lot and so today I bought 8 packs of nasi lemak for each of them. A delicious and big pack of nasi lemak = RM0.60!!!! Where can go get food that cheap anymore nowadays? Even a glass of soya bean is 80cents. Long live nasi lemak!

No sushi fest today but we planned to go for tomorrow's dinner. YAYYY!!!

And I'm taking leave on Friday and I'm going to Penang. I'm going to the PIKOM PC Fair and get a brand new DVD writer(to replace my dead CD burner), a hard disk big enough for my over-used com(aiii, but the torrents are all dead to streamyx now, die streamyx die!) and perhaps a cool mp3 player. I'm going to stay at Yoke Ping's house and then shopping spree around Penang with her. But I don't think I'm going to buy alot of things since Penang is not much a shopping paradise. I could get better clothes here in Ipoh...hehe. But we'll see. And I hunger for Kim's Gary. Yoke Ping, we must eat there for sure! I'm so excited about this.Well, it's nothing much but at least a getaway from my stupid pathetic life.YAYY!!! I'm going back to the place I spent the happiest time of my life. I really do miss my uni life. Really really do......

Here's the anime that I'm watching now : Blood+
The girl is a vampire and she kills monster. Something like Serene from Underworld. Cool. But I was only at episode 11 and now the streamyx was dead on torrents. Die streamyx die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of my favourite anime that I could rewatch for more than twice(if I have the time).
Yoke Ping, here's the anime that I told you about that you really should watch if you're an anime-otaku(anime lover). Hehe

Hikaru No Go This anime talks about a board game all 'Go'. Something like Othello but 100times more difficult and interesting. Any anime-otaku will agree this is a must watch! But I was a bit disappointed with the ending. I was so so sooo sad when.....when....ok, I wont reveal the spoiler. Nevertheless, this is one of my favourite anime.

Chobits is another anime classic. It's about a Persocon, an expensive robot who end up living with a poor student. Lovely anime. I bet guys like this anime too. Who could resist a pretty Chii? BTW, I'm using this graphic as my desktop wallpaper. It's really pretty!!

Deng, I promised myself that I'm going to sleep early today (before 11.30am) but due to one special friend who kept on pestering me for Ah Mei's song. HEHE
Gonna sleep now~~ hmm, perhaps chat awhile with this special friend, then sleep.-_-


  1. where is kim & gary?you show me the route, i'll drive..:P

  2. Sorry ler, wrong word. It's Kim's Gary, My fault. Hehe. It's in Gurney Plaza, I'm sure you know.