Sunday, April 02, 2006

I enjoy the monotonous life

I haven't been blogging for a whole week. Nothing much to talk or bitch about.My life has been boring. But I enjoyed the boringness. The older I get, the less zest I have to go out and have fun. A movie or two are ok (btw, just watched Ice Age2:The Meltdown....funniest movie I'd watched so far in 2006). Like today, MY called me and I tried to escape from going out with her. I'm tire of listening to her silly stories about her silly boyfriend. Sometimes I rather stayed at home, accompanied by my com and my chat buddies(like Vearn, Yoke Ping and stupid Batusai) and listening to nice mp3 songs.
So out of the monotonous Sunday afternoon, I went to the saloon near my house(HairForce) to get my fringe cut.

Old hair. Boring style, boring colour. No fringe for almost 2 years. So fed up.

New fringe.YAY! (but dark eye circles detected)

At first I just want to give my hair a cool fringe but the hairstylist said they didn't charge anything for cutting fringe, so I let him trim my hair abit. Long hair is dull. Another junior hairstylist keep persuading me to change my style, asking me to try cutting it short or curl it. *sigh* Is my hair that dull?? He said we can't play much style to our hair if it's long and straight. But I refuse to let him cut any shorter than 1 inch.....but I think he snipped away more than 2 inches. After he was done, he asked me to become their house model. Wahaha. They are the Ipoh agent for Schwarzkopf Osis hair product and they will ask some of their customer to become their house model for annual events or shows. I'm not exactly sure what a 'house model' has to do but the title definately did flattered me. Being their house model also get free haircuts and 50% discount off their treatments. Might be good, might be not. Might be a breakthrough for me....wahaha. Who knows? I will just back off if they need me to pay anything extra.

I'm happy with my new fringe. ^_______________^

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  1. Wah .. be their model wor .. not bad .. last time you used to complain about your hair, but now, seems you have take good care of them until the hair stylist offers you to be their house model.. hahahaha ..
    but nice fringe ..:)