Friday, April 07, 2006

Late night post

I don't want to sleep yet because tomorrow I'm taking leave from my work and I can sleep as late as I want to. I should really drop this habit of sleeping late. We'll age a lot more faster if we always sleep late.....but I enjoyed the calm, the serenity, and the ambiance of night time. Somehow I felt that sleeping is a waste of time. Everyday we used almost 1/3 of our time sleeping. And 1/2 of the day at work. I only have 4 hours personal time. During the 4 hours, I want to watch TVB dramas, online, blog, chat with friends, lurk around in forums, read gossips, read mags, listening to mp3, clean up room, talk on the phone. And that's why I always end up sleeping late (even during working days) and go to work with the pair of panda eyes. Joe always complain that I spend too much time on myself. But we only get 4 hours of personal time and I want to fully utilize that. The TVB drama time is consider quality time with family because I watch with them. Time really flies.....really really do and before we could realize how much time we'd wasted, 5 years pass by, then it's 10 years.......

And so, this is one of the main reason why I am so eager of travelling nowadays. I can feel the time passing by....slicing my youth bits by bits. I must not just stay at home, in the small pathetic room, playing with the only toy(my pc) most of the time. There's still so much more to see and play outside. Tomorrow I'm going to Penang. Then Melaka trip with my ex-schoolmates. And then sometime in June or July, Singapore Shopping Spree. Joe's planning to go to Hong Kong with me too. If no problem, it should be sometime in October. I swear I must get a passport and go SOMEWHERE! I should be so ashame to admit that at 25 years old, I still don't possess a passport. My penpal Janina Lee(from Germany) has already toured half the globe....erm, maybe not half the globe but I bet she'd almost mark her footsteps on most of European countries. This is really envy and respect her. She could worked so hard, earned her pennies and the spend it all on travelling. I guess this is the difference between the western culture and us, easterners. As Asians, we're living in the rat race society, all work and no play. We earn way too little and put away all the money in bank, hoping it will grow like money tree. And then we will get marry in our 30's, have kids and lavished them with our hard earned money. And then grow old, with some money and perhaps only at that time only we'll thought of going somewhere far from our home. My parents is the perfect example. At their 60's, without much commitment or burden anymore (since their only duaghter is so well brought up), then only they took off to China and Bangkok, and now planning to go Hong Kong and Korea. I'm happy to see that they are still in good health and able to have fun. At least it's not too late for them. Unlike my aunt Lian (my mom's sis), already a widower. My uncle passed away due to liver failure at the age of 50++. And now aunt Lian has to take care of her two mischievious grandchild (which is unadorable and pesty). My mom always ask her to join along the trips but aunt Lian is in no independent state to leave and go have fun. And she's not so happy living with her son and daughter-in-law. Some people is just not so lucky. I don't know how my own life will lead to, but I want to see the world before my hair turn grey. I want to go to Australia, Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Japan, Korea, New Zealand......just as many places as I can afford (or my husband can afford...haha).

Well, I'll start with baby steps now. So tomorrow I'm heading to Penang Island.

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  1. Pretty agree with you, kelly. Everyone of us would like to have fun and enjoy life as much as we could. But the fact is that, it seems there is some way which can "help" us in this, that is the so-called MLM business. Still, you have to be sure that you work hard on it. Or else, we better polish up our skills to made a good fortune in returns. My coursemates are doing it fine. But I am not yet have the readiness, cos I have something else that caught in my mind. Something I am too stubborn to forget and let go.. My collegues have always been encouraging me to travel and not to stick to a place most of the time. They are really enjoying their lives. Wish I can be care-free like them.
    Erm .. on the other hand, I am still finding myself now. Not sure where I am heading to.