Friday, April 28, 2006

Bags of suprises

Yoke Ping is talking about bags with me. I'm glad that she's finally realize the importance of BAGS. I have too many things to carry around. I'm not complete if I didn't bring them along.
But then I told her that I don't buy too many bags. Difficult to find those that really 'click' with me. But she said 'Really.....???' as if not believing. -_-So, I took out my cam and I came up with this entry.

The latest bag I bought from Esprit together wit Yoke Ping. Simple and girlish. RM69.90 was consider cheap for anything Esprit. But then again, I need a feel-good bag like this. It make me feel like seventeen.Hahaha.

A gift from Debbie (another best gal friend). The colour is a little bitchy although I always favour pink. But I think this is what they call fuchsia(the hot colour in every fashion mag)?? I think so. I'd been over-using this bag. It can be carry as a sling and also as a shoulder bag. That's why I love this bag so much.

This is my sport bag from FILA. I really did like this bag mainly because of the soft pink. But then again, stupid FILA is over-producing their merchandise and I can see almost everyone carrying such sports bag. I even saw those bags hanging on some auntie's arm. Sheessh.

My cheap working bag from COMMA. I don't really enjoy working, hence I don't even want to invest heavily on my working bag.

MNG bag. So lady like. One of my over-used bag too. But then it make me look too lady and old. So I didnt use this anymore. Unless I need the colour to match my outfit.

Unbranded pink sling bag. Love Love Love this bag to bits. I'd been using this bags wherever I go....until I got the fuchsia one.

One of my earliest shopping bag. I got this at KL. I love this too. Still using it from time to time.

OMG OMG!!!! Yoke Ping was right about me. I have more bags than enough. I have 7 bags!!!!! And I still haven't include those worn out ones and my NIKE school bag. I don't need anymore bags for the next decade(I hope).

A bit out of topic but I got those cute-to-bits handphone accessories a few days ago when I went to the post office near my place. It was a small corner shop selling cutesy-bitsy stuff. I was so suprised that they were selling such cute things with cheap prices. All the thingy cost less than RM4! And I ended up buying 5 pieces. I'm planning to give some to my friends. I just can't resist things like that. And I'm thinking of selling such things on the internet. Brilliant e-commercing idea?

Actually I should finish blogging this hours ago but Yoke Ping keep talking non-stop to me over the messenger. OKOK, I don't blame you. My blogging speed not as fast as yours. Imagine that I'd join bloggers for 2 years with only a total of 45 posts but Yoke Ping only joined sinced a few months ago but already with 39 posts. Everyone, be flabbergasted. HAHAHA.

Hmmm....I suppose to be updating my resume for jobstreet. But....well....sleep now. Zzzzzz

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