Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Free as a butterfly

I don't have much to write today.I don't write much during weekdays. Worked till too late and too tire to write anything interesting. And there won't be anything interesting to write about my work.

I just realized that Streamyx bit torrent downloading rate is slow like shit. It's almost not moving at all. Not I'm only getting 1.5kbps. WTF???? Actually I'm kinda outdated because avid torrent user has been experiencing this since months ago. I heard one of my colleague complained about this sometime ago but I didn't download anything until today. WTF WTF WTF!!!! am I going to get the Vision of Escaflowne to finish? It's 5.86GB. I really want to watch this anime. *sigh* I heard that TMNet is banning torrent from their network...or did something to stop us from download stuff via torrents anymore. How could they? What's the point of having broadband internet if we're not allow to use torrent? Akkkk.........

Tomorrow we(me and my colleague) are going to eat sushi at Sushi King. For Privilege Card member, we can eat all the sushi on the Kaiten belt for RM2 only! Well, now I can really use my Privilege Card. I think I'm going to take some pictures of the Sushi Fest and make you guys jealous. Haha.

I don't like to post entry without any pictures. So here's some of the cool pictures I got from forwarded mail from my colleague(the one who's so free and could forward over 20 emails per day). It's a transparent butterfly. Butterfly is my favourite insect. Ain't it beautiful?

Exhausted night. Hence the simple and nonchalant entry. Just adore the beautiful insect, ok. Goodnight.

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